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Sunday, September 14, 2014


It has been over 10 years now that those of us that know about liquefaction and flooding - climate change with high rise sea level.

One of a kind torrential rain, and of course the looming Big One - the earthquake - we keep sounding the clarion call - but the idiots - will not get it. It falls on deaf ears - and it is fine - as long as someone points the deaf in the right direction.

How can Lennar a rogue developer still convince our San Francisco Planning Department that building 30,000 units at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - is feasible - bragging the will offer Quality of Life issues.

We know now with certainty that there will be a sea rise of over 6 feet in 40 years.

If there is a storm and it coincides with another element - that nature chooses to inflict on our Waterfront - then we in San Francisco are in deep - trouble.

Of course the San Francisco Port Commission is known to rubber stamp any project - where the politicians - call to support their favorite project.

The astute San Francisco voters voted against the 8 Washington Project - and with one blow - told the Warriors that their future home on Piers 32 and 34 - was a no no.

They moved the project to Mission Bay - offering good views of the Bay, on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding. So much for foolishness - and woe to those that we be there when the Big One strikes.

This one slam dunk - will be recorded all over the world.

What is baffling is the nonchalant attitude of each of the San Francisco Port Commissioners - all of whom are anointed politically - and some have made their home at the Commission - failing to think outside the box.

None of them have astute engineering experience, seismic finesse, the ability to see long range - and all lack genuine - representation.

We know for sure the Ferry Building will not survive a four foot rise - and when it reaches six feet - the entire area - right up to Montgomery Street will be flooded.

In fact all this area use to be the Bay - and poor landfill and greed - enticed sordid developers to build high rise buildings - that will all be - compromised.

Mother Nature is retake what rightfully belong to Mother Nature. Human beings - not all but the ones steeped in greed - throughout history have made a fool of themselves.

We see it, we know it, but few of us will reveal the truth to those that are blinded by greed.

The Transbay Joint Powers does not get it - they still think they can have a Transbay Hub catering to high speed rail - several platforms - deep into the earth - challenging Mother Earth.

When in 20 years - the areas will be inundated with water.

We saw this in New York recently - when the Penn Station and others - were flooded. This flood causing millions of dollars - damage.

Our entire Financial Area downtown is prone to severe flooding from the adverse impacts of climate change - high rise.

God forbid if we have a severe earthquake - liquefaction and flooding. If the gas lines fail - fire - much as took place in the year 1906.

Round two will be easy - more when most of the policy makers - have learned nothing much from the 1906 Earthquake.

We have an Office of Emergency that meets and pats their behinds - led by folks obese - and an IQ that could not stand up to an untrained - Chimp.

The high rise buildings will topple like match sticks - and seeing is believing when you have to deal with - gushing water, tons of it.

No one can match the force of the water - and we saw this in New Orleans - when Katrina declared itself present and dealt that one blow - that is much talked about all over the world.

AT&T was built on landfill - and in 20 years will be flooded - even though some say 40 years.

The experts that I know - know too much - because they have traveled the world over - and they use their expertise and the empirical data - to forecast the future.

The 7.5 mile waterfront is Public Trust Land that belongs to all of California - and that all Californians.

You would not think that listening to the inept, shallow, and pompous SF Port Commissioners - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Have revealed a Management Plan - that is devoid of vision - and makes no room for even incremental progress that can be measured and lay some foundation - to withstand climate change - sea level increases - much less an Earthquake that will visit us shortly - with forces of flooding and liquefaction.

While we could have done a lot with our waterfront a long time ago - the SF Port Commissioners formed in the late 1960s - failed to have a vision - a vision that is viable and sustainable.

Today - the SF Port Authority is making decisions - spurred by crooked politicians the likes of Willie L. Brown and Gavin Newsom - joined by others - thinking that San Franciscans - will tolerate - ploys such as 8 Washington -  that these corrupt politicians - dish out. 

The defeat of the 8 Washington Project - was a victory for all voting San Franciscans.

More - it sent a signal and a very clear message - that we the constituents - will not listen nor adhere - like sheep - the evil designs steep in greed - that these politicians - want to heap on us. 

We the citizens, the constituents will confront and win.

We do not have to follow Manhattan or for that matter the high rise projects and adverse impacts affecting the Bronx - New York.

We know the adverse impacts there in New York.

 San Francisco must stay away from high rises and the ploys employed by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority and other greed developers.

From the developers many of them Zionists - greed knows no bounds - and more of it - sky is the limit.

We have no detail studies done that will deal with flooding, liquefaction, and a major earthquake - at the Transbay Project.

The characteristics of the land at the site where these tall buildings are going to be built - is poor sand - in others areas - poor landfill.

When Mother Nature - deals a blow - it is will be swift and precise - and these tall buildings will topple like match sticks.

The Community Facilities District (CFD) - the Melrose Funding and  such ploys and machinations - does not take into account - land that will be impacted by liquefaction, flooding, and prone to adverse impacts.

People are taxed as if the situation at hand was normal - this is down right thievery in broad daylight.

The paradox is that the SF City and County and our SF Board of Supervisors - tolerate and encourage such short term - shenanigans - and sooner rather than later - those involved - will have to pay a every heavy - penalty.

The land we have in San Francisco - all of it - belongs to the Ohlone.

In San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone.

All of the land was pristine and all of the land - each and every square inch was stolen. I know what I speak of. The thieves when confronted - do not know what to make of - " patrimonial jurisdiction".

"The Great Spirit sees it all - and those that lie - through their teeth - steal and plunder - will scream and shout for mercy - but their hearts will be plucked out - and the excruciating pains will no - no bounds. Aho".  

It is a shame how the Zionists - and they are found at the helm of affairs - have concocted such ploys, machinations, and models - to deceive and make money.

Again San Francisco is not Manhattan and you would not know it judging from the many high rise buildings - and the change of the skyline in recent years.

Skyscrapers - built for the filthy rich - and the SF City and County of San Francisco - fails to adhere to the SF Housing Element - and provide sound housing for those that have lived here for 20 years plus - to buy units in the price range that is termed to be moderate and more cater to low and no income - housing.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority, the SF Port Authority, the Office of the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

All of the above deem it right that they can do as they please. 

Well, let us see - some of us will be alive to see it all - the toppling of these sky scrapers - in our life time - in good old San Francisco. It has happened before - and history repeats - itself.