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Sunday, September 21, 2014


The large contractors - also known as Primes - are more famous for their "crimes" - change orders or amendments on very large projects - costing millions of dollars.

They call them 'change orders" - they bid low to get in and once in - the sky is the limit.

These orders in the millions - are given to these "crooks" - who pay premium fees to consultants like " Platinum Consultants" - and if you - "pay to play" - you can get any premium contract on a platter. So much for honesty and playing by the rules.

Minion the likes of Ivy Fine - who works for Contracting at the SF Public Utilities Commission have been playing a keen role - accommodating "crooks". The likes of URS and AECOM.

On another levels putting hurdles - creating encumbrances - when it comes to putting one's best foot forward - more when decent workers want to do the right thing.

Ivy Fine will create a hostile atmosphere - and the time has come to take this evil woman to task.

Do not wonder any more who is encouraging such - ploys and shenanigans at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - more at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - linked to these large contracts.
All of them fully endorsed by higher ups - who take bribes - and they think we do not know it - but we do.

Buy a cup of coffee - take a seat at the foyer - at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - the SF Public Utilities Commission - and watch the crooks - going in and out.

You can tape them - using a clandestine camera or voice recorder - and keep this for your records.

 It is public space and some camera is already recording - the comings and goings of the "crooks" - so no one is breaking the law. Just in case you think - someone is.

It is a crying shame that at this late date we still have NOT got rid of a cancer - that is causing discomfort at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Juliet Ellis - on every level - where accountability and transparency is a priority.

Juliet Ellis the crooked, corrupt, inept, lying, and arrogant Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - is still hovering in places - and creating all the divisiveness she can carry out.

This corrupt woman from the East Bay - has surrounded herself with other crooks - and has been busy doling out grants and other favors.

Defying those advocates and decent citizens that have fought and created the Community Benefits Program - some $350 million - 5% of the $7 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project.

Dubious entities steeped in nefarious activities - Girls 2000, Young Community Developers, other consultants the likes of Al Williams, Derf Butler - and many more that I can name - get grants - when they do not deserve them.

Every time Dr Espanola Jackson who was the first to introduce to the Task Force - the idea of the Community Benefits - with the intention that sound, astute, community organizations - would best help the Bayview Hunters Point and San Francisco.

More the community such as Bayview Hunters Point  that has suffered the brunt of the adverse impacts - foul smell, particulates, the spewing of methane gas, the failure to the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building to provide scholarships, career jobs from education and training - brought about other adverse impacts - that we will deal in due season - time in on our side.

Today, Dr Espanola keeps reminding the SF Public Utilities Commission - what should be done - and who truly deserve to have receive "grants" and a helping hand - but, Juliet Ellis keeps defying the community at large.

It does not help we have a "rubber stamping" - ignorant - and selfish - Southeast Community Facility Commission - all of them anointed to carry out the wishes of City Hall - and not represent the tax payers - who live in San Francisco.

The time has come - for Juliet Ellis to resign.

Suffice to say the Fair Political Action Committee at the State of California - the San Francisco Ethics Commission - found Juliet Ellis guilty on many counts of corruption.

To which Juliet Ellis admitted to each and everyone of the many charges - over 10 charges.

She paid a fine - she broke the law - not twice or thrice but many times over.

The General Manager Harlan Kelly has decided to defy the world and protect Juliet Ellis. He had decided to make his bed - with one that cannot be trusted and one that we all do not want to be involved with the best interests of the City and County of San Francisco. Time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to step in - that us see then - how the Jamaican mafia - deals with with facts.

Permitting Juliet Ellis' partner in crime - Kay Fernandez to craft a Press Release - bypassing those that are in charge of Communications.

Creating divisiveness - among the workers who work for Juliet Ellis - who she herself being being inept - heads the External Affair Department - as the Assistant General Manager - and uses her sordid influence - to craft a Press Release that did not speak to the TRUTH.

I have deep knowledge of the duties linked to External Affairs - and so does Michael Housh - who worked in Washington DC and here in San Francisco - and still works heading the Department at SF Public Utilities Commission - preserving and protecting the Archives.

I mention this because we two could explain in detail the duties linked to local, state, and federal bills and impending legislation.

We two could further explain better - sea level rise, energy issues, the history of the SF Public Utilities Commission and its many failing facilities.

More the history of community be it the Bayview Hunters Point, Exelsior, the many areas and hot spots - adversely impacted by the over 85 years old sewer and clean drinking water - pipes that are leaking and leeching into the watershed - in San Francisco.

Juliet Ellis has no clue and less as a Jamaican transplant from the East Coast - that is not respect by advocates and those that believe in ethics, morals and standards.

Juliet Ellis with intent moved over $200,000 to Green For All - an organization that she, Juliet Ellis and Kay Fernandez were and are still connected to.

Juliet Ellis was forced to make good - the $200,000 returned, her paid a fine, but that is not the end of the story. While on maternity leave - she received money from SF Public Utilities Commission - being employed there - but also from Green For All - sitting as a Board Member.

We all know about conflict of interest - but this fact and other moral and ethical values - escape Juliet Ellis - and for this blatant defiance - she must be fired - or let go. Juliet Ellis is the source of corruption - and divisiveness. 

Only in San Francisco is such nonsense tolerated.

With all the mistakes made by the NFL players - most everyone wants them to be punished.

Here we have a very corrupt, unethical woman - who is in your face - and continues to defy decency, morals, ethics, standards - ignorant of our history, lacking the knowledge about our neighborhoods - and defying the community at large.

While all the time raking in the money - that belongs to the tax payers.

On Community Choice Aggregation (CAC) Juliet Ellis chose to steer clear from those areas - where poor people live - to create a fake survey - that favored the richer neighborhoods.

Only to be called upon by the then President of the SF Public Utilities Commission and former Senator at Sacramento - Art Torres and failed to make good - another survey and report.

Today CAC is not going anywhere.

Juliet Ellis is busy - installing water fountains, giving grants to small dubious groups who deal with mundane projects.

Nefarious groups that have failed to address the adverse impacts in  Bayview Hunters Point - that takes 80% of the City and County of San Francisco sewage - and that of Brisbane, South San Francisco, Burlingame, Daly City and more.

A fact that brought out and stated in detail and addressed on my website:  - to the amazement of the SF Public Utilities Commission way back in 1990.

In all this time only one SF Public Utilities Commissioner has backed the community in toto - former Ambassador to Bosnia and President of the SF Public Utilities Commission - Richard Sklar.

We all lost the support of a good and decent human being - in Mr Richard Sklar  - passing away some years ago. May his soul rest in peace.

Richard Sklar worked with us the community - to stop the placement of Combustion Turbines - by Pier 80.

While the community was fighting against the increase of  particulates, the spewing Carbon Dioxide - Susan Leal the then General Manager who now works as a consultant for AECOM who receives - some of the largest contracts - from SF Public Utilities Commission.

Among those back Susan Leal at that time was the present Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission Harlan Kelly - who was then the Assistant General Manager of Infrastructure. Nothing much has changed - I have tried my best - but all in vain.

We the community fought this plan - to place the sordid, filthy, Combustion Turbines - and we won hands down.

Juliet Ellis has no clue about the determination of the advocates and our ability to win on any issue - worth the salt.

We brought Lennar Urban to its knees - and Lennar Urban it is still reeling from that defeat.

Juliet Ellis and her minions are paid by tax payers of San Francisco. Juliet Ellis is not worth the over $200,000 plus benefits that she is paid - to adversely impact all of San Francisco.

It is easy for Juliet Ellis to look at some "jackpot" - money set aside for the community as " community benefits " - and dole it out - as she pleases.

Court cases are pending against the SF Public Utilities Commission - and more are on the way.

Do not think we are not cognizant of the facts and what is happening today at ground - zero.

 I will expose these facts on September 23, 2014 at the SF Public Utilities Commission - to be held at City Hall - in Room 400 around 1:30 pm - for all the world to hear and see.

For how long - no one can fool - all the people all the time. Aho.