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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Many UNION leaders fought hard so that millions of American workers - could get decent wages - more, so that their families and loved ones - could live a decent life. Enjoy what we know as Quality of Life issues.

At one time the American dream was to own a home, a car, have a family and put bread and butter on the table. Permit one to attain a decent education - and always see that the future was bright - for future - generations.

This land - all of it belongs to the Native Americans - and as much as many of us want to deny that it is not - it is.

For thousands of years - all of this land we call America - better known to the Native Americans - as Turtle Island.

We have a population of about 313,232,044 million in the United States - that, we enjoy at the expense of the Native Americans - 3,717,812.8 million square miles.

Just for your information we have 250,000,000 million Internet users - and we can gather a lot of information - if we have the ability to do so.

What is important is to have the ability of discern - for in doing so - we filter the best information - and that is - "education".

Every human being has the right to sound shelter.

To good food, to sound education, to good transportation, to sound health services, to proven safety - and more services and care given to our children, our elders, and those that cannot defend - themselves.

Every great City - every great Nation prides itself - by offering the best in can - to its citizens, the tax payers, those that love where they live - and show their love for where they live - with great - pride.

In recent years - the corrupt - those that control 95% of our economy directly and indirectly - have chosen with intent - to deprive many Americans - women and men - from holding - permanent jobs.

They offer temporary jobs - and temporary jobs that give one no lasting benefits. If you desire to have some benefit - as harsh as it sounds - you have to pay for it.

These facts must be analysed and changes made - to save the Middle Class - from completely fading - from the Unites States of America.

With intent during last 25 years - our economy was eroded by sending good paying jobs - to countries - we called that "out sourcing".

The result many UNION jobs were lost and as much as we are now making - some attempt to bring back those jobs - it is proving to be herculean and long drawn.

We try and we must try our best - to bring back and keep good jobs - here in America.

Made in America.

The unemployment statistic are as "fake" as they come and are reported - as if everything is normal.

Thousands of people will work two, three, and even four jobs. This type of living erodes standards - "standards of living" - and those in charge of reporting - sometimes - just catch one of these jobs - and create charts on unemployment - as if - all was well.

Some entities have chosen to break down the details -  challenging the Department of Labor and those that truly must represent our citizens and constituent of the United States.

Those that must represent us such as the Department of Labor - have failed us when it comes - to real jobs - jobs that pay a good salary.

This situation becomes even more horrendous when it comes to people who cannot speak English - our immigrants - those that have no skills - and of course those that cannot afford a car and have to travel long distances.

If you do not own a home and have to pay $3000 for a one bed room apartment.

Have to work two or three jobs to pay for that - more here in San Francisco - no tax breaks are given.

A mockery is made of such living - about how we continue to encourage - trying to make ends meet - carving out a living against great odds.

Lack of progress - when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

In recent years - down-sizing, out sourcing, all sorts of  make shift ways to enjoy some shelter - keeps plaguing us all - who work so hard.

Couch sharing and other ploys and machinations - and now accepted as normal - and if we continue to live - in such a manner - it will affect us human beings psychologically and undermine - humanity as a whole.

It is a right for all human beings more in the United States - to live in a home and have decent amenities. It is a shame to see and hear - three and four families sharing two bed rooms - and sharing one kitchen and toilet - right here in San Francisco.

We have a bunch of SF Board of Supervisors and other department heads such as the SF Planing Commission - who have failed the constituents and tax payers of San Francisco - when it comes to providing suitable and affordable - housing.

More low income and no income - as was always provided in the past.

In the last 10 years over 30,000 families have left San Francisco.

We have a population of about 805,000 living in San Francisco.

Our City and County of San Francisco - has a budget of about $9 Billion - each and every year - those that need help most - get less.

This land all of it we call San Francisco - was stolen - it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

From time to time - the crooks, the corrupt, those that prey on others - must reflect - how this land came about.

Who took care of it for thousands of year - and when it was stolen - how it was polluted and contaminated - in less than two hundred years. 

Depriving millions of Quality of Life issues - and contributing to the adversely impacts -  against humanity and all life forms.