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Thursday, September 11, 2014


In open defiance ISIS which claims is a Caliphate or Islamic State is nothing - but a bunch of renegades.

The main aim of these despicable dogs with fleas is to create confusion, lie about being some sordid religion - rightfully, earning the wrath of the world.

More when these COWARDS bring disgrace to the human race by raping women, killing children, murdering those that do not accept their sordid principles - a disgrace to the human race - they practice no religion - but that of Satan.

They vermin comprehend fully what I mean.

Now that the Nations who care have decided to deal with ISIS or ISIL - ISIS has written its own demise.

In days to come - it will hide but it cannot and will not be able to run. On the eve of 9/11 the President has laid out some plan - to deal with ISIS - but in the years to come - we need a better plan - and we - meaning America - need to think outside the box.

We in the Western world should not have invaded Iraq - therein lies the crux of the problem.

It is difficult for the Western world to comprehend the many issues that the various sectarian groups - harbor against one another.

These hatred has been brewing for thousands of years - and we just cannot step in - and think for a second - we can make good things happen. Try doing that with the KKK right here at home - and many other para-military groups - that discriminate - right her in our backyards.

We think we know what the Kurds and the Peshmega forces who defend the interests of the Kurds - are experiencing. The Kurds are our friends - we have used them a lot - but we we have failed to be their - real friends.

The truth be told - we do not - even at this late date know - here at home  - the Kurds are fighting for their lives - fighting ISIS who are stolen our American weapons and tanks - and are now using them against the Kurds.

It may be true that we saved the Yazidis - however for so many of them in the thousands to be raped, killed, traumatized, and forced to die at the sword because they refused to embrace another religion forced on them.

This horrific story has NOT be told - and will not be told for some time to come - in detail.

This Nation the United States has given a pass to Saudii Arabia - who again and again are involved in funding the many centers in Pakistan and elsewhere - creating monsters - who we called "terrorists". 

So why are we cozy with folks who fund these centers - called Madrasis - that help spread hate, teach half truths, and twist the words in the Koran.

Today we will remember 9/11 and on that day the Saudis played a role - and a horrific role - and we the Untied States gave the Saudis a pass - but no more.

These Saudis who practice a unique way of living and thinking - they teach - linked to the strict principles or teaching called Wahibism.

We think we understand this mentality - but we do not - women and progress that our world favors - today - is looked by those who practice Wahibisim - through an eye glass - that is tainted with BLOOD and prejudice. More ignorance of the times - the Saudis use money - to buy fake - power.

Oil money that has hit them hard in the pocket - today they can produce - but America and others - must stay away from fossil fuel - and let the Saudis bathe in their petroleum products - and those close to the Saudis like the Bushes - can swim in the "cesspool" of their own creation.

At home we must remember that last four President have failed our Nation.

We must take care of our own people - and the paradox is that we have failed our Veterans.

We have kept those that needed help most - for years - failing to give them sound health care - and in many cases brought about their demise.

We have failed our Senior and most importantly we have failed our youth and young adults. Always looming in our personal affairs at home - the Zionists who brought about the demise of our economy in 2008.

Who today at on our air waves always giving some drab commentary - on ISIS and others - we do not have one independent Media outlet - that speaks to the TRUTH.

Billions of dollars every month have been spent every month on Iraq, Afghanistan, other places like Somalia, Yemen, and Syria - trying to bring about some order.

In fact this spending without a viable and sustainable plan has created some problems  - further, exacerbating and confounding the current confusion and pandemonium.

Our soldiers women and men - have been put in harms away - and that is not what the United States of America is about.

We must think outside the box - and create trained forces - much like the famous " French Legionnaires.

Crack special forces like the Gurkhas from Nepal - that the British used to scare the living hell in the skirmish that was the war over Falklands - against the Argentina.

We must think outside the box. Pay for such forces that can deliver more for less - and fight fire with fire. 

We cannot as a the Nation of laws - permit the Saudis to conduct some military training - creating some sort of fake National Guard - using the Iraqis and others.

More the Iraqis - who turned tail and fled - permitting ISIS to seize our weapons, tanks, bombs, and millions in cash. This story has not been told - and will never, ever be understood by the laymen. We lost billions - and that episode must never be repeated.

The Republicans have some mouth pieces like John McCain - who runs his mouth badmouthing President Barack Hussein Obama.

McCain tried to run for President and failed - he thinks he knows too much about Syria, Iraq, and the region - but he must understand - the Republicans created this mess - in the first place and he and those like him - loudmouths must own it.

Never mind if soon the Republicans - will control both the Senate and the House. You have not seen anything - yet - AMERICA.

When we allow Chenney who was George W. Bush's side kick - to brag - now, after all the money he has amassed and the mess he created.

Only in America do we permit buffoons to exhibit their ignorance - Chenney now has a new heart - but his mind is the same - and his mentality - the same - a disgrace to anything - decent.

ISIS did not happen overnight - a vacuum was created - and ISIS stepped right in - and took over - a reign of terror - killing innocent children, killing women, raping women, shooting men in the head - after those killed have dug trenches - where they are buried alive.

These atrocities painted by CNN and others - after the fact - reveal some - but, yet not one of these atrocities - has been captured in full - there is some footage out there and these will be brought out - and shock the world.

Some of us are old enough to have followed the Mujahadeen - the so called "freedom fighters" - who fought the Russians in Afghanistan.

We remember well our fight - with the Al Queda - the Tabiban - we took this fight to Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, all over - and then we we experienced - these vermin attacked us on our land.

We saw - what some of us knew - the worst traits of the human being. More some of us who have qualified military - experience.

The many conspiracy theories that the Mossad was behind 9/11 - this and that - but, most interesting was George W Bush circling in the air - on Airforce One - not knowing what was happening.

Chenney in some bunker - pretending that he was in charge - shitting bricks - America fully understood that a few terrorists - used civilian, air plans as weapons - to dare challenge us and our values.

Again as always happens ordinary Americans lost their lives - other too from other Nations in New York - that we embrace.

Ordinary Americans volunteered and went to war - and were treated with disdain.

We have millions to drop 5000 lbs bombs - but we have no money to - spend on our Veterans - even today in the years - 2014.

ISIS or ISIL are cowards - anyone that kills children are cowards.

We must track each of these dogs with fleas - and bring about their utter, demise.

We must flood the areas they operated - and taunt them we leaflets - that reveal to these scumbags - how the world perceives them.

We must do this on the airwaves - in their own language - and reveal to them - that they can run - but cannot hide.

9/11 and thirteen years later - brings back memories - as if this incident occurred - right now.

On this day - we must the American people unite to do right. In our Constitution are embedded the history of many, our Founding Fathers - and that of the Native Americans who contributed to our Constitution. Few know this - but this is the TRUTH.

The Six Nation, the long cabin, the Iroquois and other stellar Native Americans - influence our Founding Fathers. The KKK make not accept this - since they are the problem and their mentality still prevails in many places.

We astute Americans must shed light where they is abject darkness. We must go to the better place - with vetted principles and modes of operations - that bring out the best in us - after all we are Americans first. God Bless American and the values we stand for.

 The respect must begin with respecting our hosts - the Native Americans.

Our soldiers women and men who have sacrificed so much. Those Americans who speak to the truth and are in the minority.

Our American politicians are not worth the salt.

Their current poll rates are in the single digit.

We must here in California stop sending Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to Washington D.C. and the same holds true for Senator Diane Feinstein - two hags that are cause more harm than good.

The Republicans can spew all the hot air the want - they are just that fluff.

All of them - those at the top have amassed wealth - and they will sneak into their dens soon - and do more harm - in the House and the Senate.

The Democrats are lukewarm - one step forward - ten backwards.

We need Independent Leaders - the two party system is a JOKE - we never will see - the true leaders shine - as long as the snakes enjoy the podium - with the two party, system.

The snakes both parties alike on many fronts - slither - and use their venom - to get rid of those that can challenge them.

Using their political poison - to make their fake world work - while ordinary, hard working Americans - are put in harms way.

To ISIS I say - cowards like you all - who kill children - you are cowards.

We Americans - God fearing Americans - know deep in our hearts - that with God on our side - we can and will - bring about - the demise of you - ISIS.

The many offshoots of such - organizations such as ISIS - who are funded by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States - we know who they are - are we are watching you all - like a hawk. Aho.