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Monday, September 15, 2014


It is a shame when the Grand Jury takes its time and does the homework for the mostly inept, spineless, ignorant, arrogant, lacking standards, and totally out of syn with current issues San Francisco Board of Supervisors - more London Breed and Katy Tang.

Both these Supervisors Katy Tang and London Breed go on the defense - and fail to admit that our City and County of San Francisco is NOT prepared for Sea Level Rise, Liquefaction, and more - severe flooding linked to low laying areas - of which we have many.

The issues at hand Sea Level Rise and its adverse impact to our infrastructure - both that belong to our City and County of San Francisco and Private entities - who readily have been given permits to build on land that is prone to what I have mentioned - above.

The waterfront that comes under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Authority - all Public Trust Land. Year after year the piers fall into disrepair - and year after year - buildings built 50 years ago - beg for rehabilitation.

More our Sewage Treatment Plant in the Bayview which is over 80 years old and falling apart - compromised by salt water entering the system - and it is just a matter of time - the entire Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - is compromised.

The Digesters which are large holding tanks - that contain the secondary effluents - have been compromised - and of the six digesters - only three are in working condition.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that talks the talk - has failed on the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - and the current design and planning done by Brown and Caldwell and CH2MHill - is taking a long time - and the community is kept out of the loop. 

Not because the Primes do not encourage public participation - more community participation - but because SF Public Utilities Commission - does not want full transparency and accountability.

Our City facilities have been compromised more those lying in low laying areas - closer to the Bay and waterfront areas.

The many high rise buildings in the Financial District are prone to the severe adverse impacts linked to - Sea Level Rise.

All these of these facilities will be adversely impacted in San Francisco. More when the Big One announces itself - and the SF City and County is caught - fast asleep in the cockpit.

The SF City Emergency Service entities are famous for patting their behinds - this has been going on for ages - but when our beloved City is hit by the Big One - when a small or big Tsunami visits us - all we will hear is blaming and finger pointing.

As things stand now - most of the building - prone to being adversely impacted - have not been inspected by any expert entity.

The Department of Building Inspection - that has been asleep at the cockpit and will now wake up - without a Blue Print that has been vetted - to address the issues at hand.

At the Building Inspection Commission meeting a lot of talk - but when it comes to review empirical data - doing the real hands on inspection - the SF Department of Building Inspection - is light years behind time. Time will tell.

It has become customary for our SF Board of Supervisors - more London Breed from District 5 and Katy Tang from District 4  to go on the defense and defend our City and County of San Francisco - when our City and County of San Francisco has been lagging behind.

The Grand Jury did well not to chide the SF Board of Supervisor - understanding that it would not serve anyone well. But those that know - could see - what was being explained - did not register well with London Breed and more with Katy Tang - two novices one anointed and the other - just wants to be in the lime light - London Breed.

Both shallow, inept, and lacking the expertise to comprehend - less execute. What these SF Board of Supervisors do is consult - and if they are provide by a dummy consultant - they know nothing better - but to go with the flow. It happens all the time.

Since the year 2000 some of us have been writing about Sea Level Rise, liquefaction, flooding, and our failing infrastructure that belongs to the City and County of San Francisco - no one is paying attention - we know when the time comes and these properties fall prey to Mother Nature - there will be dead - silence.

Our Department of Building Inspection have no plan as I have explained, our San Francisco Planning Department has been busy doling out permits - to developers to build on land - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. 

Political pressure is leads the San Francisco Planning Department - not to serve the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco. Entities like SPUR who receive large amounts of funding - hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco - while lining their pockets - with millions of dollars.

So why are these two dumb, inept, ignorant Supervisors London Breed and Katy Tang - defending the City entities that are not prepared - more when the Big One strikes?

When El Nino creates huge waves that will impact the Waterfront - more the SF Port property - and the SF City and County has no Blue Print - and less the ability to deal with such issues?

Sea Level has been mentioned at many forums since early 2000 - and even at this late late some Commissioners who sit on the SF Port Commission - are aghast - one of them Kimberly Brandon. She has been on the SF Port Commission forever - and all she does is rubber stamp.

Kimberly Brandon should just listen to her comment after two gentlemen made a presentation - pathetic to say the least.

We have inexperienced Board of Supervisors the likes of London Breed and Katy Tang who have no idea - having not taken the time to study the issues at hand.

London Breed and Katy Tang - want to represent - but do not have the education and less the experience.

And as I have said have not taken the times to study Sea Level Rise, Liquefaction, Flooding, the adverse impact of the Big One - the impending Earth Quake - factors that should be our City's Priority One.

In the next 20 years we expect over two feet of sea level rise - and as I said the impending El Nino - is upon us - and we do not have a plan to address - the adverse impacts.

Right at the Ferry Building at the height of El Nino - we will experience this year 8 and 9 feet waves - and then the naming calling and finger point will begin. The Farmers Market and the business with open air facilities - will all come to a halt.

Our Sewage Plan both the one at Phelps Street in the Bayview and the more modern Sewage Plant near the San Francisco Zoo - closer to Ocean Beach - have been comprised with salt water - penetrating the operational system - now in place.

Our Weirs are in disrepair - and the so called secondary effluents - and some times half-treated sewage have already comprised our Bay - we know this - but our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - uneducated as they are on issues - have no clue about these facts.

Less they have not kept in touch with the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - both District 5 and District 4 - Supervisors have taken a nonchalant attitude when it comes to our failing infrastructure.

So when they were caught off guard - they could not even comprehend what the Grand Jury was saying - less could they understand the issues at hand.

Over 30,000 housing units slated to be built on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is a Superfund Site - and Candlestick Point - that right now experiences - severe flooding.

Sea Level Rise with adversely impact - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point. For sure the 7.5 mile waterfront - that the SF Port Authority has jurisdiction over - and has FAILED to maintain.

It is just a matter of time when Heron Head and the off the grid building will be washed away - very poor planning on very contaminated ground. Grants in the millions wasted and on top of that a Park - where more money was wasted - and no one worth the salt - visits the Park - except dog lovers - who use the Park to walk the dogs - and many of them do not collect the excreta laid by their dogs - pathetic to say the least - how our SF City wastes tax payers money.

This current Grand Jury Report is through - and the Grand Jury has done the home work for our spineless, inept, shallow, and "most ignorant on issues" - SF Board of Supervisors - more, the likes of London Breed and Katy Tang - ignorant and arrogant - and both have failed to represent San Franciscans.

At the many meetings at City Hall - both these ignorant representatives talk from both sides of their mouth.

You just cannot be a Supervisor and not Represent - if you cannot Represent  - if you are not educated on issues - get out of way.

You both London Breed and Katy Tang are two buffoons that San Franciscans would like to step down and fade into oblivion.

You failed to admit that this City and County has failed to have a viable and sustainable plan - to address Sea Level Rise.

Now, that you do not have failed to represent - role up your sleeves - and do the needful. And if you cannot - get out of way. 

Just making general statement - without analyzing empirical data - that you cannot comprehend - nor can your staff that is all fluff -and we have been tolerating you two - but not for long.

Please no excuses - lazy  - and totally unworthy of anything - decent - the two of you Katy Tang and London Breed.

Many of us advocates are fed up with you two -  Supervisors - London Breed and Katy Tang.