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Thursday, December 1, 2016


The San Francisco Planning Department in the last 10 years - has succumbed to the Mayor's Office and the San Francisco Supervisors - stalling vetted permits.

Causing unnecessary hardship to owners, the architects, the contractors,  funding entities - and in general adversely impacting - thousands of decent - tax paying San Franciscans.

Recently the 5 Thomas Mellon Circle has had its share of stalling, putting the plans on the back burner - to accommodate a " rogue developer " Lennar Urban now known better as 5 Points Holdings, LLC. Same snake different head.

Please Google - 5 Points Holdings, LLC - and  find out for yourself that they have no project to their credit - yet all plans that come before the SF Planning pass - quickly and without - thought - and given to this corrupt entity - a proxy of Lennar Urban -  a rogue developer - immediately.

The last time around the hearing was held to finalize the permitting to allow the 5 Thomas Mellon Circle plans to go forward.

Malia Cohen - corrupt to the core.

Only for - Malia Cohen a political whore, sending her aide - who openly declared that the District 10 Supervisor - had a problem with the project - was not in town - and that the agenda item had to be continued. The SF Planning Department agreed.

Malia Cohen - a dumb person was does not understand planning - sent her aide - who openly declared that Malia Cohen was not in town - and that she had something to say - and that the hearing should be continued. So much for unwanted - nonsense.

Such ploys, machinations, and shenanigans take place at the SF Planning - all the time - and the SF Planning Department - thinks - they can fool all the people all the time. This nonsense must STOP.

Sophie Maxwell who Malia Cohen took over from in District 10 -
both of them have one thing in common - they are corrupt to the core - political whores.

Both also have a track record - holding owners and developers - hostage - under the pretext that they had to pay " community benefits " - other mundane excuses - that makes no sense.

Why should the Bayview pay " community benefits " to the Visitation Valley? When has the Visitation Valley ever paid - one single dollar as Community Benefits - to the Bayview?

The 5 Thomas Mellon project - situated at Executive Park on land that is solid rock - does not have issues - linked to many skyscrapers prone to liquefaction and flooding.

We have had SF Supervisors and the Mayor's office of Edwin M. Lee - apply pressure to fast track projects - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

We do not have to say a word about the Millennium Tower - it has sunk 21 inches - and it tiling 4 1/2 inches to the northwest.

The SF Planning approved this plan - the SF Building Inspection - has no clue what is happening - and there are more buildings - compromised - sinking right now - all this in San Francisco - a City has supposedly knows - how.

Aaron Peskin keeps holdings these meetings - linked  to the Mellinium Tower - and each meeting reveals - how dysfunctional the SF Planning Department is - and more the SF Department of Building Inspection - the inspectors and Director - who cannot articulate and lack the ability to speak in good - English.

The 5 Thomas Mellon project has been suffering delaying and procrastination on the part of the SF Planning Departing and the Mayor Office - past Mayors and the present one - since the year 2001.

Now 15 years latter the new company that has acquired 5 Thomas Mellon from the former owner George Yerby who sold it to APIC who is turn sold it to Ocean Holdings, LLC - is being held hostage - by Supervisor Malia Cohen.

The SF Planning some 8 years ago had the plans approved and I have attended all those meetings with diligence.

Malia Cohen was screwing around - with Mayor Gavin Newsom -  a that time - trying to up her prospects - add more to  her own prosperity - leeching on others - pussyfooting around.

On a side note she acquired a condominium some years ago at Executive Park - near 5 Thomas Mellon Circle.

Malia Cohen - could not pay her mortgage on time - and went under. That condominium at the time was valued $580, 000. She left the unit and went to live with her parents in District 9 - while representing District 10. So much for her her illegal activities and more.

On being elected a Supervisor and winning that election by a meager 200 votes - Malia Cohen had no place to live - as I said - went to live with her parents in District 9 - on Silliman Street. 

When the issue was revealed after over 10 months. Malia Cohen - a corrupt and stupid Supervisor - move to Potrero Hill - and now lives there - in a mostly white neighborhood.

Malia Cohen has made stupid statement putting down the poor and the indigent - when Bevan Dufty and Trent Rhorer had money to build a shelter with beds for the indigent.

We the community has to rally behind the poor and the indigent - to support Trent and Bevan and prove to Malia Cohen a political whore that she did not have her heart in the right place - and does not have it to this day.

Purporting to represent District 10 for all the wrong reasons.

The Rico Act must be especially applied to Malia Cohen - who is corrupt and will react to some complaints without any deep investigation - pandering to those that - are creating problems.

The 5 Thomas Mellon Circle owner for the last 3 years have not increased the rent. Understanding that those now renting will have to leave - once the building is slated for being demolished.

The building is slated to be demolished - March, 2017.

5 Thomas Mellon - offers free parking - and while still working how to understand - how to do sound outreach - the President Jason Mao - is understanding and willing to work on issues that matter.

One or two companies who rent at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - are of the opinion that they should be paid " displacement fees ". 

While no such laws apply to a project - in the case - the 5 Thomas Mellon project has been delayed, continued, and put on the back burner - defying norms and standards.

They delays have caused a lot of problems - money expanded for no reason to make amendments, bring in consultants who must be paid  - pleas to the SF Planning who keep changing the rules.

In the interim -  the SF Planning Department nonchalant - taking its own time - decides  - whether to endorse the permits or not - before the public - and other who come to the hearing - before the SF Planning Department - only to be told the agenda item will be continued.

The previous owner George Yerby - gave up - on the SF Planning and the economy - more the spiraling of the economy in 2008.

After many years - instead of going ahead with the plans - put the building for sale.

The San Francisco Chinese Consulate wanted to buy the building - but could not do so - at Executive Park.

They Chinese Consult  had some issues with the U.S. Secretary of State. The United States was interested in a plot in Shanghai - and were given the run about.

Tit for tat - the Federal authorities made it known - the deal with the Chinese Consulate - could not go through - here in the United States - and put the owners of 5 Thomas Mellon on notice.

APIC bought the building - and then turned around and sold it Ocean Holdings LLC. Two different entities having two different accounts - and different fiscal goals - reporting to two different heads of organization - and accountability.

I know so much about this building - because we were interested in this building - to provide space for non-profits. Our City and County of San Francisco - did not offer non-profits any help - in a meaning manner.

Even the City own so called proxy agencies like HealthRight360 - that have millions to expand - rented buildings - that did not do justice to the work and the workers - the Street Violence Intervention Program - was one of them.

Since HealthRight360 the entity that is the fiscal entity that made Street Violence Intervention Program possible -  had the money - I turned my entire office to them - some 3200 square feet - and did the City and County of San Francisco - a favor.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee visited my office - and had the opportunity to see the facility - when I was the Chief Executive Officer - and knows first hand about the building.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - known for its lack luster and lack of vision - took three years - to execute the Blue Print and my vision of a Contracting Center - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project .

My two partners Jae Ryu and Scott Hanks with a meager $80, 000 rehabilitated the ground floor - 0ver 4000 square feet - and created the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Contracting Center at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle.

The SFPUC made great fun fair - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee was there to declare the Contracting Center open.

 No mention on those that had the vision - and less of the individuals who made it happen.

The SFPUC Contract Office has since moved to 150 Executive Park - pending the demolishing of 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - after renting at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle for over 4 years.

The Mayor has done the same to our small businesses - treated them with disdain - putting numerous hurdles in their way.

The many and various permits and the money these businesses have to pay to the City are ridiculous.

 Any audit of the Treasurer's Office will reveal - the inconsistencies - fees a restaurant has to pay for lighting candles,  fees for ridiculous reasons that are down right silly and stupid.

No accommodation made linked to ADA issues - I was the Project Manager for ADA issues - at the Presidio of San Francisco and understand this one issue - throughly.

The Mayor is on the take - linked to skyscrapers - and so are some SF Supervisors one of them Scott Wiener - he is leaving - thank God - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

I have known John Rahaim for a long time - and I hope he understands - that there is only so much - and so much only - that astute, educated on issues.

Bold but compassionate constituents of San Francisco -  will and can tolerate.

John Rahaim - as the Director of SF Planning -  must do the right thing - and let us get over the 5 Thomas Mellon Circle project - lingering for all the wrong reasons - since 2001.

The Southeast Sector is slated to have over 30, 000 units mostly under the jurisdiction of a " rogue developer " a proxy of Lennar Urban - 5 Point Holdings, LLC.

All those units built of very contaminated ground - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

The recent Proposition P allows the above  rascals and crooks - an increase in height limits - and allow them 5 million square feet of office space.

Proposition P  which passed in the recent November 2016 - and passed narrowly - but passed all the same.  The same happened when Proposition G passed narrowly - against Proposition F.

Lennar Urban a rogue developer has not paid community benefits since 2013. Yet gets what it wants -  because of the money that goes into campaign coffers of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and some SF Supervisors.

The political whore Malia Cohen is on the pay roll of Lennar Urban and should request Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings, LLC to accommodate her mostly black contractors - that she is pandering to - to accommodate her mostly black contractors and give them office space.

5 Thomas Mellon Circle has had its share of trouble and tribulations - meted out by the SF City and County of San Francisco - and more the SF Planning Department.

I have an office today at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - and know what I am speaking about.

I will be at the hearing - the SF Planning Department - today at 12 noon - to be held in Room 400 at City Hall in San Francisco.