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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Turtle Island - what is now known as America - once had unwritten laws that served the indigenous people - very well.

Most Indigenous People - have it inherent in them - what to use and how to use the resources offered to us all - by Mother Earth.

There is a special relationship between Mother Earth - embedded in the DNA of the indigenous people - NOT so the strangers. Take it or leave it - it will be that way - for all eternity.

Never mind the so called Environmentalist who purport to be White who think they are saying and doing right - when they are playing a game - looking for opportunities - to make money.

The strangers - also known well as the " greedy " - have no such principles of law and order inherent in them.

 All over the world - where ever they stepped on any land or water - they tarnished their image - more by their sordid actions.

 Destroyed and clear cut old growth forest - impacting our environment. Here in America killing thousands of Buffalo for their skin - and leaving hills of flesh to rot - and not having second thoughts - such action cry to heaven for justice.

These strangers polluted our pristine lakes and rivers.

Our watershed - taking too much resources from the land - be it precious metal, oil, and what have you - the " greed " of the strangers knows no bounds.

I was lucky to be born in Nairobi, Kenya - where most things were pristine.

So I smelt and dance in the rain -  felt the goodness of the air.

Touched and smelled the rich soil, swam in the waters - and  enjoyed the sights of the many wild birds, animals, and other creatures mostly butterflies and frogs - that I observed with great delight.

It was a pleasure to know Dr Richard Leaky and his wife Mary - famous world renowned Anthropologists and humanists - who did so much to understand the land and its people from time immemorial.

 More to reveal the secret of Homo Sapiens - the earliest finds of human remains - and connect the Human Race - to the origins of human beings and humanity.

Turtle Island had it going for thousands of years - the Whites would like us to believe - they had it going for the rest of the world. We know that speak with a - " forked tongue ".

Few know the barbarians who lived with animals - and were dirty and had to knowledge about hygiene - and less about living healthy. Taking a shower or bath - after years - as many as 5 and 10 years.

The Moors and others introduced so much to those that knew little - today the receivers of that civilization - deem it " true " that they contributed much to the world - when the opposite is true.

A general review of some of the fundamental and basic principles of understanding better, knowledge, and education - the source of numerals, mathematics in general.

So many inventions that have not been attributed to the Indigenous People - the Whites make it seem - they know it all - that only they can be the sole inventors.

Forgetting they had no idea about spices, less about hygiene, less about medicine, uncivilized until the Moors and other indigenous people - shared with them - the better aspects of humanity - and human ingenuity. 

The knowledge of writing and writing well - the knowledge of  medicine and medications - the many herbal medications that are used today - and ingredients - that are found in many modern - medicines and medications.

Surgery and the understanding of the human anatomy - and to go with that science - healing and good health - leading to longevity - as we comprehend today.

The understanding of the skies and related factors -  astronomy, geography - our space journey and more to come - to far away planets and more.

Mapping of the early sea routes and trade in the known world.

Spices and preservation of food -  eating right and living right,  a thousand things better and principled - could not be attributed to the barbarians who lived in Europe in places like England - even Spain and Portugal.

Slavery is alive today in America. Those that prey on slaves and even today - deeply feel that indigenous people should not be in control of the land, the water, and air.

More the role and representation of our indigenous women who have represent - goodness " - throughout history - the best by representing Mother Earth - and won the hearts of millions - all over our world.

We saw these at the Oceti Sakowin Camp - by Cannon Ball Reservation - near Standing Rock - in North Dakota - some of us went to represent - and are very proud of our indigenous women. Aho.

The strangers will pollute - take too much - eat and drink and vomit and think that all is fine. The Romans behaved such this - to the extreme - which resulted in their down fall of the Roman Empire.

Today Americans wants to police the entire world - take all it can get.

 Say one thing and doing another.

We know about the many Banana Republics - we know how we got shafted in Iraq,  more in Afghanistan,  and Libya - and now in Syria. 

We simply fail to understand - that we must stay at home - and do well - taking care of our own people.

We have wasted trillions of dollars - as much as 30 Trillion dollars - on wars that have benefited those that foster wars - to fill the own pockets - we know - who they are - and we know  - better.

It is common knowledge that one precent control ninety five percent of the economy.

It is common knowledge our  Senior population - is in dire straits - many eating pass the 5th of the month - whatever they can get to live - even choosing dog food to survive.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
San Francisco - all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

San Francisco seems not to get it. Driving over 60, 000 families in the last five years - from San Francisco - to leave the City and County of San Francisco - forever.

All these families - stellar San Franciscans - now no more - helped contribute  to building - our unique neighborhoods.

Today -replaced by techies and others - transplants and mostly bland folks - who have no clue about genuine Social values.

 These bland folks - mostly transplants  live by their technology - glued to their digital tools - treated their surroundings - in a nonchalant manner.

The many skyscrapers are not what the Muwekma Ohlone desire.

High density buildings - thousands living - and not know their neighbors. The waste of clean drinking water, electricity, and creating waste water - receiving these amenities for little money - when know that they have money - they should be paying premium rates.

Our infrastructure is over tasked, our Bay polluted - our watershed polluted, our air contaminated - Quality of Life compromised all over San Francisco.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee himself a transplant is not respected in San Francisco. 

His last inauguration was the worst ever - disrupted true - but the folks threw drinks and other liquids - to the horror of evil folks like Diane Feinstein and others who will remember that day - for the rest of their lives.

The congestion on our roads is the worst ever - and the air unhealthy - dangerous particulates, mercury, lead, and other dangerous chemicals - contributing to - one of a kind respiratory diseases.

Cancers, tumors , still born babies - all documented by the San Francisco Health Department and headed by Barbara Garcia and Tomas Aragon.

The poor living in tents - on our streets - without toilet facilities - many have not take a shower for week - this is a on going health factor - that the Mayor does not want to face and less address.

The homeless facing inclement weather - more in the recent cold spell we all are experiencing - many dying slowly - and no one cares.

On another important level - our San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is playing with fire. 

Our Treatment Plants in jeopardy - important testing not conducted,  spare parts and equipment that must work - to register particulates and other dangerous chemicals - testing equipment tempered with - to register false information.

This nonsense has been going on for a long time - leading some at the SF Treatment Plant to gang of fellow employees Tony Flores is one of them - a man who came up the ranks - knew his job - and had to retire - because he could not take it anymore.

Right now we have others - nonchalant - going with the flow - compromising our Treatment Plant - even with the King Tides playing havoc - the Treatment Plant at Phelps in the Bayview - having serious problem - and the imminent possibility of being shut down - Notice of Violations.

This is Ohlone land - and we  must take care of the air, the water, the watershed.

 Our Bay, the vast - more wet lands -  we have the Precautionary Principal on our books - it is law - but no one cares to implement - such laws that were created by supposedly sane and knowing all - Environmentalists - to protect decent human beings.

We have folks like Juliet Ellis still playing with fire - she must go away.

Juliet Ellis must - she must go away, now.

Julie Ellis must be told to fade away - or forced to leave - the sooner she leaves the better it is - for the decent folks she is ganging upon. Evil to the core.

In recent days - our drinking water - stinks - and those in Communication at the SF Public Utilities Commission - tell us everything is fine.

Even though it is NOT fine - and that this issue of the smell - is temporary - and will soon go away - today it is worse than ever.

What about the adverse impacts - it has created.

Now - in the interim - I for one have been impacted by this  on going nonsense. 

I want the supposedly un harmful clean water tested - and the results - reported to the public at large. Aho.