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Friday, December 2, 2016



Chief Sitting Bull

The many Chiefs that ruled the Lakota Sioux people - each Chief in his own right - first and foremost took care of his people. Also bearing in mind that the Earth was given to nourish the people but also more importantly to be kept as pristine for now - and all time - so that all life is treated with sacredness.

Much like blood plays an important part in our recognition of our  body and being - water is very precious in the eyes of the Native Americans - water gives life and nourishes all life.

This concept and respect for " water " as understood by the Native American -  is totally foreign to the palefaces.

More - lacking in spirituality - and saturated with " greed " - most of the " palefaces " are spiritually bankrupt.

Fake in their talk, fake in their thinking, fake in their mentality - most of them are the scourge of this Earth.

Mother Earth was never meant to be polluted and contaminated.

Mother Earth was never meant to be abused.

Mother Earth was never meant to be treated with disdain.

The only two legged animal " palefaces " - who have been know to clear cut the forest - more old growth.

Pollute the lakes, rivers, streams, hills and mountains.

All over the Earth - whites have been know to take in excess - waste too much - leech on things -  suck the living life and take anything they want - always in excess.

 Always wasteful and having disdain for the indigenous - who choose to be prudent - take little - only as much as is needed.

Until now - whites - with vain talk about sea level rise,  climate change,  and the increase in the Carbon Foot print - all talk and no walk. Go figure.

Chief Rain in the Face

Chief Two Bears

We know the Native American Chiefs - their unique face reveals the character marks - more their tenacity and fortitude - in battle they were ferocious and victorious.

In battle they were ferocious - sending chills down the spine - and Custer and other witnessed this first hand.

The Battle of Little Horn reveals it all - all documented - for those that can see and read - and more comprehend and remember.

Military historians acknowledge the skills of the the Lakota Sioux - of course they did not have the superior weapons - but in any hand to hand battle - the Lakota Sioux have proved superior - and hands down defeated anyone that opposed them in battle.

Chief Thunderhawk

Chief Running Antelope

The Dakota Access Pipeline originally was suppose to pass through Bismark.

 A large town in North Dakota that has a predominately White population.

When that population - realized  if the oil pipe broke - millions of gallons of petroleum spilled -  could compromise their Quality of Life.

If the water was contaminated and polluted - the entire town - would ceased to exists.

Now that makes sense - so why would it NOT make sense - at Standing Rock - the towns near by Cannonball - Fort Yates - the many Reservations where the pipeline will impact. 

The audacity of the United States Government, the Corps of Engineers, the Department of Interior, the many government agencies - who have been bought- to impact the Reservations - with intent .

Bought - by those that are investing in this evil pipeline - that will pass through the Inidan Reservation - land that belongs to the Latoka Sioux.

On land where Sacred Remains will be disturbed - the audacity of those who think they can do as they please on sovereign land - the land of the Lakota Sioux.

Standing Rock

Sitting Bull - a leader for all time -
his spirit still rules on all Lakota Sioux territory -
mention his name - even now - and you feel his presence -
we were at Standing Rock and the many other place surrounding it - the Lakota Sioux stand tall and will defend their land - as they have done for thousands of years.

Chief Joseph - Chief Sitting Bull - the many other Chiefs - took care of those under their care - the women and the children.

Again the " palefaces " committed atrocities- indescribable - murdering innocent women and children.

In some case using machetes - cutting off the parts of the body - and hanging them on the saddles of their horses - to prove to all that witnessed their deeds - the contempt they had - for the Native Americans - knows no bounds.

We who have studied the history of that contempt, the many atrocities committed on Indian Land - will never, ever forget - we will remember and inform. Let that be know - to the ignorant of today - who are NOT educated on issues.

The United States government to this day - is playing with fire - and now after many decades - people are coming together - and coming together for a vital purpose.

" No one will order us around ".  No more will we take the nonsense - we are witnessing at Standing Rock - from anyone.

 If you have NOT heard us before - hear us now - hear us clearly.

What is really going on at Standing Rock - with dubious entities - creating mischief - we know who some of them are - but their is more: