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Saturday, December 3, 2016


The Lakota Sioux Nation has endured untold atrocities - from blatant attacks on the Tribe - from entities that have had no right to do so.

No entity has jurisdiction to impose on the Lakota Sioux Tribe -  on their land - sovereign land - illegal and unethical practices.

The Lakota Sioux Tribe - and millions of supporters - protectors of the water - nationwide and world wide - will stand united and fight - for what is right.

The patience of those " who have their heart in the right place " - has reached  saturation point - and the time to ACT is now.

We have seen the blatant attacks - and we have felt the pain - we travelled from San Francisco to Standing Rock - North Dakota - to witness and see for yourselves - and what we saw and felt - it not very pleasant - and that is putting it - mildly.

President Barack Hussein Obama a House Negro and a lame duck President - has failed - and so has the United States Attorney General - Loretta Lynch. Despicable to the core - both of them.

There isa bond among BLACKS and the Native Americans - from he days of slavery. Today - we have not seen - a staunch support - from those that once the Native Americans saved, nurtured, and built a long lasting relationship.

It is not good to bite the hand that feeds you - and history will reveal the rest - but rest assured we will support the Lakota Sioux and the rest that are being persecuted - their rights violated -  and Mother Earth which the Lakota Sioux Nation has protected for thousands of years - now being desecrated and contaminated - by those that are - " spiritually bankrupt "

You palefaces - corrupt to the core - and put on notice - STOP the nonsense - and fade into oblivion. This time around - we do not have to touch you - you all will fall flat on our faces - and perish.
Make no bones about it. Aho.

The United States government and its many agencies that lie, procrastinate, speak with a fork tongue - be it the Corps of Engineers, the Department of Interior.

 The Governor of North Dakota - the many departments that have permitted this Dakota Access Pipeline - to become a reality - with fake permits, fostering corruption - and what not - must now cease its operations.

We have been to Standing Rock - and we have witnessed the thousands of supporters who want to " protect " Mother Earth.

 We have witnessed the " goodness of the heart " - we have felt the intensity of  " Love " - far more superior then the lies in the Main Media.

The Main Media is spreading lies and disinformation.

Those few who came to infiltrate - find themselves lost and wondering - they are overcome with the surround love and the determination to fight to the end - protect the clean drinking water - the very sustainable source - that gives life to most everything.

The Main Media is spread lies - about infighting - and other such nonsense.

 The opposite is happening - good and selfless act that astound those that arrive - at Standing Rock - and the many camps - where thousands have stood tall and will stand tall - until those who are evil - stop this project - and go away - never to be seen again.

The many Veterans are now poised to act as the frontline protectors - and those that purport to use force and attack dogs -  as they have done before.

More - to intimidate our women and men - our Elders and those that have their " heart in the right place " - will have to deal with a force much more superior - than those who use arms, ammunition, trained attack dogs  - we have seen them all - and  we know them to be " spiritually bankrupt " and " evil " .

No one that desecrates the remain of those that must lie in peace - will enjoy peace of mind - they will turn and toss - until finally they will NOT not be able to live with themselves - and they will perish - leave the project to die - and leave town - stay away and repent - your actions are evil - more you the follower of the devil.

The Buffalo came to the site and expressed their concern. 

The Buffalo are with the people - whose heart is in the right place.

For too long - have too many " palefaces " - done what they deem is their right - when they have no right.

The paleface - speak with a " forked tongue " - and have no right - what so ever to dictate - terms - on those that have lived and protected Mother Earth - for thousands of years.

Those that are " spiritual bankrupt " pay heed.

As it is you have BLOOD on your hands - but if you do not pay heed and leave - the suffering you will endure - will be unbearable and affect you and those that harbor you and agree with your evil - deeds.

You will witness death - as no one else has witnessed - before - without no one touching you - but the will of the Great Spirit.

It is snowing at the camp and here are some photographs taken by a drone:

It is snowing at Cannonball, North Dakota and here are some pictures from a drone: