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Sunday, December 25, 2016


Life is for the living - not the living dead. 

Some say the majority of those who are " greedy " are spiritually bankrupt.

I like that - guess what I say that all the time - may be it started with me saying that from back in 1989. What does that saying apply to things and issues today? For instance .....

Once - here is San Francisco for thousands of years -  things were more than pristine.

Abolone abounded - herring, small birds and deer - and there was more  - an abundance of food of all kinds - and all that food was fresh and not contaminated - as much of it is now.

Those that lived on this land - much before the Vikings visited this area - the Russians fur traders of old - that came and vent , others in small bands - too many to name.

Lewis and Clark came North and they went back to the East Coast and reported - that the West had all the resources - far more than was available on the East Coast.

The revealed facts of the great redwood forest, the Sequoia and more - the lakes, rivers, and all that was beautiful of landscape - the many rich valleys - and plenty of fauna and flora and more.

Other scouts came  - and reported back to their contacts - the hordes came from all directions - all they said was  that Turtle Island was rich in resources - plenty of land to settle down.

In all of the deliberations - never once thinking that the land belonged to the Native Americans.

 It was as if those that had the guns, the power to kill - those were the ones - that had it all. 

Might was right - and to hell with compassion and stealing the land and murdering the people. Killing innocent children and raping the women.

And yet today - those that did it - and some of their ancestors are alive - made money selling scalps - and there is NO - apology what so ever. 

Shame of those that committed such crime - the BLOOD is on the hands of all those that bear the name - of those that today too - share that responsibility - genocide.

It must be stated here - much before the word "genocide " was invented and reported - all over America - the " greedy " practiced " killing and murdering " in the United States.

Such crimes as scalping - fetching $ 5 for a scalp - and edicts went out from the Governors - including that from the Governors of  California - kill an Indian and fetch $5 - $5 went a long ways - in those day - when the West was more than wild and things dirt - cheap.

All over this land - the name given was the United States of America - a name given - by those who landed here - mostly from Europe. 

These strangers - who came here without any documents - with few things - had it made.

Mostly having not taken a bathe - as they were not use to taking a bath after years. They stunk to high heaven - many written reports speak of these unhygienic people of sorts in detail.

They found it strange to see the Native Americans clean - and dressed well - be it with colored feathers as the headdress - and fine leather outfits - and beads - one of a kind.

Those who landed - here on Turtle Islands were weak and malnourished and were treated well by the Native Americans from Turtle Island.

Only for those who were fed - later on - to become ungrateful in the course of time - who revolted - confronted - and bit the hand - that fed them. 

Used their guns and snuck in the dark - to kill and murder - those that helped them.

 Stealing and raping- and thinking nothing of their deeds - even though most of this folks - came here to find religion - their own warped religion - to this day - they say one thing and practice - another.

In course of time they earned the name - pale face - and then to that was added - " they speak with a fork tongue " - referencing the snake - more those snakes that have poison and are deadly.

For starters this land was called Turtle Island - for starters those strangers - were NOT welcomed.

They just landed here - fleeing from their lands - where they were despised for their religious believes.

The strangers brought their despicable ways to this Nation - and to this day - in various forms - hate the Native Americans - and with intent break the treaties that were signed.

What is happening in North Dakota - right now with the Dakota Access Pipeline - is one instance - that has brought the world together - to put an end to the nonsense - of building projects and putting Resources such as Water, our Environment, the land - in jeopardy.

Again and again polluting and contaminating land - the many spills from crude oil - the pesticides and the bombardment with dangerous particulates - atrocities committed by the strangers - on land - Sovereign Land - mean nothing to those that are GREEDy. This nonsense MUST STOP - right now. Make no bones about it.

Many of those committing these atrocities come from families - who over generations foster very bad character - mostly thieves - inherent in their DNA - they are evil to the core.

The indigent from Europe were told to go to a land - where they could reform themselves. Most of these indigent people - were not wanted in Europe.

 Those that told them to go to go to this land - far away from Europe - lied to them.

 Most of those that survived - the journey to Turtle Island - had no skills. 

 As I have stated the Native Americans helped them initially - only for those that were helped - to become ungrateful. Biting the hand that fed them.

Go figure - considering today - what segment of the population - are incarcerated - and who truly controls - most of the resources and amenities -  making tons of money - who is controlling whom?

Incarceration is a business - Whites controlling these business - and using all sorts of technology to adverse impact people of color. Cheap labor is found in our Prison System - and those that have been incarcerated have more to tell - but do not get an opportunity to - reveal the details of the incarceration.

People working for 10 cents an hour - and for long hours - all in the name that such work - much of it menial - will bring about rehabilitation and other ideas - out dated, mundane - and Smithsonian. 

Even though at first these strangers - were found starving to death - those early recordings - were changed to record - that the " strangers " - had more to offer to Turtle Island .

The truth be told - the many Nations and tribes - who lived here - on Turtle Island - did very well for themselves.

More - for thousands of years.

That is until the skunks arrived - and messed it up - today it is a total - mess.

The Six Nations - the Iroquois Tribe - the Native American Nations - who had their own system of living and exercising jurisdiction - among themselves - are well know - and detail recored of the Long Cabin - the norms and the civilized nature of their being.

Those that they came in contact with - mostly other Native American Tribes - who as we know - lived well and had all the resources needed to survive - had different systems of organization - they understood what was right and what was wrong.

Let us not kid ourselves that among the Native Americans - that they had no skirmishes - they did.

 Not on the scale practiced by the Whites - who killed without any accountability - the horrific stories of women and children being killed - just to wipe them out.

The Founding Fathers - often inter-acted with the Six Nations - and were surprised that they exercised a kind of " democracy " - that was not found in Europe or any other place on the Earth.

The Founding Fathers openly have stated - this knowledge that they incorporated into the workings of  our Republic - our Constitution - they got from the Six Nations.

The Founding Fathers - framed  a Constitution that gives rights to all - the Founding Fathers - wanted the Republic to be governed - in a convoluted manner - from the start.

The rich and those land owners - were protected - much as we see in our system  exercising the so called Electoral College - as part of our Voting System. 

Remains of the feudal system - it worked - as the rich and those having power - got their way - holding to their assets - large tracts of land and slaves.

All the time making broad but all the more subtle distinctions - who indeed could gain from the rights in our Constitution.

Blacks and Native Americans - even all women - White women, Native American women, Black women - all women did not have the right to Vote.

We know for sure all Blacks men and women - Native Americans men and women - all got their rights to vote - in the 1960s after the Civil Rights Movement. 

Before that they could not vote - they were considered less than human. In many parts - mostly in the South - to this day - some perception still lingers - and the United States Government is slow to bring about - justice and fair play.

The paradox those that practiced discrimination - stating that people of colors were closer to animals - mentioned that  the Bible said so - but no where in the Bible - was there made mention - of such utter - nonsense.

The Civil Rights won in the 1960s - will soon be challenged by Evil Forces - that have now - won the last November, 2016 Elections.

These evil forces -  are poised to further - create divisiveness - here at home in San Francisco - all over the United States  - but also - all over the world. Time will tell.

Here is San Francisco we enjoy a unique and special Eco-system - in recent years - what was in place for thousands of years - has been totally compromised.

Above a patch of land by Islais Creek - where once abound herring and all sorts of fish - now polluted by secondary effluents from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant - and other pollutants and contaminants - from near by industries past and present. 

There are thousands of factors or matrix that can be used -  to register the on going demise of species - birds, insects, animals and so on.

Suffice to say - if we zero in on the " frogs " - is our area - San Francisco and the neighboring area - we see the demise of many species of " frogs ".

Some years ago - we worked hard to protect the " chorus frog " - as big as a thumb nail - yet able to make noise that would boggle one - once you found out his or her size.

Hear the chorus frog sing:

The same can be said about insects - one of a kind - totally gone - we cannot bring these insects back ever.

We kind of like to zero on the butterflies - their color and they being cute - draws us to them.

We know - those of us who have deep feelings -  have compassion  - are in tune with Mother Earth.

The sad state of affairs - when it comes to our butterflies disappearing from the face of the Earth - animals one of kind killed because they are exotic - we  know who does it - it is those who we call - " greedy ".

The many pesticides - the many fertilizers used - to keep our  so called economy growing - more in the agricultural area - pollute and contaminate Mother Earth.

When we see clearly - the land has been over burdened - millions of acres of land - now lying wasted - the nutrients exhausted -  this barren land - can absorb water - but cannot bear fruit.

This land - that we call Mother Earth  - on which the plants survive and grow  the same with the trees, the fruits that are borne - over used and left barren - we see this all over the Nation - and we can do nothing about it - it is a crime.

 The land is worked to bear  us all kind of food -  the rivers, the lakes,  the environment -  all worked to bring forth produce and food. We must respect Mother Earth - but many do not.

It is sad to see barren land.  We have millions of acres of barren land in California - that once was fertile.

No human being - whose heart is in the right place - will tolerate such nonsense.

The only two legged animal - who does this all over the world - is the " one that has no feeling, no morals, less ethics, and is filled with "greed " - practices - avarice.

We have companies like Monsanto - who we have been fighting -  whose products have caused a lot of adverse impacts - contaminating Mother Earth.

Monsanto keeps  raking in billions - while causing great harm to Mother Earth - and more and more decent people - are learning about Monsanto and other such sordid - companies.

Here are home in San Francisco - for the last 35 - I have been monitoring the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

 The presentations given linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project ( SSIP ) are " bogus ".

A far cry what is happening - at our Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant in the Bayview.

What is really happening at - our Ocean Treatment plant?

Both Treatment Plants  - have serious problems - that will soon be reviewed by the Controller of the City and County of San Francisco - Ben Rosenfield.

Our SF Public Utilities Commission has used deferred maintenance - to adversely impact our watershed, our Bay with the failed WEIRS  - the air with Methane gas - and other contaminants.

Some years ago - Clorox a very toxic liquid - was used in our Digestors - that adversely impacted our Bay.

We find more and more the shenanigans at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant  - bordering on sabotage. 

We know for sure the HAVC - that mostly is the air-conditioning component - does not work properly and has not been working for decades - at the Raw Sewage Treatment plant - because of faulty calibration. You is fooling whom?

Our workforce training linked to the opportunities offered by the SF Public Utilities Commission - does not have - " upward mobility " and " sound career opportunities ".

At one time the San Francisco Human Rights Commission - had Compliance Officers - that could do their job - no more.

Today there are NO opportunities - worth the salt - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) -  some drab workforce models that  have made no progress. 

It is important to note the Mundane Workforce programs - linked to Young Community Development. Now reduce to hoodwinking the public at large - with some one controlling over $150 million - for which we the community fought hard - but now the one controlling the money - works for the devil.

It is the same with outreach another $150 million - Juliet Ellis charged by the Fair Action Political Committee - saw that see sent $200. 000 to her former non-profit - and had to return the money. Paid the fine.

Juliet Ellis makes over $200, 000 and still is ganging up on SF Public Utilities workers - that are hard working and decent - she is alway messing with them - and this must STOP.

Other folks that are working on Workforce and do not have the empirical data - about progress made - more money spent on Administration and less on placement of sound career - jobs.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - all of them fast asleep at the cockpit. Wake up before you all are charged by the RICO ACT.

We are monitoring - so called Workforce modes that do not deliver anything much to the community at large - more the Southeast Community.

Programs that stink to high heaven - worse than the foul smell emitted by the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant in the Bayview.

Those running the Treatment Plants must be audited and the results - posted on the SF Public Utilities Commission - website.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - stop contaminating and polluting this land.

Land - that was stolen - all it it - every square inch.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and have the imperial data - to prove to those - that want to see the data. Aho.