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Monday, December 12, 2016


The Bay Area - the entire Regional Area - is spiritually bankrupt.

There are no standards - that must be a norm to work with others - human beings -  most businesses - big developers - and the failing authorities - in the cities, the towns, and other unincorporated areas - are faced with growing woes -  have NO clue - how to deal with the present, sordid - state of affairs.

We recently saw the inferno in Oakland - some stellar creative people - incinerated.

The Oakland Officials - caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The Oakland Mayor - trying to say something - coming across - like a parrot - with no conscience and less sincerity.

The death of any one human being - must mean something to any decent American.

No more - again and again - greed and power - plays a role - and thousands of innocent people - suffer. Crime of all sorts on the increase - and Quality of Life issues - thrown to the wind.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - the mentally and physically challenged - suffer - and there is NO one to address the situation at hand.

There is a God - and this on going nonsense - cannot go forever.

The gentrification and the on going displacement of decent, hard working tax payers - is something we take for granted - today.

It does not come as a shock - we are immune to something - that disturbed us before - that sent shills down our spine - today - we have become immune - much like zombies.

Entire neighborhoods in the Bay Area and more in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, other cities and towns - have changed - for the worse.

The nonchalant attitude of  many a City Official - all over the entire Bay Area Region - is one of despair - but no one really - cares -  what is happening to those that are decent, worked hard, paid their taxes - but today - have NO roof under their head.

No food - living in tents on our streets - we look and we feel despondent - then turn our heads away - and walk briskly and say stuff like " what can I do - the City must be responsible " - well, we are responsible - we the people must act and we the people must take charge of the on going madness.

The thousands of families suffering today - even as we approach the days of festivities - the rich having is all - and those poor - window shopping - and dreaming of having some little - and ending up with nothing at all.

Where is the American Dream?

It is there for one to read and dream.

It is like a conceptual plan - you dream of it - wake up from your deep sleep - and face your worst nightmare - nightmare after nightmare.

Here is San Francisco we see drastic changes - and with the departure of a  Supervisor like Eric L. Mar - a man who had his heart in the place.

Eric L. Mar felt for those that hurt - and did something - spoke his mind - and Eric made a difference and will be missed.

We have other so called Supervisors - not to mention the two Black political whores - who were dreaming of Hillary Clinton would win  - but now have to lick their chops.

Diane Feinstien and Nancy Pelosi - two hags - who have nothing to contribute - but their old ways - and still think - they can change things around - wait until Donald Trump the Bum - gets under their skin.

Some of us just came back from North Dakota - Standing Rock - the home of Chief Sitting Bull and other great Chiefs. The land of the Lakota Sioux Nation - that fought Custer and brought him and his soldiers - to their knees. 

Military historians to this day - speak of a the Battle of Little Horn - the event of that day - send chills down the spine of those - that know what really happened.

Closer to home - the First People of this area - we call the Bay Area and beyond - has been raped , polluted, contaminated, and desecrated.

One of the worst crimes - that any one can commit is to desecrated the Sacred Remains - that is happening in San Francisco and all over the Bay Area.

With intent Sacred places - the Shell Mounds - containing the remains of the Ohlone ancestors - are desecrated - and people are having fun doing such sordid act - poking fun at the First People of the Land - all of this land - the Bay Area - that belongs and was stolen from them - by the - strangers.

There are laws - and there are processes in place.

Those that are " evil " - have no morals, less ethics, and even less standards.

Most - wallow in their own " greed " - saturated to a point - that the have no " conscience " they talk the talk but the fail - again and again to walk the walk.

The Earth was created so that we human beings - homo sapience - could contribute the best we have - use our intelligence - and more our compassion.

The opposite seems to be true.

All over Earth - again and again we see Colonial Powers - mostly White Folks - go to the indigenous people - grab and contaminate the Earth Resources - that are put there for a greater purpose.

Here in the United States - better known to those that care for Mother Earth - as Turtle Island - all was well - until the " sordid palefaces " came and tarnished - everything.

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, the many hot spots  all over this Earth - contaminated - the utter corrupt go in  to steal resources and make money - any which way they can. Selling their Mothers for a nickel and laughing all the way to the bank.

Fracking and other corrupt ways of playing hell with Mother Earth - are already impacting areas - areas that never had tremors - now have hundred and even thousands - every week.

What is it that we do not comprehend?

Closer to home - here in San Francisco - stealing Hetch Hetchy waters from the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Pieutes, other Tribes - and having disdain for them.

Flooding the Hetch Hetchy Valley - using the the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - for ulterior purposes.

Failing to maintain Mountain Tunnel, less build a proper, sustainable, and viable Calavares Dam.

Failing to properly engineer the Irwington Tunnel - and many more areas - where millions of dollars of tax payers money - has been squandered. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - continuing to build skyscrapers - many them high density places - where human beings live - without any meaningful Social Life - they work, they crash, the eat - they excrete and wake up to begin their day.

They go to work - work to make money.

They come back to their condominiums to sleep - repeat the same actions - again and again for days and weeks on end.

Pretend to call themselves something - when they are but zombies -  worthless to Society - and the Universe.

San Francisco - is Muwekma Ohlone Land - all of it - every square inch. 

You would NOT know of it - listen to the owners of Sales Force, Oracle, the other big developers like Forest Hill, Lennar Urban and its side kick Five Points Holdings, LLC - all rogue entities - preying on Society - and we tolerate them - just because they have money - money that is not theirs - stolen and blood money.

Our San Francisco Infrastructure is teetering and failing before our eyes.

 All sorts of excuses made by mostly ignorant people in authority - who think they can fool all the people - all the time.

The 120 year old clean drinking water pipe that took a heavy beating - right there by 4th and Howard - recently - exposed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - talking the talk but failing to walk the walk.

With all the talk - all this time -  less than 10% of the entire clean drinking pipes and sewer pipes have been replaced. All the goals set - are there on paper - excuse made and no goals attained. Yet, we tolerate these scum bags who make over $250, 000 plus benefits - and cannot attain the City's goals.

The repairs done by entities - Job Order Contracts - highly made private contractors - who have nothing much to do with the Water Department or the SF Public Utilities Commission.

 Make millions - waiting to prey on the tax payers -who foot the bill -  tons of change orders - all well know to the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - who received donations that go into his campaign coffers.

While the SF Public Utilities Commission and more its  current Communication Department - lies through its teeth - spewing lies and more lies 0 not know exactly what is happening - when it comes to the failing - infrastructure.

We should not be building so much - and using clean drinking water to flush our toilets - millions of gallons each and every day.

All new buildings brought on board - should pay premium price for water and of that matter - electricity. 

For sewer and other amenities - that deplete our resources - and more contaminate our Bay and Watershed.

Is there anyone thinking deep about these issues? Or is it business as usual? I want to know. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and the idiots who create these problems - know me and what I understand for - zero tolerance for buffoons.

We can go deep into the failure of our two San Francisco  Sewer Treatment Plants.

 The politics inherent - decent, hardworking SF Public Utilities Personnel ganged upon - forced to retire - and those in charge thinking they can get away with murder.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee fast asleep at the cockpit - talking from both sides of his dirty mouth - over 90, 000 families - decent families have left San Francisco - this land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The thieves and we have many - keep desecrating, keep stealing, committing all sorts of crime - the wheeling and dealing going on in Room 200.

There would have been more - had " Lying Hillary Clinton won the 2016 Presidential Election " - but that did not happen.

San Francisco has failed the Muwekma Ohlone - and we have been patient.

The Muwekma Ohlone  have announced to all - right in Room 250 the August Chamber - at City Hall - what should be our aspirations - but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Well, you asked for it - and it is at your doors - let us see how you will deal - with that force - that will bring you to our knees - sooner than you think. Aho.