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Friday, December 23, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee has set this City on Fire -
he has NO vision - and less any comprehension -
when it comes to Quality of Life issues - pathetic.

San Francisco cannot permit the sordid developers - Big Developers -  to keep on building skyscrapers - at the peril of compromising Quality of Life issues.

These developers do not have the best interest of San Franciscans - and must stay out of San Francisco. More a rogue developer called Lennar Urban and its new side kick - Five Points Holding LLC.

A Consent Decree is in order - to stop the development - implementing a Blue Print and putting in place - standards - that deal with tested provisions - linked to our clean drinking water and our Sewage Treatment Plants - that are today in - dire straits and immediate - peril.

Recently - I addressed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission at  San Francisco City Hall in Room 400. 

The SF Public Utilities Commission seem to hear but not to understand.

The December 27, 2016 SF Public Utilities Commission meeting has been cancelled - and set for January 10. 2017 - at 1 pm - Room 400 at City Hall.

The City and the SF Public Utilities Commission - can keep kicking the can - down the street for so long.

Right now Notice of Violations have been issued to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant in the Bayview  - that has had very serious issues - with its operational system. 

The same with the Ocean side Treatment Plant - that has serious problems with the on going erosion and other pertinent issues - that have not been attended to - due to deferred maintenance.

Not a word to the public at large from the Communication Department - led by Juliet Ellis - who keep being caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Recently by one Commissioner Vince Courtney - who says Juliet Ellis should stay away from fund and moving money into Election Coffers - as she did in the recent November, 2016 elections - favoring a candidate from District 9 in San Francisco - and failing to understand the consequences.

If the matter goes to the Fair Political Action Committee and the matter is adjudicated against Juliet Ellis - she will be toasted - and it will be her won fault. I guess the wickedness in her - get the better of her - clap.

On another issue - worth discussing - the HAVC systems have not been working in years - a the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant in the Bayview District - District 10 that come under the jurisdiction of Malia Cohen. 

The WEIRS that hold the secondary effluents - are failing - and some temporary patch up work has been done - to hoodwink the public at large.

The Phelps Sewage treatment plant - has been fitted with parts - with intent ordered to not function and less operate.

When personnel are told to collect samples of the air - in and around the operating system - the personnel cannot collect the samples - because of the faulty parts - that do not work.

Thus impeding critical and vital testing - and collection of imperial data - so vital when it come maintain standards - and giving results to the public at large - to maintain Quality of Life issues.

These very serious issues have been revealed to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - the Controller of the City and County of Sa Francisco - and I am waiting for the follow up.

Of course - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - for all his vain talk - is fast asleep at the cockpit - having no clue - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee has set this once great City and County of San Francisco - on FIRE - with no one present to put the fire out. Caligula!

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People People of San Francisco -
this land - each and every square inch -
belongs to Muwekma Ohlone.

This land we call San Francisco - all of it was once pristine - 250 years ago.

 Before that it was pristine for thousands of years - what is it that Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the developers - do not understand?

We do not want people contaminating this land - Ohlone Land - most of you are NOT indigenous - so you do not share the values of Mother Earth.

You must take little - leave the rest for the future generations - as we speak all of the land, the air, the water - is bombarded with pollution and contamination. Go Figure!

Most of you are " greedy bastards " - you worship money - and that is all you think. That is why your ilk have problems - mental problems and diseases that confound you all.

You know who you are - the scum of the earth. You focus on yourself and those that you want to focus on - taking much and giving little as possible to those that matter and causes that are important to note and support.

Again and again it is not my place to give those that must take care of our land - that I represent - to give you detail instructions - how to maintain the land, the air and the water.

I do that as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy to the Public at Large - who ask me questions and plead with me - to take the City on - and those that are corrupt and evil.

When you jack asses build - you all generate millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide - that harm the Ozone Level and bring about Climate Change.

 No one needs to be a " rocket scientist " to comprehend this - but again and again - you all talk about the Carbon Footprint - and fail to mention - that you have destroyed the " pristine nature and state " - of our Bay, our watershed, our air, the land.

The Bay Area is one of the best eco-systems  the world - and on this land that belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - you all that contaminate and pollute - have failed Mother Earth - and must be dealt with by those that are charged to tell you so.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults are suffering.

Our Seniors, those with compromised health, our mentally and physically challenged - are all traumatized and suffering.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee a transplant from Oregon - whose family has NOT contributed anything much - accept received benefits from our City and County of San Francisco - are laughing all the way to the bank.

Appearing on the stage - much like stooges -  not once have they articulated in public - his daughters nor his wife - about contributing anything much to San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee lies and he lies through his teeth - and he thinks - he will get away with murder - in broad daylight.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the crooked Mayor of San Francisco -
this scum bag  must be ashamed of himself -
he is a disgrace anything good -  a disgrace to San Francisco.

On the present issue facing our San Francisco Police Department - the Mayor failed to provide one single dollar - to fund the three astute Judges - the attorneys - working on the Blue Panel Report - linked to the many adverse impacts - that the SF Police Department have been charged with.

Before that the Grand Jury - and after the Blue Panel Report - the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) a team that is out sourced by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

COPS has no power to investigate and less to adjudicate.

The KKK hold their meeting at 
San Francisco City Hall - below our Rotunda -
(Circa 1938) - for all the world to see. Among
them mostly SF Police Officer and other renegades.

Emitting from the San Francisco Police Department - more the SF Police Officers Association - that has created divisiveness and stalled  meaningful progress.

More - when it comes to killings and murder, all sorts of petty crimes that hinder Quality of Life issues.

The SF Police Officers Association (SF POA)  fails to comprehend that their Association - meet to confer with the SF Police Commission, and other entities like the ACLU - relevant and pertinent to negotiations.

No entity meets with the SF POA to agree with them without a meaningful dialog - they should meet to confer - not presuppose that they are dealing with " puppets " - who will agree to their demands. Jump when they say jump - and do what the say to do.

San Franciscans are astute - and we are full aware of the long years the San Francisco Police Department has been under long standing  " Consent Decrees ".

 The longest in the Nation - among all the Nation's Police Departments. The long standing Consent Decrees seem to have had no viable and sustainable affect - on the SF Police Officers Association.

Subjectively speaking I am not in favor of the new Chief who hails from Los Angeles.

This is not Los Angeles and we already had George Gascon - who hailed from Los Angeles and screwed up our SF Police Department - when he was SF Police Chief.

Now, as our current District Attorney's Office - he keeps kicking the can down the street. 

What lesson did we learn from the above mentioned - buffoon?

Going back to our Infrastructure and the lack of sound planning - we need to impose a " premium fee " - when it comes to charging for clean drink water - on all new development. 

More for Sewage - these developers have a fun time building - and have failed to contribute to our failing infrastructure - the recent mess in and around 4th and Howard - says it all.

The Millennium Tower some 58 story high building - now sinking some 16 inches and tilting to one side 4 1/2 inches and the SF Department of Building Inspection - trying to find out answer as to why this happened.

For sure we know the pilings did not reach bed rock. Why?

For sure we know major repairs we conducted without any necessary and mandated  permits. Why

For sure we know people who spent $2 million to $10 million of a condominium were hoodwinked - and lost their investment.

We know that City Administrator at that time around 2009 was Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Today as Mayor he has come greater responsibility - to give us the right answers - or be charged under the RICO ACT .

Donald Trump wants some answers and knowing him and how his nefarious ways - can get to the point and target.

When Donald Trump zeros in - as he did with Crooked Hillary Clinton - something will give - and Edwin M. Lee - is on the radar screen. Aho.