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Thursday, December 22, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a succor but more a scum bag of a man.

Once in a life time - a condemned  succor is born.

Once in a life time -  a Mayor turns out to be a " scum bag " - well, we in San Francisco have had that misfortune - in Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

In all his days in Room 200 - at San Francisco's City Hall - Mayor Edwin M. Lee  has been wheeling and dealing.

Working with " greedy folks " to make hell for thousands of innocent San Franciscans. 

In the last 5 years - over 80, 000 families have left San Francisco - never, ever to return - again.

These families created the " unique neighborhoods " know all over the world - only for those with vision less having etiquette - even less exposed to creativity and art - culture that matters - some one like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - caught up with " greed " - greed will bring his downfall. What a crying shame.

This scumbag - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  pays NO attention to Quality of Life issues - at all.

Messing with the choosing of a new San Francisco Police Chief -  from Los Angeles - screwing up with his decision - creating divisiveness in San Francisco - and more among decent - hard working, tax paying - constituents of San Francisco.

Messing with the former SF Police Chief - having no clue about Law Enforcement - and less about organizational, institutional experience, and plain respect and trust among the rank and file.

Less about Safety and as I said - failing to  maintai - Quality of Life issues - setting a high standard and bar - that most Great Cities maintain and are proud of.

San Francisco has been reduced to a Third World Nation - by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly and others - must take note - of this statement.

Take a look at the homeless situation - the congestion on our roads.

 The very high rents, the increased cost of living - the over 10, 000 truants - more homeless individuals -ever increasing and living anywhere they can pitch a tent.

Caught in this nightmare our infants, our children, our youth, and our young adults. 

Our Seniors, those with compromised health - the mentally challenged and the physically too - in the thousands - left to defend for themselves. 

The jails today - are charged with helping the mentally challenged. The San Francisco Health Department - with its over $2 Billion budget - has failed San Franciscans and more the SF Health Commission that talks the talk - but has failed to walk the walk.

San Francisco boasts having more dogs - who have a better life - than our children in San Francisco.

San Francisco has  few children - that is a shame we have reached - such a state of affairs - where children are given a low preference and other priorities - most mundane are embraced.

The Mayor is not fazed that in the last 5 years over 80, 000 families - have left San Francisco in disgust.

Never to return again.

As most of you know this is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been running City Hall - as if it is his fiefdom. 

He cannot show himself alone in public - always looking behind his shoulder - he is talked about with disdain - and no one worth the salt respects him. This security detail - know that this man has no balls - except when he is totally secluded - surrounded by total protection - the man does not have the guts to meet the people in the open - fearing for his life - as most cowards do.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
this is Muwekma Ohlone land -
not some fiefdom of a China man who has lost his mind.

Once this land - every square inch - yes, all of it came under the jurisdiction  - of the Ohlone - the First People of this land.

San Francisco and the neighboring land comes under the Patrimonial Jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The land - all of it was stolen - not one square inch was sold, not one square inch transferred - all of it stolen. This fact among the thieves - who cannot face those that know the - truth.

There is NOT one single legal document - that gives possession to the City and County of San Francisco - the Mayor knows this - but continues to contaminate - Mother Earth.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been supplied with a letter - about me and what I can address and negotiate - on behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The man is full of it - meaning he is NOT educated on issues  -  less has the ability to discern.

We have over 10, 000 young people - some of them vulnerable queer youth - thrown to the winds.

These young people are traumatized each and every day - when no roof - under their head. Hungry and many having no clothes to change - less take a shower - and enjoy the amenities - human have to. This is a crying shame.

Facing inclement weather - many youth - fearful of their lives - having no place to sleep - no roof over their head.

No health benefits - less cannot afford a single meal - few clothes - and daily surviving - however which way they can. 

Does the Mayor Edwin M. Lee know about this situation? 

Shame on him - he must STEP DOWN - and fade away.

It is miracle - how these youth - survive.

 Some go to school - others just while away their time - daily they face " turf issues ". Turfs controlled by " roaming gangs " that set upon the youth and beat them - this happens all the time in San Francisco.

The transgender community suffers more and lip service is paid to their plight - one may mention their plight - but what is being done to - provide the " transgender " - a safe haven.

The queer youth and those straight that have no place to sleep and live - are now targeted by the SF Police Department - and other SF City Agencies - failing to understand - their issues that are real but more traumatizing - to adhere to - daily in their lives.

 One wrong move - one incident - on the part of these youth - young women and men -  being in the wrong place - and their life is in jeopardy.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. convinced those segments of the population - that using methods of non-violence - and speaking to Truth - worked and made a difference. 

Working in Unity and having Faith and Hope could make a big difference.

Organizing and marching for a purpose - could change policies and make the government and others in power - change their mentality and seek better opportunities - for all - as stated in many laws that have been passed - and still we have to fight - to see that they are implemented.

Having patience - and being educated on issues - could bring many who were under the yoke of discrimination - to a better place and enjoy freedom - rather than being treated like animals.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - brought millions and more to this day - out of that pathetic situation - where they were burden and treated with disdain.

Here is San Francisco sad to say - we are going backwards - with political whores like Malia Cohen and London Breed - failing to represent.

Others are leaving San Francisco -  thank God - the likes of Scott Wiener.

Here at home in San Francisco -  the snake that still slithers and is slimy - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who must STEP down - now.

Where are the leaders that can truly represent - where are the leaders who know the way, show the way, and go the way?

Where are the leaders in San Francisco that can take us to a better place  - where they can be FREE as all human beings have to be -  live a life that matters - and more contribute their best to Society.

Many make it in today's world - all those that won their FREEDOM - made something of themselves - have lost it all and now live in tents - in filthy conditions - wondering all the time - how did this come about?

Many of them once live and represented themselves as Middle Class in San Francisco.

 Today they are ashamed of themselves - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has lost touch with realty - surrounded by lackey in his office - who spur the Mayor to act - like a buffoon.

Once 25% of San Francisco's population boasted Blacks - no more.

San Francisco - unlike any other City - had Blacks contributing to this great City - from its very foundation and inception.

There are Black churches and institutions over 150 years old - and many streets and places named after Blacks.

Today that Black population has been reduced to 3% and dwindling.

 Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and some of this cronies like Paul Henderson, Shaman Walton, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Derf Butler, Tiffany Bohee, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Toye Moses, Cheryl Davis, Juliet Ellis,  London Breed, Malia Cohen, Sophina Maxwell and others - keep selling the community - but NOT for long.

It does not matter - that we have a City Administrator who comes under the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and just rubber stamps.

Naomi Kelly must speak up and express her deep concern - our City and County of San Francisco - that once boasted having standards - is now looked upon with slight and suspicion - more because of the rampant and growing - corruption that has reached - saturation point - from Room 200 at SF City Hall.

Yesterday I was at the San Francisco Police Commission - many on that Commission need to step down - and just get lost.

They talk and talk - and talk - and irritate the community at large.

We have a new Chief from Los Angeles - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - can give this man some lee way.

Much like Mayor Lee this man - has no clue - what San Francisco is all about. 

He will not last long - not with the very pertinent issues that we have not dealt with.

It would have been good - to choose someone from the rank and file.

Some one that  has a deep and sound idea - what is going on - in San Francisco.

God alone knows - how much our City and County has suffered - enough is enough.

When it comes to the San Francisco Police Department - it is about having a good sense - about the Command Staff - not all in the Command Staff are bad.

Not all in the rank and file among our SF Police Department - are not capable of standing up and contributing their best.

We must work with what we have home grown - and having the institutional experience and more compassion.

The on going role of the Police Officers' Association (POA) - some of the members of the POA - acting and thinking - like the NAZIS - needs to be addressed - on a war footing. 

The people united - will never ever be defeated -
San Franciscans are unique and what is more astute -
the outsiders - may think they comprehend us -
but it would wise if they understand - San Franciscans -
are embracing - we can stand our ground and should.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed this City and County of San Francisco - when it comes to those thousands that suffer - from Mental Issues.

Many more from poverty and other issues that befall those that have fallen on hard times. Anyone can be in that situation - but for the mercy of God. 

Our Seniors are most affected - and more and more San Franciscans - are daily bombarded with stress.

That latest talk is about the SF Police Officer suffering from Compassion Stress.

Dealing with the same people - having the same issues - called to address " mental stress " that is increasing- all over San Francisco.

Stress  impacting parents - who live in small units - two or three families - all completely stressed out - living under despicable conditions.

Stress impacting our youth and other - with increased temper flares - on the streets of San Francisco - and even in places where people must behave themselves - like schools and churches.

Many turn to the streets - preferring to live on  the streets of San Francisco - living in poorly built shacks - many in tents - having NO facilities to shower and to use the toilet.

The alternative - families now living two or three under one roof.

The streets are now - where most prefer to live - we see them living on the streets - under the conditions that are really despicable to say the least - people living in tents - surrounded by filth is common to see and ponder - all over San Francisco.

San Franciscans - those that have a heart - fail to understand how our City and County of San Francisco - can tolerate - such on going conditions.

Treating human beings with disdain - failing to adhere to Rights - that we have on our books - Local, State and Federal.

With intent this City and County of San Francisco - continues to treat decent human beings with disdain.

More -failing to enforce and adhere to the Rights inherent in the laws mandated by the United Nation.

Of course our failed United States Constitution - failing to address the demeaning of thousands of  human beings - here in San Francisco and millions all over our Nation - who are living worse than wild animals.

Where is the concern for our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, the many with compromised health?