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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The plight of the  Native American in their own land - has not been one that can be told or related without tears of blood and much sadness added to the equation.

Those who came here as strangers - and now occupy this land - and think they know it all - disrespect the Native Americans - more the Tanka Oyate - the tribes surrounding the Lakota Sioux territory - which the Tanka Oyate have full recognition and jurisdiction - yet have to deal with diabolical entities with the United States.

The United States government at all levels in one of the few governments in the world - to have broken most of the treaties it signs - with the indigenous people of the United States of America - once well know as Turtle Island.

 It is NOT something unusual for the Latoka Sioux Nation and the other tribes - all over the United States - that have endured so much sorrow and death - to see the present fiasco - unfold before their very eyes.

Standing Rock is a MOVEMENT - and a movement is not one single action - a movement is continuous - and the movement is judged by the " core leaders " - " the core principles ".

The MOVEMENT has  to be " spiritual " - much as Chief Sitting Bull and those leaders who first saw to the best interests of their tribes - more their children and women.

Chief Sitting Bull often would tell his followers to go to battle and stay behind to guard the children and the women.

He took control of the situation and took his people across to Canada and weather the conditions in Canada of years some 28 years of so - before - resigning to himself that he come  back to the United States.

 Chief Sitting Bull became desponded  - and his end was one of sadness.

Signing autographs and working in a circus of sorts - put on display - once a brave warrior now a pawn in the hands of those who " worshiped greed ".

On the battle field - the warriors would cry and shout the name of Chief Sitting Bull - sending fear into the enemy - they heard his name coming from all direction - in such intensity - that it stuck such fear - leading to the defeat again and again - of the enemy.

The battle in which Custer was defeated was only one of them - and the United States Army to this day - respect the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The Lakota Sioux Nation and many others who are Federally Recognized - have full jurisdiction over their territory.

 Again and again - these Federally Recognized Nations - are troubled by " greedy developers " and very corrupt politicians -  projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline Project that has been spear headed by corrupt politicians and the United States government - including President Barack Hussein Obama.

Clearly an Executive Order could have rested this issue - but our politicians including President Barack Hussein Obama and leading Democrats - were busy - manipulating the many devious and unsavory ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - that brought their downfall in the November 2016 - General Elections.

The leading government all over the world be it Canada, Australia, New Zealand - have apologized for the many atrocities committed. Of course the treatment meted out to the First People, the Aboriginals, the indigenous people of the above mentioned Nations - is abhorrent - however - the effort to bring some closure is important and critical. 

Kudos to the above Nations - for this recognition and action - however late - but critical in the healing - process.

The United States government is blatantly defying the norms of decency and sound government - again and again - throughout the history of the United States government in the last 350 years plus - again and again - the United States government - and rogue entities within the United States government - to this day - have with intent - harmed the Native American population.

History has recorded the plight of many Native American tribes - removed from their homeland - and moved to land that is barren. Left there to perish - to inclement weather - starved to death - with intent committed genocide after genocide - all recorded.

Chief Joseph, Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Geronimo and a host of other Native American Chiefs - going back to the very early days on the Founding Fathers and this Nation.

 The Six Nations and the Iroquois Tribe - have clearly stated and pictured - the forked tongue paleface - as a snake that cannot be trusted.

 To this day - it is true that those that are " spiritually bankrupt " - will never, ever be able to bring about peace. Leading the charge of the " spiritually bankrupt " - politicians and those that worship - " greed ".

The movement related to Standing Rock is not some sensational happening - reports put on Face Book and other mundane journals and digital formats - those behind it - not educated on issues - gossip and disinformation - and as I said -  coming from the" spiritually bankrupt " - who do not have their heart in the right place.

Some of us who have been fighting this fight for the major part of our life - are in our late sixties and seventies, and some in our late eighties and nineties - know what this fight is all about.

We are dealing with diabolical forces - and when recently we saw trained attack dogs, rubber bullets, hosing innocent people with water.

 Adversely impacting young people, the youth, young adults, more women and our Elders - putting them all in danger - we witnessed the hatred and blatant corruption prevailing at all levels - that we were fully cognizant of - but now see unfolding - before our very eyes.

We had to go and see for yourselves - meet the people - look them in the eye - and hear them speak and tell us about their trials and tribulations. 

We had to hug them and tell them we support them - and have made this journey 1600 miles - from San Francisco to North Dakota to Standing Rock and back - safely.

Taking us  through many racists States - encountering the stares of those that think they are superior - just because they are White.

Looking at us funny - astound when we speak English and can articulate our beliefs - standing tall and not compromising our proven and vetted ways of thinking and action - some agreed with us and other chose to go and live their hellish lives.

We belief and agree and will fight with all our might to see that -  all infants, children, youth, young adult women and men,  our Seniors, those with compromised health, more the mentally and physically challenged - are afforded the necessary assistance and help.

Women and men - are fully respected and treated with dignity - live freely in this nation once called Turtle Island now known as the United States of America - that has failed the First People of this Nation - the Native Americans.

That all people here in the United States are accorded and afforded the means to live in dignity enjoying - Quality of Life standards.

The very place that the Camp is situated - now has inches of snow - and soon more snow will accumulate - and it will make things difficult - a valley surrounded by the most amazing and astounding Black Hills - respected and revered by the Lakota Sioux Nations - and millions more.

This is their land and has been for thousands of years.

Good people have come from all over the world and the Nation - to express their deep concerns to the United States government and the lame duck government - headed by Barack Hussein Obama - a House Negro - who could have done something - sat on the fence - made promises - and kept none of them. Time will tell.

The Federal Government acknowledges this fact - that the Dakota Access Pipeline can adverse impact - the watershed - the Missouri River -  but yet allows corrupt entities - those behind the Dakota Access Pipeline - to build a pipe line - that will pollute and contaminate the Missouri River, the watershed, and bring hardship -  to the well respected and acknowledged Lakota Sioux Nation and the entire large Reservation.

As I said the Barack Hussein Obama regime and his lackey be it Loretta Lynch the United States Attorney General and others - have decided the people of the United States - as was witnessed in the last November 2016 - General Elections.

The interim President - whose loud mouth spews words faster than his brain can muster  - will take this Nation down the path of destruction. 

The man has no clue about sound government - and less about etiquette and manners.

This man who is a charlatan and truly thinks he can sell snake oil and cure all - is a maniac the has come on the scene and prevails - amongst the confusion and turmoil - created by the Democrats - who must be ashamed of themselves and their sordid behavior.

Obama Care will be rescinded - that is a given - we are paying far too high premiums for poor care - and the insurance companies - controlled by the Zionists raking in the millions.

World leaders are marking their time - dealing with an entity that in not predictable - this monster that hates immigrants, thinks he can make and break promises.

This ever changing chameleon of sorts - is a disgrace to the human race - Donald Trump.

The Democrats the likes of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama - closer to home Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Edwin Lee, and others created this mess with intent - wheeling and deal - cheating and stealing - lying through their teeth.

We have the one percent that controls 95% of all that is happening in the United States and all its assets.

Our so called Middle Class has vanished.

The poor and those homeless in on the increase. 

In San Francisco - the homeless are slowing dying in front of our eyes - living in filthy conditions on the streets, facing inclement weather - bidding their time - before they are no more.

This Nation - once known for some standards - is " spiritually bankrupt ".

When this Nation chose with intent to bite the hand that fed it - it chose to bring its demise.

The Native Americans have been treated with disdain through out history by the paleface who is NOT to be trusted, ever.

Treaty after treaty thrown to the wind.

The Last of the Mohicans says it all - those that have chosen to fight the United States government in the past - have been murdered in cold blood.

The United States has just to read its documented history - and realize that it has done more injustice than stood for justice - just his - justice! Aho