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Sunday, December 4, 2016


Our Elders those that genuinely practice the spiritual values - handed down - thousands of years - always begin with cleansing.
Once cleansed the spirit will lead one to the best place.

Sage and other holy herbs - moves the Great Spirit and emboldens we humans - we need this medicine today more than ever at Camp Oceti Sakowin and the area in and around the Black Hills.

At the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock - there are serious logistical situations - that must be handled.

The weather now is making things difficult  - transportation and other operations - impede smooth movement - as snow more the blizzard brings all things to a standstill.

Camp Oceti Sakowin - it is snowing there -
the decision to STOP is one that we will watch -
and more observe - Mother Earth comes first.

It does not help that the " evil forces that be " - have been jamming the air waves - that make sound communication possible.

However - there are ways to overcome such obstacles and there will be over come.

Over $700, 000 has been collected to help the Veterans who have volunteered to go to Camp Oceti Sakowin and act as the frontline  guard and supporters of those who are deemed the protectors of the water - and need help - against the forces from the evil and most - " dark side ".

When I was at Camp Oceti Sakowin at Standing Rock - two weeks ago - there was no snow - and most things - were in place.

The kitchens, the many meeting places, places where one could gather cooking utensils - clothes, medicines and so on and so forth. It was simply amazing the love and care that was exhibited by all - present.

Late news. A decision has been made by the U.S. Corps of 
Engineers to deny permit - to build the Dakota Access Pipeline at the present location. Our prayers have been heard - but we must be vigilant:

There were all sorts of tents - and even as I was moving around - prefabricated units were been built - folks preparing for the winter.

Tons of woods was being transported into the camp.

Some of the camps even had solar.

The many Recreational Vehicles has all the basic needs in place - and I had the opportunity to see this first hand.

One day when I was there at camp Oceti Sakowin - a fully equipped large black bus arrived with attorneys.

All geared up and ready to address the more poignant issues - linked to the land - sovereign land - the land of the Lakota Sioux Tribe. The Dakota Access Pipeline and the many infringements - with intent harm the Lakota Sioux Nation.

An infusion of the Veterans - is important - there is no one in our Nation - that is against our Veterans - and with our Veterans standing front and center - at this supplement moment - the Nation is  watching.

We say NO to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Stop that project - now.

They say there are four key entities that oppose the position of the " protectors of the water " - two have already agreed to cooperate. Meaning they will NOT oppose the role of the Veterans. It is possible - before this article in posted - all four will agree to find a lasting - solution.

Chief Sitting Bull

Perhaps no one in recent history - brought so many people together - as did Chief Sitting Bull - in and around the Black Hills.

Chief Sitting Bull - single handedly saw that unity was needed - and he achieved this - in a manner that astounds - many - to this day.

In recent weeks the Elders have been consulted - those behind this strategy to work with the Veterans know - that it is a delicate balance.

Over 2000 Veterans are now ready to go into action - and as many as 3000 Veterans could show up for action - God willing.

This strategy worked out by former mostly trained military personnel - some from the Marine Corps.

Many who are well versed with logistics and mobilization of personnel,  equipment , and what it takes to make this type of singular operation - successful.

The powers that be are watching - and the timing could be be more beneficial to this cause.

The is the enemy who we must work with  - " the actions of those that have opposed " - who now have a stronger force - be it those without arms and ammunition - our Veterans.

The Veterans - non-provocative - as the other side have been using attach dogs - shooting at innocent protectors - with rubber bullets.

Using powerful water hoses - to hose down peaceful protectors of the water. Meaning very hostile and bring the worse out of the those " expressing themselves - loud and clearly as they can - as guaranteed by our Constitution ".

Those arms and angry - foster discrimination - and look upon the " protectors of the water " - like animals - and this behavior and mentality must cease - if not you all will perish without anyone touching you - behaving like the scum of the Earth.

Remember the Lakota Sioux Nation was here for thousands of years - until you " palefaces " showed up with your pink asses - and lack of spirituality - greedy bastards - wanting it all. Change your ways now - nor you will repent for the rest of life - you and your kin of sorts.

The House Negro Barack Hussein Obama -
has failed to address justice and fair play -
pandering and siding with the entity -
that is behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

United States Attorney General -
another panderer who cannot make up her mind -
she has stood on the sideline and failed
to address the Dakota Access Pipeline issue
adjudicating the case with the empirical data that favors 
the Lakota Sioux Tribe - and more their sovereign rights.

Again and again - our youth and young adults - are traumatized - when our United States government acts and more behaves like thugs - criminals without morals and less ethics.

This journey has been a long and painful one - and one has truly to read the words of Chief Joseph, Chief Sitting Bull, the facts that led to the demise of the last of the Mohicans and more.

The United States Army murdered innocent women and children.

The atrocities committed on Native American women in particular - cry to heaven for justice today.

There is NO statues of limitation - when it comes to " genocide ".

Especially those that have been documented and NOT taught in our class rooms - in our schools, colleges, universities, studied and discussed in an open forum - by our so called astute policy makers - at the highest levels of government and diplomacy.

My spiritual journey to Camp Oceti Sakowin , the areas around Cannonball and Standing Rock - the Black Hills - the near by Reservations - was to see things for myself.

Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Sitting Bull was a great Chief - he was also a Shaman - meaning - he was a " spiritual man " - and understood the white man as no one else did.

He knew that he could stand and defend himself - but if he put his Lakota Sioux Tribe in harms way - the children and women who suffer - Chief Sitting Bull was no considerate - that at great peril - he took his people - more the women and children and crossed over to Canada.

All this against great odds - and opposition - Chief Siting Bull decided to move to Canada to help save his people - from the evil deeds of the " palefaces " here in the United States. 

Chief Sitting Bull - managed to move his people and save some - but again and again he could not bear the " pangs " the " longing " to roam freely on the lands of his ancestors.

Look at the magnificent Black Hills - follow the meandering Missouri River - feel the breeze of the plains, watch the birds - mostly importantly show his Lakota Sioux people to be proud of their heritage.

So with a heavy heart - he surrendered to the authorities and returned - with a heavy heart - exhibited at Circuses - as a Chief he autographed post cards and made some money. He died with a heavy heart and the rest is history.

It was the same with Chief Joseph - he did the same - encountered so many difficulties - including the " paleface " giving his people contaminated blankets - contaminated with small pox - he could not bear his people dying on that long trail of death and sorrow.

Francisco da Costa

I am not afraid of those cowards who harm innocent children and women - such vermin - have to be taken - head on and their fate decided on the premises - where they commit such atrocities.

The Governor of Dakota and those authorities that with intent harmed the " protectors of the water " - should be ashamed of themselves.

Do not come at this late hour - holding an olive branch - it will not work.

I have handled the corrupt and the crooks - and fire must be fought with fire - these " idiots " do not understand anything else.

To those that are coming to the aid of the Lakota Sioux Tribe - I request follow the teachings and take to heart the advice of the Native American - Elders.

It would be prudent for those non-Native American to work behind the scene - and do what is positively right to neutralize all that is evil.

There was a time - when the United States Army - committed many atrocities - today it can help the people and more our Native American sisters and brothers.

I served Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - since deactivated - and wished and hope - it was still Active - for me to use my influence to benefit the Native Americans - all over this Nation.

My love for the Native American is deep and I do represent the  First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco.

Put on the Federal Register they were removed illegally by one L.A. Dorrington - a Bureau of Indian Affairs - agent in 1927.

Sovereign nations have rights - and Sacred Ground have rights -  and must NOT be desecrated.

The Native American Graves and Repatriation Act being one of many. It is simply WRONG to desecrate - the ground and the remains of those that must NOT be disturbed.

The " palefaces " simply do not get it - but this time around - you will perish without being touched - the Great Spirit is aware of all that you " scumbags " do - stoop so low as to harm innocent women and set attack dogs on the innocent protectors of the water.

At his eleventh hour -  powerful forces are working day and night - to find a resolution and a solution.

All over the world - millions of people - support the Lakota Sioux Nation and Tribe - may the Great Spirit be with you all - sisters and brothers - Aho.

Late news. The U.S. Corps of Engineers have decided NOT to grant the permit to the entities who own the Dakota Access Pipeline Project - the permit to build the pipeline at the present location has been denied. We will be vigilant - Mother Earth comes first: