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Friday, December 30, 2016


San Francisco's City Hall entrance
to all things - corruption and more crookedness.

San Francisco use to be a City that many loved to visit and more love to extend their stay - no more.

Today the records show that we arrived at our 58th homicide on the streets on San Francisco.  But there is more to ponder - which we should improve - upon.

More dying on the streets of San Francisco - our poor - from the extreme cold - slowly dying and no one truly concerned about this very - human issue.

This after all is the City named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - that the Mayor knows about -  but - has not focused his resources to do something about - those who are slowly - dying.

Any FOOL - can say we are a First Class City - but are we - with all the filthy streets - the congestion - the increase in junkies shooting on our streets and more.

More close  to City Hall - more by the Bill Graham Auditorium - the Recreation and Park open space - right in front of City Hall - for all the world to see. Go Figure.

This is Christmas Season - and San Franciscans are doling out money and gifts - blankets and warm clothes - for those that need them - toys for children the few we have in our City - we do have more dogs.

Christmas is a day - more important to many to shop and waste billions - rake up their Credit Cards and pay them - years after they have spent money - mostly on mundane things.

The younger generation is taking another look - and soon this so called festive season - will have to curtail the billions spent - on a festival complete with its fake celebration is so - artificial - with NO historical nor empirical data - linked to the birth of Jesus.

For sure we know Jesus was not born during Winter - the skies were clear - more summer - and the Magi saw the skies and the pointers the led them to Jesus. 

December 22 - the Festival of Lights -  a winter happening - was substituted for Christmas.

A pagan festival - where young maidens were sacrificed to the pagan gods - we know some - we better know more.

It is not to late - to stop wasting money - and fake merriment  - avarice and gluttony -  takes us away from humanity and the serious human woes of today - all because of utter -  ignorance.

Our humanity on the streets - stare at those many - carting their gifts in laden bags - to their cars.

Some boarding - on to MUNI - and there and now and then someone will feel guilt

Stop to  spare some change - some even offer a gift they think may please the " indigent " and life goes on on the streets of San Francisco.

It never used to be like that - years ago - those few remember - people dressed well -  down town.

Those that went downtown - felt a sense of normalcy and appreciation of humanity - in the old days - people were kind and wished each other - most made eye contact and smiled and it made your day.

Today it is the hustle and the bustle - people walking by you - they dress some as if they were dressed for the Holiday Season - but they are rushing somewhere - and always in a hurry.

The Holiday Season is more about compassion, smiling, being good, and sharing the spirit of so called Christmas.

Yesterday - I spent time with the Controller of San Francisco - and we touched on many issues - important to Quality of Life issues - the our City has failed to address.

We are working hard - and will always thrive to represent our City.

I took some time to sit down and break bread with Bishop Ernest Jackson of the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - and we spoke about my spiritual journey to Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota - the sovereign land of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

We spoke about San Francisco - more the issues we have discussed above. As I said - we have good people in San Francisco that care - so there is always HOPE - and where there is HOPE - there is progress and goodness.

I represent the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone and my responsibility towards justice and fair play - is critical to my sound - representation.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors, our physically and mentally challenged - those with compromised health - are my concern and take much of my time.

On our streets of San Francisco this year killings tallies to 58th homicides.

It is actually more - something close to 8o plus - but it is how - the homicides are calculated.

It is always - convoluted - what really configures into the matrix -  who is in charge - and what factors truly - create the circumstances to call it a - HOMICIDE.

It is getting rough on the streets of San Francisco - in recent years -  in our neighborhoods - two and three families living - and the " stress levels hit high " - and all hell breaks loose.

The opportunities for those that are not skilled are few - so those that dabble with drugs and making fast money - land themselves in situations - where most killings and shootings - occur.

Again it comes to Quality of Life issues - which the Mayor - Edwin M Lee and his lackeys - fail to comprehend less understand - more spending their time - wheeling and dealing in Room 200 - at City Hall in San Francisco.

Imagine living in an apartment - and day and night - disturbed by noise.

All sorts of traffic in the apartment - people taking turns to crash - then getting up to work - most work two jobs - but really to survive they have to work three - on some days - if not all 5 days.

Those poor working 3 jobs - are lucky to make $45, 000 you really need a $100, 000 to make it.

If you pay $3500 for a one bed room - and $5800 for a two bed room - our Mayor talks the talk but has failed to address - affordable housing - the congestion on our roads, severe health issues affecting those with compromised health, lack of sound opportunity more career jobs.

It is difficult  for those making below $80, 000 and  for sure not making - more than $40, 000 - to survive.

As an advocate I am on the front line - and can look the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - in the eye - the crooks and corrupt - the likes of Malia Cohen and London breed - two House Negros who are chronic - sellouts.

Our other SF Supervisors - have their hands tied - except those who are with the Mayor - the likes of Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, London Breed, Malia Cohen - the worse  one among them - is going away Scott Wiener - good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

2017 is here - and our work is cut out for us all - it is all about spirituality - we have to be strong - more because for those of us who are indigenous - we have to follow and adhere to the standards of our ancestors.

If you live as those live who love to be " greedy " - are mundane - despise those who are poor - and have NO compassion - you are like some cardboard - bland and of no value.

Human beings must be compassion -  giving and sharing - and more respect humans beings and Mother Earth.

San Franciscans are one of a kind - we have patience - and we love San Francisco.

Our politicians have let us down - we know this will change - a lot with the new administration - the Democrats have taken us down the drain - into a cesspool of their own - creation.

Anyway - you view the situation - we must survive - and we must be united - to bring change - we the people are in charge of our destiny. 

2017 should bring us better opportunities to do good - and there are good people -  who never give up.

We must help our less fortunate - we few who are drawn towards compassion and love for humanity - must do what we can - and God will bless us.

All the very best in 2017 - smile, share, and be respectful - and all will be well. Aho.