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Saturday, December 24, 2016


This main clean water break in the Bayview -
Evans and Ranklin  Streets  -
millions of gallons of clean drinking water wasted.

Water is Life. We found that more when some of us made a journey some 1600 miles to witness the majestic Missouri River -  in North Dakota - and learned more from the Lakota Sioux Nation.

We witnessed first hand - the exploits of those behind the Dakota Access Pipeline - built to carry crude oil - with NO consideration what so ever - for Mother Earth - and more clean drinking water.

Water is Life.

Here on Earth we have limited water - even though two thirds of the surface of our Earth - is covered with water.

More and more - clean drinking water - all over the world is becoming a rare commodity. More precious than gold - if I may say to make a point.

Here is San Francisco - Ohlone land - we are blessed with a unique and rare eco-system.

One of the best in the world and still renowned for one of a kind - the fauna, the flora, the birds, the insects, the trees, the watershed, the rivers, the streams, the lakes, the air - the Bay that once thrived with Abolone, Herring, and other fish in plenty - now no more.

The natural wetlands kept the water clean - and birds from all over the world - came and visited these unique wetlands - you could hear the frogs - for miles around - and soon the greed and corrupt - " stranger " - destroyed it all.

It is not known to many - that here in San Francisco we get our clean drinking water from the Yosemite Valley - the Hetch Hetchy Valley - some 160 miles away from San Francisco.

One of the most beautiful valleys in the world - was dammed - just because the " rich and powerful " - had the clout to bring the House and the Senate to believe - that San Francisco - needed the water.

More - at the expense of the local tribes and no restitution was paid to those that catered to the rivers and the area so pristine - a marvel to this day - the little that is there for all to see - Yosemite.

It was not uncommon in the early 1900 to pay a lot for a bucket of clean drinking water - as much as $10.

 The local Water Plants in San Francisco - saw the demand for drinking water - and the " crooked and sordid politicians " - got the gold - to make there dreams true - bribing and making hay while the sun shone.

The rest is history Ansel Adams fought as best he could to STOP the damming of the Hetch Hetchy Valley - and failed - those close to him say - he become so despondent - that he died. 

We remember him for his one of a kind Black and White photographs -  few remember him for his deeds - his love for all things natural - and his love for Mother Earth.

His fight to keep Hetch Hetchy Valley intact - he failed - and to this day - those environmentalists that have their heart in the right place and others - few in number  - remember him - and honor him.

In San Francisco deferred maintenance has been used to kick the can down the street. Our sewer and clean drinking water pipes - are over a hundred years old in many places - and failing us all - all the time.

The environmentalists, those that know some about Climate Change - others who mention the words Climate Change.

Still other those who have no idea about our on going contamination of our once Watershed in San Francisco.

The over 8000 contaminated hot spots - all coming under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco - and one Barbara Garcia - in charge of the Environmental Department that comes under the Health Department - who are not doing their job.

Not to mention the over 1400 acres - a Superfund Site that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

The infrastructure in our once great City and County of San Francisco once came under the San Francisco Water Department - for over a hundred years.

That was - until the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - was created by Willie L Brown. Jr  - in 1996.

The SFPUC an Enterprise Department - where he could place his many lackeys and that is the state of affairs - to this day.

We continue to ruin our skyline - and we keep permitting skyscrapers - to the determine of our one sided economy - fostering gentrification.

 In the last 5 years - over 80, 000 families have left San Francisco.

Those that cater to those who pay on the low end $2 million and on the high end $10 plus for these condominiums.

These rich  - do not pay a premium price for clean drinking water.

They do not for the sewer services - and we have No one in our  City's leadership - to bring solutions to this matter.

Surely - those that can afford to live - as the fat pigs do - must fork up -  if they do not - they must be ashamed of themselves.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the other politicians - keep raking in the millions - the SF Planning Department - rubber stamping and doling our permits. 

Such was the happenings linked to the Millennium Building - sinking over 16 inches and tilting to one side over 4 1/2 inches.

We cannot be wasting millions of clean drinking water.

More clean water  - used and more wasted by these rich folks - that get it for cheap - more pristine water from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir  - stolen from the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Piutes - other tribes that had no say - when it was stolen - but do today.

This is Ohlone Land - and we cannot compromise our Bay and the watershed with - half treated sewage - failed WEIRS - secondary effluents that harm our land, our air, and our Bay.

Many Notice of Violation that go unnoticed. 

This crimes against the First People and disrespecting Mother Earth - must come to an end and stopped - now. Time is running out.

We know the Big One is coming - and that one strike will put to rest - all the logic I am making.

No one can take on and play with Mother Earth - and if you disrespect Mother Earth - you will have to pay - heavily.

What has to be noted - those that participate in this wanton greed - have blood on their hands.

Those in authority and more the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is NOT educated on issues. Has with intent compromised Quality of Life issues.

Corruption abounds at  the SF Public Utilities Commission - very poor decision making linked to Mountain Tunnel, the Calavares Dam, Irvington Tunnel and there is more.

The SFPUC continues to defy common sense - and has chosen to defy advocates - such as myself that have all the Empirical Data - to prove that the performance of the SFPUC - has been lack luster.

The differed maintenance linked to the clean drinking pipes and its upgrade and replacement taking forever - goals and timelines announced - and none - what so ever - kept.

What has the SF Public Utilities Commission to say?

In the year 2000 the Bond Measure promised to address the Clean Water and more the Waste Water issues.

Then best known to the SFPUC - at that time - arbitrarily - decided to go ahead with the Clean Water - called it a fancy name - Water System Improvement Project (WSIP ) and endorsed this project.

As to the much need Waste Water System improvement - now named Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP)  dumped that project. The most impacted area - the Bayview Hunters Point area - more the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Only to resurrect it after years under a new name - and a new Bond Measure - of over $6 Billion - the last one $2.6 Billion contributed by the City and County of San Francisco - and $2 Billion from our Regional Partners. Go figure

Let it be known - we the tax payers - pay for the Bonds - and we get NO respect - but all this must come to an end.

Stairs leading to the rooms of the many
corrupt and sordid at City Hall in San Francisco.
Their forte - wheeling and dealing - abject corruption.

San Francisco has a $9 Billion plus budget - but little of that money can be touched - to fix our sewer pipes and our clean drinking water pipes. The General Fund cannot be touched.

An Enterprise Departing is one that generates its own income - as does the SF Public Utilities Commission - we have the generation of hydroelectricity - at Hetch Hetchy - once created to serve San Francisco and more its Municipal needs. Now convoluted.

Provide energy and water  to the Army and to the Municipalities, Public Housing - at a discounted rate. That is done to a minimum - these days. Power sold to entities like Tulare County and so on

The Army now has to pay for its needs - the little the Army and Navy has now - most of gone - due to Base Closure.

So does Public Housing - most Public Housing leased to crooks like the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, and Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO).

The Municipalities get some benefits -  the giant Pacific Gas and Electric - by large measure - has control of some major accounts - all over our City and County of San Francisco -raking in  billions of dollars - selling electricity and other services at a premium.

As things stand today - and has been for years - private entities - zero in on resources and assets - it is not the old fashioned business rules that are now in place.

If you read about Municipal Bonds - it will shock you - but that is for the brave of heart.

Bonds are called for - from time to time - the the tax payers vote - are promised one thing - but when the ballots are casts - the Proposition passed - those in charge do as they please.

It happened in the year 2000 - we were promised to fix the clean water operation as well as the failed sewer operations.

The SFPUC conveniently   settled for the Water System Improvement System (WSIP) - with glaring problems now - linked to Mountain Tunnel in close proximity of Hetch Hetchy - Calavares Dam, Irvington Tunnel and more.

If they decide to built a new tunnel - linked to Mountain Tunnel is could cost us $600 million - yes, six hundred million.

As I mentioned the Waste Water Operation were dumped in the year 2000.

The stench has been on going in the Bayview covering an area of over 4 miles - for all these years - since 1972 for sure.

The recent Bond Measure passed they say is $6 Billion - billions more have been added - blue prints that will address other project - years down the line.

5% of that money was set aside as Community Benefits - 5% of the $6 Billion - $300 million.

$150 million for workforce and nothing much has been done.

$150  for outreach - and Juliet Ellis who is in charge - the first thing she did was send $200, 000 to Green For All and was charged by the Fair Political Action Committee and the SF Ethics Commission. She had to return the money.

She still works for the SFPUC and makes over $220, 000 a year plus benefits. Still messes with good employees and think she can do as she pleases.

We have very serious issues that the two Sewage Treatment Plants - and we the public at large - are kept in the dark and hoodwinked - but for how long? The many Notice of Violations - must be posted on the Internet for all to see and more - ponder.

In recent weeks we have had two major - clean water main breaks - one at 4th and Howard - downtown San Francisco - and the other on Evans and Ranklin Street in the Bayview. What is happening?

We are still in a drought - and we cannot be wasting millions of gallons of clean drinking water.

The tax payers of San Francisco are told to conserve water and we do that.

The result the income generated for clean water - has dwindled - and hurt the SF Public Utilities Commission.

It is now falling back on the leases it makes with a Query in Sunol - the many golf courses -  leasing large tract of land - to some ranchers - and leasing other assets - now selling off some SFPUC property - to generate money - to maintain base line operations.

In coming years the institutional memory and experience - that the SFPUC has relied on - will leave - many harassed and now taking forced retirements - we are watching these things happening - and no one is paying keen attention - Juliet Ellis and other like her - are playing hell with good workers - and many of them can be called to testify before the SF Public Utilities Commission - at a Special Hearing.

The authorities in charge - are playing with fire - and the time has come - to call a spade a spade.

This is Ohlone Land and all the land belongs to the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - here in San Francisco - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and my forte is Planning, Land Use,  Transportation, Health and Education issues , Safety and related issues - Infrastructure - and the City and County authorities are aware of this fact and more.

Why is this City and County of San Francisco - fostering congestion, homelessness, lack of clean drinking water.

 We have have experienced foul smelling water for weeks - only in the last few days has that smell gone away.

Why are decent, hard working, tax paying San Franciscans - adversely impacted by the SF Public Utilities Commission. Excuses, excuses and more excuses.

What is happening to our  City ? What is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing if not fast asleep at the cockpit?