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Sunday, December 18, 2016


Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka-Iyotanka)

December 15, 2016 - some of us celebrated 120 years - the birth of Chief Sitting Bull. He lies buried today in North Dakota - at Fort Yates. We visited Fort Yates recently and stood by the " protectors of the waters " at Camp Oceti Sakowin - Standing Rock Reservation.

Few Chiefs have had the honor to accomplish what Sitting Bull accomplished during his life time.

Chief Sitting Bull has left a legacy - and even as history repeats itself - we witness thousands praising him today - more, at Standing Rock Reservation - and at Fort Yates in North Dakota - where he was buried.

Even today the Whites around Bismark and the surrounding areas - know that to mess with the Lakota Sioux Nation - is something that should not be taken lightly.

The Lakota Sioux have been here for thousands of years. What is it that the Whites do not comprehend about this one singular fact. Also the fact that sovereign nations have to be respected.

Of course we know that " thieves " and those that speak with a sordid " forked tongue " - cannot be trusted - we have to ask ourselves - for how long can we tolerate the " greed"?

For how long can we tolerate the abuse of Mother Earth - as we see today - the Dakota Access Pipeline - being halted for now - but the plan was to place the pipe - under the Missouri River - with No thought what so ever - and trillions of gallons of water - in jeopardy - to be contaminated - impacting millions - down the river and the entire watershed.

Recently we took a journey to Standing Rock Reservation - to support those " protectors of the water ".

Meet people who gathered at Camp Oceti Sakowin - many with purpose - and others - with ulterior purposes.

We thank the Veterans for uniting the Nation and the decent people - to stand shoulder to shoulder - creating a vanguard - and protecting the " protectors of the water and Mother Earth ".

For the first time the Calvary so to speak - is on the right side - doing the right thing - forcing the White House and President Barack Hussein Obama - a lame duck President - to force the Corps of Engineers - to change the plans and for now halt the project - the sordid Dakota Access Pipeline project.

We are NOT stupid to believe those that speak with a forked tongue - we have shown unity - and this fight is now Universal - and the numbers are on our side.

We went to see things for ourselves - and all the " moles " and all the " infiltrators " - the old tricks of the government - will not hold the test of time - today - the Great Spirit has manifested - who is right and who is wrong.

Suffice for me to say - is that those who play with fire - will perish by the fire - again and again - this open defiance - to take a chance - and contaminate the Missouri River -  trillions of gallons of water - and entire areas - the watershed.

Few know that Chief Sitting Bull - was selected and anointed a Chief at age 14 years - by his father a beloved Chief by his own - right.

Chief Sitting Bull was a shaman too - a holy person - bestowed with special power - the Ghost Dance and other signs and interpretations to his people - allowed many tribes to unite - and be a force to be reckoned with.

Chief Sitting Bull  love for his people - more the children and women - was supreme.

 The manifestation of this supreme love - has been recorded - orally and in writing - and we know that Chief Sitting Bull - was a benevolent leader, compassionate, brave in war - a visionary - and one of the greatest Chiefs to walk on this Earth - and on Turtle Island.

Often times Chief Sitting Bull - would send his warriors to battle - staying behind to comfort and protect the children and the women.

The warriors in battle would scream the name of Sitting Bull - sending chills down the spine of the enemy - the United States Soldiers - other Whites who stole land and committed nefarious activities - which they do to this very day.

The Battle of Little Bighorn - settled a big score - the defeat of Custer - a racist and evil to the core. 

Even today Military Historians - honor Chief Sitting Bull - that one victory is recorded and well remembered.

Other battles noted - and oral histories - etched in the minds of many - women and men of good faith - their heart in the right place.

The legacy of Chief Sitting Bull lives in the heart - of all the tribes that he united - to this day - that honor and respect - reigns - supreme. We saw this at Camp Oceti Sakowin - we saw this at Standing Rock Reservation - a Sacred Site - we felt this at Fort Yates - where Chief Standing Bull - is buried.

Our trip my land 1600 miles from San Francisco to Camp Oceti Sakowin, Standing Rock Reservation - was one we took as a spiritual journey - and we all - understood - that this one singular would teach us a lot - and we all will remember those memories - for the rest of our mortal lives.

Those that study battles - know well about the tenacity and more the fortitude of Lakota Sioux Nation - more so during the reign of Chief Sitting Bull. The Tatanka Oyate Nation.

That tenacity is evidenced today - at Camp Oceti - Standing Rock Reservation - it is snowing there - more a blizzard - we must stay put - and we must wait - until we have the - gloomy clouds clear - the sun shines for years - and those that are " evil " - the supporters of the Dakota Access Pipeline project - go away - go to hell.

The audacity to lay a pipe on land that is the land Sacred - to defile the remains of the Lakota Sioux Nation - and challenge what is evident and right - contamination and abject pollution - have no place on Sacred Land - go away - and stay away - you who are greed and spiritually - bankrupt. Aho.

The Buffalo has always been considered
SACRED - something the Whites can not comprehend -
their understanding of Mother Earth - is about greed -
taking so much that they have contaminated all that once
was pristine - those that are greedy - will perish.

As those were insulting the " protectors of the water " - thousands of Buffalo the " Tatanka " - appeared from no where - made their presence known. 

Startled those that were about to attack the " protectors of the water" with trained attack dogs. Others armed with modern guns - those protecting the waters - unarmed.

The presence of the Tatanka - the Buffalos - put the fear in the enemy - they returned to their armored vehicles and left. 

Hopefully this one lesson - will be recorded - there are other signs - sent by the Great Spirit - that must be noted and more studied with care  - " respected and honored ".

Those that play with fire - will perish by the raging fire - that the fools are playing with the Lakota Sioux Nation are warned - take heed and leave the Sovereign Nation - alone.

The Lakota Sioux Nation are protected by the Great Spirit - they were before and will be for all eternity. Not so those that speak with a " forked tongue " - the greedy - in less than 200 years they have destroyed all that was pristine - Turtle Island.

Camp Oceti Sakowin - at Standing Rock Reservation -
when we were there - and is was NOT snowing.

Camp Oceti Sakowin now -
it is snowing - there is a blizzard.

Water is Life - the blood of all life