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Monday, December 26, 2016


The Sacred Buffalo is considered 
family about the Lakota Sioux Nation -
the story goes as long as the Buffalo roam freely -
all is well - what we see today - seems to follow that pattern.

The Native Americans of the plains have lived in the Dakotas and surrounding areas for thousands of years. Yes - thousands of years. There is carbon dated evidence - for those that do not believe -most anything. Artifacts and remains - for all to see and know better.

The many tribes - the protectors of Mother Earth - they did not abuse the land - they loved Mother Earth - more because they were very spiritual. 

SPIRITUALITY is something missing - with the strangers - who come from a place of " greed " and false concepts when it come to treating the Mother Earth with respect.

American once known better as Turtle Island must change - change for the better and time is running out. This fracking, this greed to have it all - the utter despicable behavior towards our Grandmothers, the Elders - must change for the best - and time if running out. Aho.

Those who were involved in scalping, stealing land and assets - raping Native American women and killing innocent children - it is time for RESTITUTION.

Our Presidents - including President Barack Hussein Obama for all his talk - has failed the indigenous people -more the Native Americans. Why are so many tribes - NOT on the Federal Register.

The Muweka Ohlone that I represent here in San Francisco - were on the Federal Register until 1927 and the illegal removed - what type of fairness and justice is this?

The Lokota Sioux Nation - is a sovereign Nation - yet again and again the White House, the Presidents of the United States - the Supreme Court - the House and the Senate - favor the  crooks - and condone the atrocities - on Sacred Lakota Sioux Nation land. 

We are monitoring such sordid actions - like a HAWK.

The Lakota Sioux Nation and the many tribes -  did not abuse the watershed, they did not pollute the lakes and the rivers.

They did not touch the gold and the other minerals from the Black Hills - all that happened when the strangers came to the land - of the Tatanka Oyate people.

More than 15, 000 years if not more - those that revere Mother Earth have cared for the land - Mother Earth - according to carbon dated artifacts and remains.

The Mandan, the Arikara, the Yanktonia, the Sisseton, the Hidasta, the Wahpeton, the Hunkapapa - the other Dakota Lakota tribes -  known as Lakota Sioux Nation.

Along  with the Metis,  Pembina Chippewa and Cree Tribes - consider themselves to this day as sisters and brothers - respecting their Elders against all odds - a once Matriarchal Society. This tradition that has been slowly eroded - must be revived and our Grandmothers - put back on track and in the cockpit.

Grandmother is a word sacred and respected - not to be explained to those that have less spirituality.

Mostly spiritually bankrupt - who are " greedy " we know who they are - more,  devoid of morals, less ethics, of course standards - the palefaces that brought great destruction - adverse impacts to the Lakota Sioux Nation. 

We all here-  fail to understand - what it means to respect Mother Earth.

As our respect for this Earth and all the elements dwindle - we have gone astray and chosen to second class our Mothers and Grandmothers.

In their singing and statements - made today - there is much to be heard and respected -  that unconditional respect to the women, the mothers, more the Grandmothers - must be restored.

The Grandmothers - the Elders - must be cared for and they must be nurtured - they are that last umbilical cord - that will keep the " fire burning " and  stop the " enemy " in the tracks. 

All without touching anyone - there is no need to fight in this battle - that is - " deeply spiritual ". Aho.

We can do that - we do not need the permission of the White men and women - to follow plans and concepts - that the Elders do not know. This institutional memory - this DNA - is there - the Grandmothers need our  support - and the warriors will do what they do best.

Not the other way around.

Today as my investigative research bears testimony - our Mothers and Grandmother and our children in the plains of the Dakotas are suffering.

 They lack clothes, food, but most of all they lack the respect that we all owe them. Let us not turn our backs on tested tradition - that has been saturated with "  spirituality " of the land - going back thousands of years.

The men in large measure have fallen prey to gossip and failed to study the history of the great Chiefs - be they Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph and others too many to name.

Each Chief as did each Elder the thousands of them - that lived and their " Spirits " hover on the plains and in places that few know about.

 Each played a role - in the years passed most went to the other side peacefully. For thousands of years - there was peace - and the abundance of food and other amenities - were there to be held.

Then came the strangers and those that were present - did not fully understand - what befell them - they  succumbed to the perils of disease, lies and the forked tongued - superior weapons and ammunition - abuse and disrespect - broken treaties -  forced incarceration and more.

Deprivation of good - hunting the Buffalo for sustenance - and the warrior men must care for the Elders, the women and the children. Much as  Chief Sitting Bull exercised  - stayed with the children and the women and sent his warriors to battle.

In battle they all called the name of Chief Sitting Bull - each screaming his name - the enemy did not know what to make of it - often sending shills into the spine of the enemy - who surrendered - this is a fact - and there is more to these facts - spiritual.

In course of time - the strangers - committed untold atrocities - and there are witnesses today - that I have met - who have revealed to me - some that I have read -  but more that is not written. 

The Great Spirit is here amongst us - and what we see - a thorough  defeat  of the enemy - there is no need to confront the enemy with arms - the enemy will fall flat on their faces - in disgrace - that time has come - for all the world to see. Aho.

The thousands of children taken from their parents and sent to far off boarding schools.

We know of these atrocities as they were sent to California too.

We know those Lakota Sioux children - now grown adults who have not been to their home land -  who were deprived of everything.

 We know them and they know us - Native Americans uprooted and sent to far off places - to be destroyed.

The Great Spirit protected them - and many of them are now ambassadors - some share their skills - journalist, other actors, many doctors, professional women and men - and all Native American.

 We love them all and pray for them. 

They are support by us - much as we support all Native Americans - with unconditional love -  that unity must be kept - as Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph - the Elders of old would want us all - to stay united in this singular fight - that we will WIN.

Encouraged by our California Governors and racists - crimes committed mostly whites who abused the children - and they all have BLOOD on their hands.

I have sat down with the Elders and listened - and listen for long hours - and not said much. 

When you heart is heavy - there is no need to speak.

 The hearts  beat and sending throbs of pain in your direction - is all the sadness that one can bear and in bearing it with fortitude and tenacity - ease the pain some - of the bleeding heart.

Only cowards rape women and kill them and children in cold blood.

The United States Army did that and reported back to their officers and to the United States government - of their evil deeds - and they were honored with medals.

There was no Geneva Convention to follow - rules to obey - the U.S. Army of that day - broke every rule of decency and honor.

That was until some weeks ago - in North Dakota at the Standing Rock Reservation - the Veterans took upon themselves to ask for forgiveness on  behalf of past - atrocities committed.

 Assured the Elders that they would take their orders from the Elders and be the frontline guardians of those that needed help - be the sole protectors -  of the " protectors of the water ".

What a noble gesture - that will go down in history - and leave a legacy for all generations - in keeping with deep traditional and spiritual values - that the White men has failed to display - in no way however minor in nature.

We who went from San Francisco some 1600 miles away - went on a spiritual journey.

We saw for ourselves the prevailing love at Camp Oceti Sakowin - we looked folks in the eyes and felt their heart beat - and it was all good.

We saw from the valley that was the Camp Oceti Sakowin - up on the hills surrounding the valley - the law enforcement and other governmental agencies - intimidating the Lakota Sioux Nation, the many volunteers who came from all part of the United States and the world - the protectors of the water.

The frontline protectors of the water - could NOT sit idle and watch the " enemy " who dared defy the Lakota Sioux Nation - on Sovereign Land.

Tribal jurisdiction - backed by the Treaty signed in 1851 with the United States Government - stating in writing - that the Lakota Sioux Nation have the sole right on their sovereign land - right to protect their land and water - within the borders of the Great Lakota Sioux Nation.

In this digital world we have informed all that we back the Lokota Sioux Nation - one hundred percent.

Clearly sounding the clarion call - which means - if the Untied States Government has NOT got it yet - it will never get it.

The interim President has an opportunity to study the opportunity before him - and allow those that have the signed treaty to protect their rights  - protect their land and water - their people - and all that the treaty of 1851 states in writing - signed and agreed by all parties including the United States Government, the Supreme Court and the Department of the Interior.

Let it be know that the Sovereign Nation of the Lakota Sioux Nation - lived in the plains for over 15, 000 years - the ploys and the machinations of the " palefaces " -  hoodwinking the public at large - will fail in large measure - we are today a force to be reckoned with today and in the years to come.

My experience with Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - where many of the documents I read - gave me a unique perspective of the many treaties broken - the lies told - and the tribes deprived of the rights - have fashioned my mind and I support the Lakota Sioux Nation as I do all Native Americans in toto.

Chief Sitting Bull given the opportunity to have a fair dialogue with the United States Government did well - and he taught Custer a lesson - in a fair fight.

Chief Sitting Bull could not take it anymore - when he realized that those on the other side - did not want to play fair.

Raping the women, killing the children - that is what got to him - and he decided to take his people - across the border to Canada.
He returned under pressure - he could not take it - staying away from his own land and his people.

Chief Crazy Horse continued his skirmishes - often defeating the U.S. Calvary and playing havoc with the United States Government - when Chief Crazy Horse - saw fit to do what he knew was right.

We saw this with Chief Joseph too - who with Chief Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse - deemed fit to first care for the Elders - the children and women.

Something - that we need to keep in mind and foremost adhere as did Chief Sitting Bull , Chief Crazy Horse and Chief Joseph.

My great friend and admirer -
Chief Sitting Bull of the Latoka Sioux Nation -
we know the Great Spirit watches all -
today as yesterday - there is  a Force that will protect -
the Dakotas - the land, the water, the air - and its people -
Mother Earth.

My admiration for Chief Sitting Bull comes from my early readings way back in the late 1950s and more in the middle 1960s.

Anointed a Chief when it was 14 years - he showed his inner strength in facing a Buffalo and bringing it down.

A feat revered by the Chief who was his father - and the other tribal members.

In those days - the Buffalo provided sustenance  - every part of the Buffalo meat was used for food - other parts to make handles for knives.

 The skin and fur for clothes and tents - the famous Tipee and so on.

Chief Sitting Bull was instrumental is bringing all the Tribes together - he understood - that the strength of his people - was in sworn unity -  that was proved in the Battle of the Little Bighorn  - where Custer and his men - were annihilated. 

This singular battle - has been written in detail - the defeat read by military specialists - and those that went to battle in those days - feared the Lakota Sioux Nation. 

They do to this day - they may not say so - but we know that - to be so.

Let it be known to those that can read and understand - even today the Elders more the women of the Lakota Sioux Nation - have the power to speak and guide and more.

 Those that must know - must listen - there is more power in unity - listening to the Elders - taking their unconditional guidance - emitting from their WISDOM - than any other force - and this we have witnessed -  over the ages - again and again.

The Buffalo showing up in the thousands - some of whom I met on my recent trip.

The eagles who attacked the drones - and taught the " enemy " a lesson or two.

The Corps of Engineers - deciding to halt the project the Dakota Access Pipe Line - knowing that the power of the people counts - and fearing repercussions - all over the Nation.

The financial backers who had until the end of December 2016, to invest and do not want to have anything to do with the Dakota Access Pipeline - now. The  are debating - any involvement in the future - and fear the many protests at the banks.

Millions of people - divesting - closing their bank accounts - and having nothing to do with Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of American, Citi Bank - other crooked banks that have been bailed out - their mistakes ratified by the tax payers - that will NOT happen - again.

Now that deadline has been pushed to March - and we must exert pressure and stall this evil project - the Dakota Access Pipeline - that will contaminate and bring more woes to the Lakota Sioux Nation.

We must exercise our power to inform - articulate the values that only indigenous people know - do not fear those that are totally devoid of  being spiritual - those that are materialistic, those that are not indigenous - " those that are spiritually bankrupt ".

We must cleanse ourselves - with sage and the powers that we know best to strengthen our spirits.

 The blizzard is here force - the worst ever in years - serving a purpose  - the timing perfect - the Dakota Access Pipeline - cannot make progress with the blizzard - more difficulties will come their way.

Again - if we follow our Elders - all will be well - do not take money from the " enemy " - do not listen to the many whispers and the  " fake promises " - made.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp -
Standing Rock Reservation -
we were here in late November, 2016 -
we treasure every moment of that spiritual journey.

The world is watching - and we must stay our course - always listening to the Elders - they are the ones who will be guided - as long as they are supported and encouraged.

We must uplift their spirits - that is the most important element of this long - fight.

One battle at a time and we will win the war.

We have the support of the Veterans - who are our modern calvary - they will do what they know best - be the frontline protectors - and " protect the protectors of the water ". Aho.