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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Dakota Access Project has been halted -
Dakota Leader requests " protectors " -
to vacate Oceti Sakowin Camp and other camps -
" protector refuse to obey and want to stay put " Aho.

Throughout history the authorities that be - treated the Native Americans with disdain - saying one thing and doing another.

Earning the " palettes " and in this case the authorities to be - to speak with " a fork tongue ". Nothing much has changed - and so when one Lakota Leader - dared to the tell the " protectors " to vacate the camps.

 The seasoned protectors - unanimously agreed - to stay in place - and this " one decision " - is right - until the on going issues are put in writing and agreed by all sane parties concerned.

Things may change - after the swearing in of the now Interim President  - who has openly challenged - the people of of America - that he and his administration - will challenge the decision - of the United States Corps of Engineers.

Chief Two Bears 

Chief Sitting Bull - he would encourage the protectors of the water to stay put and stand a clear message to the " forked tonged  palefaces - whose greed know no bounds "

We have had many Chiefs - leading the pack Chief Sitting Bull. Had he been alive - with what is going on - he would say - stay put and defend Mother Earth - do not trust a word - uttered by those that speak with a " fork tongue ".

Todays so called leaders - will take money - and they think we do not know that.

We know that and more - suffice to say - Mother Earth comes first - and no BLOOD money given by the United States government - brings blessings.

In fact that blood money, tarnished money - will bring disgrace - and those who believe in the Great Spirit - must do right - and that can only happen - if one's heart is in the right place. Aho.

It is snowing at the camps - more a blizzard -
the tenacity and fortitude of the " protectors " -
remain intact - and their spirit rules - those
planning to NOT keep their word - are put on notice.

Two weeks ago - you could see the earth -
no snow around - a bit snippy - and 
the " protectors " were in good spirits -
ready to defend Mother Earth - 
we from San Francisco - visited the camp -
admired the tenacity and fortitude of the " protectors ".

The " protectors of the water " are prepared -
to stay put and defend Mother Earth.

Over two thousands Veterans will arrive and create a frontline - defense line - to support the " protectors of the water ".

Another one thousand are on stand by - and will join the others.

Over $3 million has been collected - to facilitate and maintain the Veterans - and it is this one single action - know to the authorities that be - that are forcing them to - compromise. Time will tell.

Initially the plan - was to fly the Veterans who have the funding - and the logistics and equipment in place.

Basic barrack type  housing and other basic living amenities and required operations - this and more put in place by former experts - trained by the United States Army, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps and Special Forces.

All Veterans walking the walk - as opposed to the United States government, the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, the U.S. Attorney General - Loretta Lynch - and others from the current administration - who lack the vision - have no compassion.

Forget that every square inch of the United States -  3, 717, 812. 2 
square miles - each and every inch - STOLEN.

We here in the United States have a population of about 320 million - and most who live here - have no clue about the many atrocities committed by the United States government - murders, maiming, and acts of barbaric act - nauseating and more mind blogging - all document - that this government and other governments before them - fail - to consider and more deeply ponder.

The Racist Bastards who have had it good all these many years - are put on notice.

Mother Earth must be respected - all over the United States - old growth Redwood, Sequoia trees have been clear cut - for greed.

The Buffalo killed for the skin and not for the flesh - hills of flesh left - stinking for miles - again the greed of the " pale faces " knows no bound.

Today, the Dakota Access Pipeline has called and brought thousands of women and men of good faith - to rally for a cause.

These shenanigans - ploys and machination - can be sniffed from miles - and we have read in the past - the trickery and the mockery - today - we are astute and will fight fire - with fire.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is really not warranted - today we export our petroleum products. We have excess petrol and this pipeline is not needed at all.

Donald Trimp the Bum.
Talks from both sides of his dirty mouth.
A disgrace to anything remotely decent.

It is the same with our Government - the election of Donald  Trump is a JOKE - around the world - decent, educated people - are wondering what is happening to the United States.

Hillary Clinton is worse a liar - and one that would have brought the little remaining of decency - to a place that would disgrace our Nation. Her defeat was warranted - good riddance of bad rubbish.

Back to the Dakota Access Pipeline - we who support Mother Earth - do not want that Pipeline - anywhere near the Sacred Remains of the ancestors - anywhere near the Missouri River - or for that matter any watershed - vital to sustainability and vitality.

The Precautionary Principal states that if there is any doubt - that any project - adverse impacts any life - the project must be stopped and evaluated.

Surely it has taken time to do this - but the United States Corps of Engineers - has fought its internal system of sorts - to make this decision - at a time - that calls the question?

We should be vigilant - to NOT trust those that have led us on - we few who have dealt with the " devil " know so - and therefore - we must stand our ground - and be in the " cockpit " at all times.

The Great Spirit watches all - and our time is now.

Those that fight Mother Earth - will fall on their face - and self destruct. Aho.