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Thursday, December 15, 2016


The Oceti Sakowin Camp - Cannon Ball Reservation.

Alcatraz Island - now a tourist attraction - 
operated by the National Park Service

Few remember -  well and more clearly - the takeover of Alcatraz Island - in the 1960s.

89 Native American Indians - inspired by the Treaty of Fort Laramie signed in 1868 - that offered the Right of First Refusal to vacant Federal land and facilities. This treaty signed between the Federal Government and the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The brave women and men warriors - who occupied Alcatraz Island for 19 months -  sent a powerful message all over Turtle Island - aka America - that enough was enough - treating Native Americans - as second class citizens - had to come to a STOP.

The takeover of Alcatraz caught everyone by utter surprise and after years - the Federal Government - decided to use pressure more force to force out the " freedom fighters " -  surrender and vacate Alcatraz Island  - pressuring them that they would be charged as " felons " -  the rest is history.

When such a historic event take place - there are all sorts of stories - written about the situation at hand.

Suffice to say - the event at Alcatraz - renewed HOPE and those that were fast asleep at the cockpit - woke up.

Those warriors who were part of the take over of Alcatraz - demanding justice for all Native Americans - many are still alive.

It would be remiss of me not to mention some of the leaders - Richard Mckenzie, Mark Martinez, Garfield Spotted Elk, Virgil Standing Elk, Walter Means.

Allen Cottier who acted as a spokesman.

The Federal Government once held a standard 49 cents purchase price - for vacant Federal Land for use - an estimate of 49 cents per acre - amount to $9.40 for the rocky island - this fixed amount - was offered for Alcatraz - to the Federal Government.

President Nixon - the U.S. President in office at the time - was informed of this offer - and pondered much over the negotiation to come as best he could.

Today on so called Thanksgiving Day - some of us line up by Pier 33 - and take the First Ferry Boat to Alcatraz Island - to gather as united Tribes - and participate in the Sunrise Ceremony.

Here are some photographs for you to enjoy and respect:

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united all the tribes -
he made the Latoka Sioux Nation thrive.

I have always had a fond love and respect for Chief Sitting Bull - as I have for Chief Joseph - these two have always inspired me to serve the Native Americans - as best I can - given the unique opportunities I have had - working for the United States  -government.

What is the meaning of Oceti Sakowin? Pause and read:

Today is the 120th anniversary of the death of Chief Sitting Bull - a man as I said that I respect and honor - the man who spurred me to take this journey - 1600 miles to North Dakota - to Cannon Ball Reservation - to Camp Oceti Sakowin. Aho.

Learn more about Chief Siting Bull of the Lakota Sioux Nation:

Recently we took a spiritual journey to Cannon Ball reservation - and listed the Oceti Sakowin Camp - we met hundreds of decent people - thousands gathered on any day - that we visited.

The Latoka Sioux Nation have inspired many - learn more about the Tribal Council and their aspirations at Standing Rock:

Again and again - I got a flash back - remember my many trips to Alcatraz Island - the better ones - attending the Sunrise Ceremonies. 

We have thousands of photographs documenting the many trips - much as we have - of our spiritual trip to Camp Oceti Sakowin:

History is some entity documenting  an event.

Those that see what they see - see it through their own eyes.

Each historian - she or he can write and paint their own picture - photographs - tell you more - and in providing a better sense of the situation - help now and in the future.

When thousands come from all over the world - the White House and all its ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - are laid flat for all to see.

The Democrats and President Barack Hussein Obama has NOT been fair to the First People of Turtle Island.

As I said - I went to Cannon Ball Reservation myself - to see for myself - and check out things for myself.

I met many - who recognized me from my long years - working for the Federal Government - many surprised - why I took the time to make this arduous journey.

As I said - there once was a a revolution that led to a Movement - the one on Alcatraz -  a spark that took note of the Treaty of Fort Laramie signed in 1868 - offering the Right of First Refusal - to the Native Americans - that led to the occupation of Alcatraz Island - from March 20, 1969 to June 11, 1971.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp - has spurred the Indian Activism - that has laid dormant for decades - those " evil to the core " - shudder to deal with the thousands of " Veterans " - all prepared and stand tall - shoulder to shoulder - in the land of Sitting Bull.

The Federal Government is weak - weak in the knees, spiritually bankrupt - and with President Barack Hussein Obama out - a lame duck President - who did little and could have done more.

The interim-President is known to favor the Dakota Access Pipeline - Donald Trump the Bum - is studying the situation at hand.

The compromise is narrow - the crude oil pipeline - must NOT enter the Missouri River - and more not tarnish its fast moving waters.

As we speak - other oil pipelines - other projects in the pipeline - are leaking - could leaking oil - contaminating the land, the air and watershed.

Missing in this equation the role of Canada - raking in billions.

Canada sits on the fence and laughs all the way to the bank.
This nonsense can STOP - if we think outside the box - and take swift - action.

The Great Spirit has empowered the " protectors of the water ' to do what is right - their heart in the right place.

We all must support them - as we have - to stay put - until we are fully satisfied -  most of our aspirations - fulfilled - when that time comes - our fortitude in our patience - and our patience will bring - VICTORY. 

I met some of the leaders -  on my recent trip to North Dakota - and have been following up - we know the capacity of the enemy - and for now - that is all I will say.

Amazing how the digital world has brought us together - amazing how our meetings and encounters - some years ago - made us all realize - that doing right - is what matters - come what may. Aho.

This fight to protect " water " is like caring and fighting for our  own  " BLOOD " - there is no comparison - but - this one sentence -  says it all.

Of course the strangers - know less - because for all the longest time they have lived - the breathe " greed ".

 " Greed " - will not bring peace and harmony - greed is evil - and evil breeds hatred and contempt - much like we see at Bismark in North Dakota.

In those other places - where many lack spirituality in North Dakota - palefaces - fearing the future - because they stole the land.

We must be prepared - we must be vigilant - but most of all - we must fortify ourselves with principles unwritten - the indigenous spiritual way - that has always brought - victory - amazing.