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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Indigenous people all over the world - do not have "greed" embedded so deep - in their being - as to steal, rob, waste, pollute, destroy.

Abuse fellow human beings - slave others - take land - build fences - create fake boundaries - call themselves stakeholders - brag they are natives - and do such things with no shame - disgracing themselves - each and every moment - each day of their lives.

We see displayed at Cannonball in North Dakota - linked to the Dakota Access Pipeline - that should not be built - and more tolerated for one single hour - on Lakota and Sioux Sacred land.

The world is watching and millions have seen so called Law Enforcement and the United States government tarnish themselves - bend back wards to protect the fake and shameful actions of those investing in the Dakota Access Pipeline - built now to carry foul, stinking, polluting, contaminating crude oil - one single spill - will contaminate billions of gallons of water - linked to watershed - and a Sacred River - that has meandered - for thousands of years - providing nourishment and untold resources - the Tank Oyate Tribes.

More - in fact when they are strangers -  without documents land on Turtle Island - not welcomed - total strangers from another land - who who bite the hand that feeds them.

Never ever to be trusted with anything here on Earth - more Sacred Mother Earth - we see them with bloody eyes and a devilish favor - ravaging all that is decent and good - with no impunity - in and around the Dakota Access Pipeline - today in North Dakota.

People who desecrate graves, seek to disturb graves - with intent and no remorse steal artifacts to this very day.

Fail to acknowledge the Natives Graves and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and give respect to the ancestors -  who kept Turtle Island now called America - pristine for thousands of years.

Only the foolish kill the Buffalo for their fur coat and leave hills of flesh to rot - in open defiance -  because the corrupt and greedy have guns and ammunition -  but more lack NO spiritual values - to this day.

Strangers to a land they have no real connection  to anything of value - bring artificial and fake values to any cause  - what they see they want - the more the merrier - they salivate and drool over things and riches they steal - and find that such behavior - merits NO justice and fair play.

These scum bags - like a virus have killed " decency " - they feel no guilt when they attack  innocent women and children. Shoot rubber bullets and do openly claim - they will kill, murder, and maim to protect land that they have stolen and falsely claim to be theirs.

These scum feel they can do as they want bully the defenseless - they think those protesting are less than human beings - and all this must change - now.

All this and more under the present lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama - and there is more to come - sordid - under Donald Trump.

Here on Turtle Island - indigenous people have paid a heavy price - first welcoming strangers - only to fall prey to diseases - one of a kind - disrespecting Sacred Values - looting, stealing, desecrating - shooting at unarmed innocent women and men.

These strangers find - too difficult to comprehend  more  those who are NOT spiritual and mundane to a core in every way - in every way - failing to be normal and decent and caring - more compassionate - the indigenous wonders why?

Plans are afoot to get rid of the now standing camp - at Cannonball, North Dakota  thousands of people from all walks of life - have travelled thousands of miles - from places in the United States and the world - to protest blatant - injustice.

It is interesting why they come in such numbers - the injustice brought about by the United States Corps of Engineers, the Department of Interior, the U.S. Attorney General, President Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies - cry to heaven for justice.