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Friday, November 4, 2016


Power to the People -
the people united will never , ever be defeated.

San Francisco has long been known world wide to be a leader in innovative thinking - discerning - sound actions - inventions, always using compassion and astute methods of learning, communicating, and helping others - here in San Francisco, the Bay Area, California, the Nation and more. 

Making this world a better - place.

The United Nations Charter was signed - right here in San Francisco - from that Charter rose great concepts linked to human rights and bringing about peace world wide.

The headquarters was then destined to be the Presidio of San Francisco - but the powers to be - moved the headquarters to New York.

San Francisco today is among the leading cities where it own constituents - are murdered by the SF Police Department - and more the rogue elements - that the Police Officers Association back without impunity.

This is a far cry from those San Francisco Mayors, other astute San Francisco citizens -  many whom are alive - and wonder what is happening to the leadership of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a lap dog - lacking leadership and full of fleas.

We have a lackey in Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is setting our City and County of San Francisco on fire.

The man has no clue about Violence Prevention and Intervention - has been spending millions on programs - where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

The SF rogue police department - is a department gone rogue - and the recent kidnaping of a witness - by the Special Weapons and Tactical Team (SWAT) - mostly used for rescue purposes - or to deal with situations - where deadly force is needed - such as a hostage situation involving terrorists - now these teams are involved in kidnapping innocent - citizens.

Blacks are treated like animals in San Francisco - so many Black have been gunned down - shoot first and ask questions later.

 Just thinking of the many cases - for those of us on the front line makes us - puke.

When one has attend over 268 funerals - then one knows the pain of the families, the victims, and more when they are innocent.

The recent incident - where the San Francisco Police Department - used the SWAT team to go into the home of a witness who had some video footage of a " staged encounter to murder a former resident of the Lakeview in San Francisco - Notarious Dickerson - also known as Ansar El Muhammad - speaks to the point - and the many ways the SF Police Department has gone - rogue".

The ganging up and trying to murder Notarious Dickerson - aka Ansar El Muhammad  - was carried out - by Daly City police moving into San Francisco jurisdiction and perpetuating the crime.

The Daly City police followed Ansar L. Muhammad - under the assumption - he was in a stolen car.

 Waited for Ansar El Muhammad - to come out from his friend home who he was visiting. 

Then - waited for Ansar El Muhammad - to come out after some hours - waited for him to enter his car - and settle down in his car.

 Then ganged by on him and fired gun shots to murder him.

 All this was done by Daly City police men - who should be debarred using guns - in San Francisco jurisdiction.

Most of the Daly City police - go into para-military mode - when they are dealing with people of color - I have noted this again and again - over 25 years.

Notarious  Dickerson was then taken to the SF General Hospital - and treated with his bleeding wounds - but more treated with disdain.

Handcuffed to his hospital bed. No relatives allowed to see him.

The first news we got - that he was alive was from a nurse - verified by an attorney - whom we know and trust - that has given us some - hope.

 Lucky for Ansar El Muhammad - he survived the four gun shots - while the California Highway Patrol, the Daly City police, other rogue law enforcement - waiting to cite and entrap mostly people of color - fabricated some story - about a car chase - some California Highway Patrol Officer - being dragged - all made up bull shit.

Such incidents happen all the time - many a time the Racist Daly Police Officers - chase victims to San Francisco and murder them.

One incident involving a Black youth - took place in Daly City - led to a chase to San Francisco - to Third and Arleta - then up  Costa Brava Hotel  - close by - the Black youth was murdered and shot like a dog - after  being cornered.

In the year 2016 - the San Francisco Police Department - cannot query incident reports such as those I have described above. 

You request for incident reports - and all such matters involving  - deadly force - the murder of individuals - the sordid " rouge police officers " involvement - in any shape or form - can take  months - if not years - for anyone to get an incident - report.

Few know the - brand new building - a State of the Art San Francisco Police headquarters - has moved to Mission Bay. 

Fancy looking place - a far cry from the stinking building at 850 Bryant - where one had to sanitize most everything - if one spent a few minutes at that building.

The posh brand new building at Mission Bay - it lit well - nice landscaping - but the experience of getting an incident report - tedious and long. You wait, wait, hear excuses and develop - ulcers.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue what is happening. Others such as the President of the Board - an arrogant political whore knows less - even though she is from the hood - and has family members incarcerated - and use to hang with " thugs " - her mentality is still like those - who have emerged themselves - in thuggery.

Of cours of two Negro SF Supervisors London Breed and Malia Cohen know nothing of such cases -  the trouble the victims have to go - to get the incident reports.

 More make the funeral arrangements - and so on and so forth.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen - political whores - one worse than the other. Raking in thousands - filling their campaign coffers - a disgrace to the human race. House Negros.

It does not help the Supervisor - more,  the lanky Zionist Scott Wiener - will back the rogue police officers - and thinks he can fool all the people all the time.

So does Mark Farrell who speaks from both sides of his mouth - and we cannot leave out Katy Tang - she smiles, and says a lot - but means nothing at all. Both of them back rogue police officers - and have no clue - about what is freedom and what is license.

Simply put - for those that are foolish and are not educated on issues - the abuse of " freedom " - is license.

Supervisors John Avalos, Eric L. Mar, Jane Kim, David Campos, Norman Yee and Aaron Peskin - so far have tried to do right - by the people - but it requires a lot of prodding. 

San Francisco has reached saturation point - with the recent kidnapping of a witness - who had the video - had his home ransacked by the SF Francisco SWAT team - following the incident and the shooting of Ansar L. Muhammad by Daly City police men, the California Highway Patrol officer and others.

No San Francisco Police Officers were involved in the shooting of Ansar El Muhammad.

We are waiting to hear the whereabouts of Ansar El Muhammad - and how he is doing - may be if the relatives are permitted to see him at SF General hospital.

Two days after the incident - the SWAT team entered the home - of his friend - who had a video of the incident - and ransacked his home - 3 o'clock in the morning - in the Lakeview area of San Francisco. We do not know about his where about - from all we know - it was a kidnapping by the  SWAT team.

In front of  90 year relative in the house. No one knows where the victim is - the only witness - as I said - who has footage of the incident - where Notarious Dickerson aka Ansar El Muhammad was shot. 

We are waiting - Waiting for Godot!

Here is an article with some videos about the incident involving Ansar El Muhammad: