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Saturday, November 19, 2016


No Democracy should be controlled - at the very top by the worst scum bag - more folks who come from the dark side.

Corrupt folks the likes of Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and other evil, sordid ones - surrounding the top goons - who have all fallen from grace.

Donna Brazil linked to the National Democratic Convention - could have done better - so there you go again - these lackey will do anything for leaking out - information - even at the cost of defaming themselves.

Crooked folks who work for corrupt Democrats - do their bidding - much like those  - who work for the Mafia. Makes no bones about this statement.

 Democrats more politicians - who do not represent - who stoop low - pandering to the filthy rich - who say they want to represent - say  will but do their best and do  the opposite.

The Clintons have amassed a lot of wealth - most of it illegal. 

Diane Feinstein and her husband continue to amass a lot of wealth - most of it using abject, raw - political power.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - have amassed a lot of wealth - and have deep connections - with the Mafia - since the early 1940s.

Some years ago Mayor Edwin M. Lee - did not have so much money - and access to off shore accounts - as he has now. How did that all come about?

Not a day goes by - that this corrupt Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - turning and tossing in his bed - regretting the mistakes he made - but - alas it is too late. The hand cuffs are ready and go - and time is approaching for the great - shame and downfall of Lee and all he stood for - abject - corruption.

Millions were expanded - to try to elect Hillary Clinton.

 The failure and on going corruption - has perplexed so many of those that contributed large sums of money.

 Some of these donors  are angry - saying to me that - they were promised favors - and I can reveal the names - as and when it is appropriate.

The crooked politicians - the likes of London Breed - Malia Cohen who were dreaming of upward mobility  - working and amassing dirty money - and selling their souls to the devil - himself.

Scott Weiner - good riddance of bad rubbish - going to Sacramento. The less said about this lying, sordid Zionist the better.

Katy Tang she should buy a new shredder - and review the rules about filing documents and keeping them in place for review for years - if need be - rules laid down that she did not read and less abide the first - around.

Mark Farrell he should be seen in a totally different light - with intent he stole the Supervisorial Election - depriving Janet Rirelly.

Called upon by the Sunshine Task Force - he has chosen to shun appearing - sending his lackeys - to spew lies and kick the can down the street.

The SF Ethics Commission is aware of Mark Farrell - and his deep connection with the " dark world ". Educated by the Jesuits - he should be ashamed of himself and his convoluted behavior - breaking laws and pretending he did nothing at all.

Donald Trump will put a STOP to the many shenanigans, ploys and machinations - San Francisco City Hall - is corrupt - wasting millions of dollars - taking large sums of money - from the State of California and the Federal Government - and expanding these tax payers money - for trivial and mundane projects.

Of course Donald Trump and those in charge of putting an end to abject corruption - are made aware of these scum bags - it is just a matter of time - and time is on our side. Those dwelling on the dark side - are swimming in the cesspool of their own creation.

A basic review and audit - will open a can of worms - and Donald Trump and his newly appointed U.S. Federal Attorney, other key officials linked to Justice and related issues - once in place - and ready to act - once all the facts are in.

Some pertinent information has already been provided to Federal Authorities - and those in office now - the ones I have mentioned above - will be visited.

As I have been saying - the RICO ACT once implemented - will deal with these scum bags.

Donald Trump is not yet in office - so we must be leery of what we say.

We know for sure the Democrats made hay while the sun was shining - and failed us all - constituents and tax payers.

 The Democrats have NOT been helpful to those who live pay check to check - over 40, 000 families have left San Francisco - in the last 5 years. 

Shocking - these families contributed a lot to San Francisco - the unique neighborhoods -  but now are forced out - because of the sordid policies of the Democrats.

One family unit going for $3500 and two unit for $5000 and more - too much - to expensive - forcing thousands to leave.

The is Ohlone Land and all the land was stolen - each and every square inch. The politicians have been informed by me - you all are put on notice.

Diane Feinstein has two large mansions - Nancy Pelosi a large estate in Napa - and a mansion in San Francisco - how do these corrupt people - amass so much wealth?

Again and again the local SF Elections are rigged - and these evil politicians shooed in.

 We know this - more those - some of us who have deep information about our SF Election Department - and have been closely involved with Propositions and collecting signatures for Ballot Measures.

We have seem the corruption first hand.

Few know about the SF Election Commission - and  many are shocked about the turn over of personnel - in the present SF Election Department. 

I played a role in electing John Arntz - the present Director of SF Elections Department - and have been involved with the SF Election Department for a long, long time.

Never, ever have I witnessed such blatant discrimination of the poor and those in need - by the SF Democratic County Central Committee.

Endorsing Proposition O - for example  - where thousands of housing units - will be built on - contaminated and polluted ground. The area Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

The Democrats in San Francisco - have been in bed with Lennar Urban and its new proxy of sorts Five Point Holdings, LLC - who contribute large sums of money - to fill the sordid campaign coffers.

Folks like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein , Scott Weiner and I can name more - all evidence can be found on the SF Ethics Commission web site - are all have received - thousands of dollars and think such behavior is fine.

The above scum bags all need to be investigated - and there is sufficient evidence - to adjudicate the matter - and deal with the crooked and corrupt politicians - to jail - for long periods.

The RICO ACT is look the above crooks in the EYE.