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Friday, November 11, 2016


Sitting Bull - a leader for all times -
look the " enemy " in the eye -
and stood by his people - and Mother Earth.
This majestic photograph - says it all - 
a Chief who loved his people and stood tall 
without fear - and extreme love for his people.

The United States government - has long been known to lie and deceive - when it come to the indigenous people.

The Native Americans - here on Turtle Island - aka the United States of America - named by  a pirate,  a murderer, a thief, liar - who landed on the shores of the Turtle Island - his name - Christopher Columbus.

For thousands of years Native Americans - already lived on Turtle Island - suddenly all that the " thieves " saw and wanted was theirs. In less than 300 years - all that was pristine - these scum bags - contaminated, polluted, and today they call Turtle Island - the United States of America.

The treaties signed by those that purport to own the land and control the people - are "  diabolical ".

Such views of owning land - with one single document - where the indigenous people of the land - willingly handed the land - CANNOT be produced. Not one single document - with duress of some sort.

The Indigenous People of people - acknowledge that all of the land - belongs to Mother Earth. There is no need for fences, no boundaries needed - because simply put indigenous people - are not greed - and have no ambition to own - more than then need.

Embedded in each indigenous people - always honor Mother Earth - and always considerate - that our children - should be given the best opportunities - to share the resources - they need - Mother Earth.

Indigenous people do not treated Mother Earth with disdain.

Those that are diabolic do. The Colonists be they here and all over the world - and for sure - they are NOT indigenous.

You never read of indigenous people building fences.

You never read of indigenous people - building walls - staking the land - with markers - all these notions come from those that are diabolical - steeped in greed.

As we all know - indigenous people honor Mother Earth.

All the resources that Mother Earth - has given us for our viability and sustainability - we indigenous people acknowledge as a supreme blessing - and hence the respect - for everything that has life - and that - that has not.

The United States government - does not have a sound track record - when it comes to treaties.

Breaking each and every one of them. 

Leading those that knew them to call them " folks with fork tongues".

For those that might NOT know what that means -  " fork tongues " - like that proverbial -  "snake " - more a poisonous one - whose bite is deadly.

We are fortunate to know some - about Sitting Bull's father.

 More - about Sitting Bull - a Chief who had no fear - no fear - what so ever. 

When he was a teenager - his father bestowed on him - the name Sitting Bull - and made him the Chief of his tribe. He turned to be one the the most beloved and renowned Chief - know to us all.

Sadly, today we do not have a leader or Chief - that can be compared to Sitting Bull - who was blessed with visions - and an ability to lead all of his people - his tribe and other tribes - his commitment for his people - all the time - with unconditional love and fortitude.

This photograph of Sitting Bull - says it all -
if you compare it with the one posted above -
the trauma, trials, and tribulations - are
there for all the world to see.

After uniting the Lakota and the Sioux and the other - near by tribes - Sitting Bull was a force to be reckoned with in battle - and off the battle - field.

Chief Sitting Bull - did this not only because he was wise - but more - because he was spiritual .

Chief Sitting Bull's -  heart was truly in the right place.

 Chief Sitting Bull's - love of all those - that respected him and called his name with reverence - was paramount to him - and all of his people - more the children and women - who he defended and cared for - with love.

There were battles and skirmishes - where Chief Sitting Bull - stayed behind to defend the children and the women - as I said. 

Chief Sitting Bull - sent his warriors  in battle - all of them cried his name - sending chills down the spine of the enemy.

The Tatanka Oyate people to this day - revere the memory -  of Chief Sitting Bull - and his life and spirit - on this Earth.

You have just to read the history of this land - where the United States Army - more the calvary - shuddered - when they heard the " battle cry - the warriors each proclaiming they fought for their supreme leader - Chief Sitting Bull.

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone land -
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone -
I have committed to serve all indigenous people -
we all -  are united and committed to 
the tribe of the Lakota Sioux territory -
the Tatanka Oyate people of the Great Spirit.

Our warriors led by the spirit have left the land of the Ohlone to stand in unity to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline project - that we deem as an " evil " - that will harm Mother Earth - and contaminate the land, the air - and mostly importantly the water - that give life.

We met mostly young people - full of vitality - the many that we love and care in San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone.

We cleansed ourselves with sage - then encouraged each other - and performed some actions - to bring attention to the world.

 San Francisco and San Franciscans - are astute -  more filled with tenacity, purpose of mind - and fortitude.

We pray to the Great Spirit - the signs sent to the Tatanka Oyate people are clear - the thousands of Buffalo - nearing the Dakota Access Pipeline - that send shills down the spine - of the coward who armed with powerful weapons and attack dogs - choose to set the dogs on our women and men warriors.

Have with intent shots rubber bullets - on our warriors - and think that we will tolerate - such actions - that must be adjudicate by us - not by those - that speak with forked tongues.

Let us remember Chief Sitting Bull - and the other Chiefs too many to name - but all great and revered - for such are the thoughts - followed by actions - we honor our ancestors - unlike those that live and wallow in their - GREED.

 Those who witnessed the signs of the times -
saw the action of the moment -
understood the intensity of the " situation at hand " -
the adverse impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline -



The Great Spirit made water 
water is life
the indigenous respect life 
treasure the source of life - water

The Dakota Access Pipeline
is about GREED
we the indigenous do not practice greed
and will not on Lakota Sioux territory
the land is ours, the air and the water

It has been months the U.S. government
is challenging our spirituality
This time around - we will NOT go away
those that are " evil " will not have their day 
more they will have to pay

We call on Chief Sitting Bull 
the many leaders past and present 
of the Lakota Sioux Tribes and others 
to stand united - as we will with you
all over the world - this fight is ours

We remember all the days 
of the Tatanka Oyate people
we know our history and more our people
we do not speak with fork tongue
more we will not dishonor Mother Earth

This fight will come to an end 
the end will not be pretty 
it will come to an end - and it may not be fair
in the end those that have disdain
for the people of Turtle Island will be defeated

Francisco Da Costa

November 11, 2016
San Francisco, California