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Monday, November 7, 2016


Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
has failed to represent San Franciscans -
has strong ties to the Mafia.

All over the Nation - the tax payers who pay their taxes - the constituents who love this Nation - have NOT been represented well - by sordid politicians - more here in San Francisco.

It is worse here in San Francisco - as I said - tolerable at the State level - and the worst ever - on the National level.

President Barack Hussein Obama - in his two four years terms - has failed our Nation - behaving as usual as a House Negro - worse Michelle Obama.

Blacks have to remember he could have done better but failed us all - he failed the Native Americans most - as recently exhibiting poor judgement - in the issue that rocked the Nation - the Dakota Access Pipeline - fiasco.

The President keep backing Hillary Clinton and her by default her husband - who sent millions of Blacks to prison - incarcerated millions of Blacks - ruined millions of Blacks families.

We assume that folks like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - who have been voted in - year after year - spewing lies and purporting to vouch for their constituents.

 When we know the opposite is true - is the norm. Such stupidity has brought about the downfall of our treasured values - such politicians - are the scum of the Earth.

A Senator who hails from the " dark side " -
Senator Diane Feinstein -
people keep voting her - term after term.

Both live in large mansions - the Senator has two large mansions here in San Francisco - and the Congresswoman one here in San Francisco and the other one in the wine country.

Our local politicians the likes of London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and Malia Cohen - salivate each time they see the above two hags - that have taken - the values that once served California, our City and County of San Francisco - down the drain and into the " cesspool " - of their own making.

District 5 needs some drastic change and so does District 9.

We  need some decent politician to represent us in Sacramento - and  it is not the lanky - giraffe. 

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been mentioned as having some chance to be on the Hillary Clinton team - good riddance of bad rubbish if this happens.

The people united -
will never, ever be defeated.

Our San Francisco Board of  Supervisors those that have failed miserably Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen and Katy Tang  - have cause trauma to many of our constituents of San Francisco - and have BLOOD on their hands.

We hope there will be drastic changes - and that the doors and window are left open - the cobwebs are cleared - and after the long time - Room 250 - our August Chambers - breathes some fresh air.

For too long - decent families - has had to suffer - who have contributed to much to our City of San Francisco. Contributed to our unique neighborhoods - they had to go - leave their City - thrown to the elements - many of them living in tents.

Some 50, 000 families have left San Francisco - gone - gone - gone for ever. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a lap dog Mayor - who has NO leadership qualities.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee a trained Civil Rights attorney had all the opportunities to represent  - the people of San Francisco. 

What Mayor Edwin M. Lee did - each and every day in his office and at home - is spend time - raking in the millions to fill his political campaign coffers.

 More his off shore accounts. Time is on our side - the side of the people - and the people united will never ever be defeated.

We keep building skyscrapers on
Muwekma Ohlone land -
such monstrosities do not sit well 
with the First People of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is of Chinese decent - typically has not adapted to sound values - making money - any which way is embedded in his sordid DNA.

How many skyscrapers - most of them not meeting standards - as we have seen with the Millennium Tower - will sink and when the Big One hits - topple down.

The man does not get it - greed - is what he believes in - but lack of good health and deprived of peace of mind - is bothering him right now.

 He will have all the time - to dwell on his immoral behavior - as he bids farewell to this Earth - eventually.

 The man has been told the truth, and guided some - but again and again - he has chosen with intent - to swim in the cesspool - of his own creation.

This in Muwekma Ohlone land - and we embrace the indigenous people - the indigenous people  - who are NOT greedy.

The strangers who came here without documents - now claim is their - more those who do not have their heart - in the right place.

Again and again those who have been given an opportunity to live as decent human beings - incorporate  " greed " - and lack of compassion -  those that do this - are NOT welcome, here in San Francisco. That is putting it lightly. Aho.