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Sunday, November 6, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the worst Mayor of San Francisco -
a disgrace to the human race.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is anathema to decency and to any norm - worth the salt.

This good of nothing- inept, spineless, with no leadership skills - has been lying all the days of his life - he is very corrupt - he does not have his " heart " - in the right place.

There are several Court Cases pending against Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - involving corruption charges - yet, he thinks he can lie - at public forums where speakers - pat the behinds of each other.

Our tax payer money spent on this forums - on women issues, housing,  transportation - tons of talk and NO - walk.

Intelligent, stellar, discerning speakers will never, ever be at the forums - they avoid the company of the buffoon - the Mayor continue to invest  tax payers money - on these forums - to get himself some props - the end result - he has made a fool of himself.

The congestion on our roads of San Francisco are so bad - that today in the Mission - several accidents - brought everything to a halt.

Tempers were flying - the police no where to be seen, and of course - no one reported shit to the Mayor - who has been pussyfooting around

With his dirty mouth - he brags he will build 30, 000 homes in the Southeast Sector - on very contaminated land.

No decent Mayor would build anything on land declared - a Superfund Site. Only the worst contaminated sites are put on the Superfund List.

Land where depleted Uranium was tested. Land that has poor landfill and prone to severe flooding and liquefaction. Land that registers high readings of cesium, plutonium - has reading of high levels of mercury, lead, dangerous particulars - all documented and there is NO single entity - taking the crooks behind the abuse of power - to task.

The Mayor backs Proposition "O " - that wants to amend Proposition " M " - messing with height limits and giving a rogue developer Five Point Holdings, LLC - that is the new front for Lennar Urban - opportunities - to screw San Franciscans and tax payers.

Lennar Urban has not paid its Community Benefits - since 2013.
So why are we accommodating this crooked developer - tied to the hip of Koffi Bonner and Lennar Urban - a well recognized - rogue developer.

If you look at the $9.6 Billion budget - of this City and Count of San Francisco - that has a population of 930, 000.

 This Mayor has his fingers - every where - and has done great disservice to the community and neighborhoods at large in San Francisco.

One bed room goes for $3500 and two bed room for $5500 a month - people simply cannot afford the rent - some have chose to live two three families in units - compromising - Quality of Life issues.

Consequently - increasing the amount of homeless people -  on the streets on San Francisco - and now invading our neighborhoods - people defecting all over the place - and our neighborhood - left unclean an unkempt.

Commercial corridors that generate millions of dollars in taxes - the streets have no proper lighting, less much need traffic signs that  work , and the side walks have not been - power washed in years.

Folks are hired - given minimum wage - some fancy name - and used as slaves - to clean our streets - doing a lousy job - most of the time.

 The Mayor with his corrupt mentality - inherent - how he was brought up - a stingy, sordid, corrupt, lacking leadership and more compassion - that he has none of.

To garner favor - he will stay close to evil folks like Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Al Williams, Dwayne Jones, Malia Cohen - others too many to mention - who have ruined the good name of our City - named after San Francis of Assisi.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors, those mentally challenged, those physically challenged, those with compromised health - have saturated  - our health care system - and here we have our Mayor talking - bull shit.

The Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) Hotels - a thing of the past - are used to house patients - patients vouched by the San Francisco General Hospital - who charge the State and Federal government millions - for very infectious and filthy living conditions.

SROs dirty, stinky places, more infested with bed bugs - and this fucking Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks that he can open his mouth and bluff his way - hoodwinking us all.

 Cheating and thinking that we do not know facts  - are not educated on issues - where truly the Mayor is coming from - treating patients and those that need help badly - putting them in harms way - and leading to their imminent - death.

The Violence Prevention and Intervention programs he invests in San Francisco - once called Community Response Networks - under the auspice of incompetent folks like Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - have come to haunt the Mayor - who thinks he can fool all the people - all the time.

Millions of dollars - Federal and State money - are flushed down the drain.

The shootings and killings on our Streets of San Francisco - have increased by leaps and bounds.

The real time statistics are NOT available - even though we live in a digital world - the input of factual data - is lacking.

In today's digital world - we have no software - that can query crimes of importance.

Class One for example - weekly, monthly, yearly and broken down quarterly - tons of talk - but no walk.

The Blue Ribbon Panel recent produce a report - with three well respected and renowned judges - declaring the San Francisco Police Department dysfunctional.

The scathing report was read by the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - supposedly trained as a Civil Right lawyer - but dumb and more dumber than dumb - who has no response to that document.

One judge was bold to say in public - the Police Officers Association - threaten the members of Blue Ribbon  Panel - what has the stupid idiotic Mayor - to say about that statement - made in public?

When asked to contribute financially - to the Blue Ribbon Panel - the Mayor openly declared - he could not invest one single dollar. 

Does the above statement - made by the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - reveal where this idiot is coming from - and where he is going to take the City and County of San Francisco?

Yet, today he is screaming and shouting on the many Television o advertisements - linked with the common November, 2016 election - that  he has chosen to endorse - that he can do this and that - the buffoon  - must be ashamed of himself.

Recently we had a kidnapping of a citizen in San Francisco - in the Lakeview area - who happened to be at a crime scene.

As many of us who have digital tools - he took a video of that took place - video that was used by a Media entity - and for this - his home was ransacked - in front of a relative who was 90 years old - in the wee hours of the morning - 3 am.

Prior to that we had the racists Daly City police officers and the California Highway patrol - follow a victim Ansar El Mohammad - allowing him to visit his friends - then wait for him to come out of his friends home.

Let him settle down - and try to murder him - four shots were fired and Ansar El Muhammad - aka Notorious Dickerson  - survived the attack.

To added insult to injury - injured as he was at the San Francisco General Hospital - Ansar El Muhammad aka Notorious Dickerson - was handcuffed to the hospital bed. 

Such nonsense must STOP.

The lack of cultural competency, " the deep inherent racial bias  and lacking of training in this matter ", the unclear direction linked to the  ' use of force methods " -  other pertinent issues - have allow the rogue SF Police Department - to do as they please - bringing shame to the City and County of San Francisco.

Plans are afoot to sue the SF Police Department - using untested  but doable - methodology - that will silence the perpetrators - and bring about a drastic change - who these rogue police officers - operate - with impunity.

The economic bubble is at our door - the sales of  commercial  rental space has stalled. 

Housing development is stalling - if one square foot cost over $1250 to build - nothing much will be built. Some developers took a loss - building square foot units for more - and forced to sell for less - rather than mothball the brand new housing - units.

People are leery and those in the know - are cashing out - hoping they can ride - the very serious spiraling of our economy.

The current one will be worse than the one we all experience in the year 2008.

It does not help we have inept San Francisco Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - two foremost political whores.

 They will meeting their fate - this coming elections - which will bring changes - new blood with new ideas - more those who showcase transparency and accountability -  these two political whores - London Breed and Malia Cohen - will be relegated to the hogs.

Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell have been pandering to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  this nonsense must STOP.

The SF Ethics Commission has several complaints against - the above mentioned - corrupt, evil, and nonchalant - SF Supervisors.

Some of us advocates have stopped going to City Hall - these vermin that I have mentioned above - have now resorted to giving the public - 2 measly minutes - during Public Comment. 

Well, the last time around this political whore - London Breed who also happens to the Chair of the SF Boards of Supervisors - tried to mess with me.

 Lucky for her I kept my cool. A heifer from the hood - she is arrogant and rude - has no etiquette and power has gone up from her ass to her empty - head.  Time will tell.

In the last 5 years - over 30, 000 families - that is Father, Mother, and Children have left San Francisco - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks nothing of this fact.

Thousands sleep in the vehicles - more in tents - other wherever they can find a spot to lay their head. The City and County of San Francisco - use to be a tourist destination - no more.

This is Ohlone land - and I represent the Muwekma Oholone - whose land this is - stolen from them - every square inch.

This land was NOT meant to be abused and contaminated - allowing the garbage to come in here - built skyscrapers - some already sinking - and more going to sinking - as I predicted - years ago.

Read about the Millennium Tower - sinking over 16 inches and over four inches Southwest - and the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee who had a lot to do sanctioning the permits - to build this Millennium Tower - has chosen to keep mum - the many Chinese Inspectors he placed - to fast track permits - now caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

This stupid Mayor has compromised Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco - adversely impacting our Neighborhoods - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - loves to talk - from both sides of his dirty, filthy - mouth.

The impending November, 2016 Elections - will  bring stunning results - the tip of the iceberg - we need to get rid of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and there is a recall petition - circulating - right now.

In his answer to the recall petition -  the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - lies - and says he has done this and that - with no empirical data.

Absolutely - no vetting - no evaluation - he thinks he can simply say - he did something - and we - who know better - he thinks will believe his idiotic talk - more a lap dog with fleas.

No one can fool all the people - all the time - San Franciscans are astute - and can teach the Mayor and his advisors - a thing or two.

Wake up and do right - or face the IRE of the people. Aho.