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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Why is it the community has to suffer in San Francisco - more the community - that is adversely impacted - traumatized and injured again and again.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has not charged  -  one single  rogue San Francisco Police Officer - involved in the many murders of mostly people of color on the streets of San Francisco.

As I have been saying - Georg Gascon - he is now  gunning for the vacant job of State of California - District Attorney - Kamala Harris.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee could have requested as part of the impartial investigation - that body of the Department of Justice (DOJ) that deals with racial discrimination and Civil Rights issues. As any one would expect this " dork " - choose that entity of consultants - that do something - that has no clout.

Instead the least capable and the least affective entity that has no power to investigate or adjudicated was chosen.

Today's meeting is held at the University of San Francisco - far away from those communities that suffer the most trauma, suffering, the murders - that we see on the streets of San Francisco - by rogue San Francisco Police Officers.

We thank the University of San Francisco - for contributing to the blatant discrimination - when it come to outreach to the poor communities. And now the back room deals - with Joe Marshall the sell out - playing a role - Cheryl Davis for money she will do anything.

These few characters mostly Black - and leading the charge Amos Brown - the chair of the SF Human Right Commission - other all Black sordid characters - conducting and facilitating these meeting - under the auspicious of MoMagic - using youth - who have NO idea - about the real issues - far larger than they can fathom.

That entity is Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - was chosen at the National Level - to waste tax payers money - to kick the can down the street.

It is amazing how COPS has been treating the advocates and community leaders in San Francisco.

 The community has zero respect for COPS and those sellout in the community - that pander to COPS - the likes of Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis - and the Human Right Commission that has NOT once spoken openly about the many murders on the streets of San Francisco - by most rogue San Francisco Police Officers.

COPS chose to release their recommendations - in their report - taking most of the recommendation from the Blue Panel Report 2016 - linked to Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement - and the the SF Grand Jury Report - that focused on the SF District Attorney and the many cases - that have taken umpteen years - the excuse given - " we need more time ".

The Blue Ribbon Panel Report - declared that the entire SF Police Department was totally - dysfunctional.

That the SF Police Commission was lacking in vision and leadership. The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee  did not invest nor expand - one single dollar on the Blue Ribbon Panel report.

The three judges and the many hard working attorneys - many astute - volunteered. Yes volunteered. Pro Bono!

COPS chose to release their recommendation at 450 Golden Gate - the Federal Building.

People had to go through the screening - much like an airport. 

Then only the Press were allowed - and some of us advocates had to show our Press credentials - we all did well when we got the opportunity to address COPS and of course the Mayor who was weak in the knees - during public comment time.

That Press Release by COPS was a Dog and Pony show - much like the show that will beheld today - in an auditorium at the University of San Francisco.

MoMagic under the guidance of Cheryl Davis who has been selling the community - receiving money from the Mayor's Office more endorsed by Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - has been using the ploy of using youth - to facilitate meetings - after breaking those in attendance in groups.

This is called placating. If one single documentary showing an actual murder of any of those murdered - the wounds and the blood spilled - was shown to the youth - facilitating these meeting - having absolutely NO comprehension - about the SF Police Department and how dysfunction it is.

The roll of the SF Police Officers Association - the many hate text messages - that the youth facilitating have not studied - have no clue " about cultural competency " - less " implicit bias " - and even less " the sordid history of the SF Police Department " once linked in its early history to that of the vigilantes.

Cheryl Davis and Amos Brown and the Chair of the SF Human Right Commission must be ashamed of themselves. These mostly Black sell outs - have sold any decency left in San Francisco - and pretend they are doing some good - when in fact they are a disgrace to anything decent.

 The University of San Francisco - Jesuit Institution - that has neglected parts of San Francisco - the Bayview, Hunters Point, and so on - now used to hold such meeting - why not have one at Hunters Point or for that matter at Western Addition?

Today's meet which will be held from 4 pm to 7 pm - is sponsored by the SF Human Rights Commission - the likes of Cheryl Davis - none of whom are respected by the community at large - more - people of color - that have been suffering from the rogue SF Police Officers.

It does not help the Police Officers Association (POA) has taken charge of manipulation - and have used these salient tactic on the   SF Police Commission - their bosses.

Joe Marshall and Susan Loftus are two SF Police Commissioners who are destined to be at the meeting - more would call attention to the Brown Act. Susan Loftus - is well known to keep a straight face and lie. As for Joe Marshall - is is best described as a out right - straight out - House Negro.

There is no clarity when it comes to " Use of Force Policies " - right now. Minimal  force means anything - you shoot first - kill the person  - and then ask question.

We do not accept our youth - to be involved is such complicated and convoluted matters - they have no right being - so near such matters.

Much as this same group - were chose to facilitate meetings - to better understand the choosing of a new SF Police Chief. That whole process was a mess. Towards the end - one SF Police Commissioner leaking out information - about the candidates. That process has been stalled.

It does not help Donald Trump - will rein in the Department of Justice - and Loretta Lynch will be out - a sell out House Negro that did nothing much. Her one act that revealed how corrupt she was - parlaying with former President Bill Clinton at an airport - supposedly discussing the many emails that her wife - Hillary Clinton - erased from her private server.

Rest assured the Police Bill of Rights - that the State of  California considers law - gives any Law Enforcement Officers - all the power to murder - under the least - probable cause that is mostly - suspect.

The victims and their lawyers cannot fight State Law - State Law that bends over to help and cover the misdeeds and often rogue actions - committed with intent - resulting in the murders of innocent victims - on the streets of San Francisco and all over California.

The Grand Jury Report too clarified a lot on murders by rogue SF Police Officers - that failed to charge one single SF Police Office - linked to the many murders.

More the procrastination on the part of SF District Attorney - who kept kicking the can down the street. Focusing all the time - to win over entities and organization - to back him up - to fill the seat of State Attorney General - that will soon be left vacant by Kamala Harris.

The murders committed - on the streets of San Francisco - some of them being Alex Nieto, that of Mario Woods, that of Luis Gongora Pat,  Alex Amilar,  Jessica Williams - and many more.

COPS is a JOKE - and we have told them so - again and again.

They are good at interviewing whom they want to - they would never interview me.

 I would tell them- to go get a total "brain transplant " - and while at it - get a total blood transfusion.

I have never, ever seen such a team of jerks in my entire - life.

How can these sordid people sleep at night - is anyone's guess.

All over the Nation - Community Oriented Policing Services - mostly paid private consultants - have created a niche - to waste our tax payers money.

Wasting millions of dollars - create and publish large documents - using glossy paper - that simply sit on the shelves - collecting - dust.

The new United States Attorney General whoever that person is - will have access to the role of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the very corrupt Senator Diane Feinstein, the puppet lap dog Mayor of San Francisco Edwin M. Lee, small fish the likes of Diane Oroche, Paul Henderson, Cheryl Davis, Amos Brown - who have disgraced San Franciscans and San Francisco.

Here in San Francisco the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the Senator Diane Feinstein , the Congress Person Nancy Pelosi - must all be charged under the Federal - RICO ACT. 

Hopefully sent to jail - for a long, long time.

Donald Trump has changed the dynamics - the Democrats are reeling in fear - and most of their plans have been upset.

Most of them drowning - in the " cesspool " - of their own creation. All their conceptual plans - dreams of making millions - at the expense of the tax payers - crashed - and doomed for ever.

They betted on the wrong horse - Hillary Clinton - who is now licking her wounds - a liar, a cheater, a so called public servant - that has amassed millions.

Arrogant - doing as she pleases - saying she has done good things for children - using children as a ploy - as much of the House Negros do in San Francisco - the likes of Cheryl Davis, Paul Henderson, and Amos Brown and more.

Democrats contributed millions - more corrupt Democrats on the West Coast.

 The lame duck -President Barack Hussein Obama - the former Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton - came again and again to milk the cow dry.

Millions of dollars - flowed into their campaign coffers - only for them all to be trounced by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the right medication - for the crooks - and Donald Trump has received the dossiers - and will look at them closely. 

The blatant and open corrupt going on to this day in San Francisco - is traumatic - and these vermin must be brought to book. Always plotting, always conniving , always hoodwinking, always been the AHs they are - A stands for ASS.

 The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee - for all his BS talk - is a lackey - more a lap dog - full of fleas.

The Democrats have disowned the Middle Class in San Francisco.

The Democrats and more the SF Democratic County Central Committee - DCCC -  have chosen to be " greedy ".

Corrupt politicians and those very corrupt  enablers  - those in office do not represent - the constituents - the tax payers who pay their salaries.

 Every single day these SF corrupt politicians and those on the State and National level - spent - hours on end - on the telephone - begging and collecting money - and lying to the public at large.

Public Service and public servants - and more sound representation - is something these Democrats do not think off - less exercise - they are the scum of the Earth.

Our SF Police Department is dysfunctional - and again and again - when the occasion presents - some  sordid case exposes them - for all to see and fully displayed.

Where some victim has been murdered - more by rogue SF Police Officers.

The public at large has stated their case - and what they all say and agree upon - is that the dysfunctional SF Police Department -  has reached a chronic stage.

More - lacking leadership - with absolutely NO transparency and accountability.

Those who will attend the COPS meting must read this article - more since I am posting it - before the meeting which will be held - at 4 pm - and I am posting this article - before 3 pm.

It is a shame that San Francisco - that once boasted its love and compassion - today is known for corruption, disdain, and treating innocent poor people - like animals.

The congestion of our streets, the filthy dirty streets - some down town where forks urinate and defecate.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - those mentally challenged and physically challenged - treated with disdain and blatant discrimination.

Two and three families living in one and two bed rooms - paying over $3500 for a one bed room unit - and  $5200 for a two bed room unit.

40, 000 families have left in the last 3 years - never, ever to come back to San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land. Aho.