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Friday, November 4, 2016


We all have Mothers and Fathers - we know our Mothers feel deeply when a child - that they have given  birth too - is taken away from them - more - in a manner that is not - natural.

In San Francisco rogue SF Police Officer shoot first and ask question later - and too many have died - people of color - and we demand at end to this - utter nonsense.

The murders of our children - many of them of color - has not fazed those that must do something - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee, our SF District Attorney - George Gascon - our Senator Diane Feinstein.

Our Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Central County Committee - that is spending million on Propositions - many mundane issues.

 No single person, no single entity worth the salt - has taken a stand on this human issue - the murder of our youth and young adults - at the hands of rogue SF Police in San Francisco.

In San Francisco many of us support our Mothers - and now want to bring this critical and humane issue - before our San Francisco District Attorney - George Gascon - at his door step on the third floor - of the Hall of Justice - 850 Bryant Street - enough is enough.

Every Friday - from 12 non to 2 pm - the Mothers will lead the charge - today was that first Friday - closer to All Soul Day - for starters - fitting for us - to honor and remember - all those that have passed away - gone to their abode.

Our fight be it with the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - our unity with the Alex Nieto Family, the Amilcar Lopez family, the Jessica Williams Family, the Luis Gongara family - the others too many to name - have taken a heavy toll on those that care - and we have reached saturation point -  but will NOT give up.

Our leaders be they Mama Cristina, Elaine Brown, Archbishop Franzo King, Minister Christopher Muhammad, the families be they the Nieto Family, the Lopez family, the Woods family, the Williams family, the Luis Pat family - the many families who  have lost their loved ones to our SF rogue Police Officers - who shoot first and ask questions later - what a shame.

San Francisco has always embraced compassion - and some of us that love San Francisco - will continue to embrace compassion - but stand our firm ground.

We have done it for years - and some civility has to be the foundation - of any meaningful dialog.

San Francisco District Attorney -
George Gascon.

San Francisco District Attorney - the former Chief of Police of San Francisco - who jumped ship to become the SF District Attorney.

 An outsider who hails from Los Angeles of Cuban decent - then moved to New Mexico - has been an utter and abject failure  - as the former Chief of Police of San Francisco and its many scandal  prone episodes - all under his failed leadership.

 Now as the SF District Attorney of San Francisco - a disgrace to standards,  justice, fair - and humanity.

We have met the man himself - and he has promised us to do something and done nothing.

 George Gascon loves to kick the can down the street.

This time around - he will get what is has not got before - " tough love " - the man cannot fool around with the Mothers - they will wake him up from his slumber - and put him on the very - hot seat.

We have protested - hundreds of us - on occasion
thousands of us - but, just because we have been 
civil those evil think it is going to be business as usual.

This time around thousands of youth and young adults -
will rock the boat - and send shills down the spine of those
that have been fast asleep at the cockpit.

Today we gathered - at high noon at 850 Bryant Street in San Francisco - and after the speech making - on the steps of the Hall of Justice - we went inside to meet SF District Attorney - George Gascon.

 This attempt as with other attempts -  was a no show -  he was no where to be found.

His Deputy did come outside - and meet us. Even forced us to listen to his plea - that he feels bad for the Mothers and those others too that have lost their loved ones.

The point we are going through the hurdles - is to state categorically that enough is enough.

 No Mother - no family members should wait for years - for justice to be delivered.

Here in San Francisco - not a single rogue Police Officer has been charged.

 Not a single one - the SF District keeps repeating that he is working on the cases. This is not right - and this wrong - must be righted now - make on bones about it.

The Deputy SF District Attorney - with a staunch face - listened to us all.

Actually he is a peon - just sent outside  while his boss thinks - he can fool all the people all the time.

More - hiding behind some desk - or taking some other stairway - and escaping.

We will try - and try - and try - and those that try hard - they say - will win.

God is on our side - these demonstrations and protestations - are just one of the many means to make headway - we know in America today - justice is a farce.

We also know that those who have their heart in the right place - will be protect by God - and with God on our side - we have no entity to fear - not an inept, spineless person - like George Gascon for sure.

Here Mama Christina is trying to make the case - and before that the Mother of Alex Nieto - others too - some ere totally frustrated - at the attitude displayed - here outside the door of   the  San Francisco District Attorney.

We San Franciscans take  pride in our Accountability and Transparency - but more and more we see such values - thrown by the way side.  Time will tell.

We meet next Friday at high noon - and will attempt once more to bring the SF District Attorney out to meet us - he may find some more surprises - he many surprise us by meeting us - that would be nice.