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Thursday, November 3, 2016


The crooked and very corrupt 
Mayor Edwin M. Lee
he must step down - now.

For two days in a row November 1, 2016 and yesterday November 2, 2016 - the San Francisco Police Commission - has met in Room 400 at City Hall - at 5:30 pm - to discuss  matters pertaining to the reigning, dysfunction - within the San Francisco Police Department and in the Mayor's Office - from where all the evil sprouts. 

Watch out Steve Kava - time to lubricated your head.

Lack of leadership in our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - one of the most inept Mayors in the history of San Francisco. He talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.  He can join the lying, cheating, deceiving Hillary Clinton and will be in good company - of that political whore.

The November 1, 2016 was a Special Meeting - that was noticed but did not meet the 72 hours mandated required time and note before the meeting.

As we all know and are fully aware - before any Public Meeting is noticed - 72 hours full notice has to be given - more, on an important subject - involving the selection of the next SF Police Chief and related issues.

The San Francisco Sunshine Task Force - has received a complaint on this matter - which we are closely - monitoring.

 We are looking - for some concrete action on this important - matter - more to take this matter before the Fair Political Action Committee if not the SF Ethics Commission.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee in particular - trying to hoodwink - the public at large. You cannot fool - all the people - all the time.

The November 1, 2016 was dubious in nature - when the details of the meeting are throughly inspected - Paul Herderson and Diane Aroche from the Mayor Office - two lack luster individuals - have failed to represent San Franciscans.

More - while being paid over $600 plus benefits - for these two unfit - and worthless individuals - to advice the Mayor - on matters pertaining to murders on our streets - by rouge SF Police officers - and now joining them rogue, blatant racists Daly City police officers - who tried to kill - Brother Ansar El Muhammad - also know as - Notorious Dickerson - who was shot four times.

At the November 1, 2016 meeting some of us - had some faint information about an individual who was shot in the Lakeview District - a Black man named Ansar El Muhammad - also know as Notorious Dickerson - that over shadowed the meeting.

 We were deeply concerned that no one was allowed to visit Ansar El Muhammad - the fabrication that there was a chase - Law Enforcement from three jurisdictions involved - the mention of Daly City involved - noted racists - and know for paramilitary exercises - that we know should be used to target civilians.

We found out for sure - yesterday  - that Ansar El Muhammad - also known as Notorious Dickerson  was shot four times - according to an reputable San Francisco attorney - who was the only outsider - to visit the Brother Ansar El Muhammad at the SF General hospital in San Francisco.

This attorney is know to us and her stellar role - in volunteering and bring forth a document - that fully exposes the SF Police Department, the lack luster SF Police Commission - and the rogue SF Police Officers Association.

Yesterday - the attorney personally came to the meeting - held in Room 400 at City Hall - and clearly stated the circumstances of the incident. The rumors that the Brother was involved in some car chase - and some other nonsense - was all - hog wash.

The car chase and other nonsense was fabricated by the Daly City police - as I said - but all the same the media reports on the lies as if it was - a fact.

A California Highway Patrol Officer apparently run over - utter nonsense - had a small self-inflicted scratch - much like he may have had - scratching his ass. Pathetic liars!

These jerks always targeting people of color - we are fed up of such nonsense - and this nonsense and utter despicable actions - must STOP.

WE in San Francisco - do NOT have to put these rogue officers from other jurisdictions - track others and trying the murder them in San Francisco - jurisdiction. We have sufficient SF Police Department officers - rogue to the core - doing that already - and we need to get rid of these bastards - as soon as possible.

In the case the Daly City police noted for their blatant discrimination were involved - three is a lot to be investigated - and the main clue to what they were doing was caught on video.

These law enforcement thugs - waited for the Bother Ansar L. Muhammad - also know as Notorious Dickerson - well known to many of us - to come out from a house - he was visiting.

 After following him - for no serious reason - they then at point blank range - tried to murder him. Simple actions of theft do not necessarily mean - anyone has to kill people. 

If that is the case - we all should arm ourselves - to deal with those that think such actions are right - when we know they are wrong.

The days of slavery are long done - and if the bastards want it - they will get it - that the playing field be level.

Our Black leaders are asleep - they must wake up - from their slumber - Black leaders like Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis, the Tabernacle Group, other mostly Black leaders on the take - snitches.

The police officers each from a different jurisdiction some Task Force looking for stolen vehicles - purportedly took upon themselves - the task - to murder Ansar El Muhammad also known as Notorious Dickerson - just because he supposedly stole a car - that has not been - determined.

There is No law that gives any Law Enforcement - more rouge officers - to shoot to kill a person - for theft even if that is the case.

No gun was found near the victim - so there is no excuse - there is footage that can connect the dots - and there is more - witnesses that are ready for anything on the horizon. As I said enough is enough - the bastards must now face the fireworks - because they asked for it.

We have had more murders in San Francisco - and no riots - and it seems our SF Police Department and our lap dog Mayor is asking for trouble - talking from both sides of his mouth.

I have met the Mayor in person - not much of a man - a coward for sure - and he will and can be dealt - legally. For starters there are several cases in Court - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - is watching him carefully.

These law enforcement officers followed  the victim - let the man sit in the care - and then targeted him to die. This nonsense must STOP - and STOP - now. We hope to get him to talk - and if his information comes to the right circles - the right thing will be done.

In this case Ansar El Muhammad survived the four gun shots - and even thought no one is permitted to visit him - so far he is in SF General Hospital and we hope they do not poison him - as the rascals are capable of anything - even the Mayor - so far we do not trust the ass hole.

Ansar El Muhammad - also known as Notorious Dickerson survived the attempt on his life - and now lies at the San Francisco General Hospital - initially we were told - he was handcuffed to the bed. We know more now from the attorney who has visited him.

Here at the SF General Hospital -  for reasons best known - to the very corrupt - including Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Paul Henderson, an Diane Aroche.

The KKK having a gala time -
inside SF City Hall ( circa 1938) -
many of those in the photographs SF Police Officers.

The Interim- Chief Toney Chaplin - Barbara Garcia - whoever else is in charge of this sordid " situation ".

 One more black eye - and one more case - full of blatant L I E S - exposing corruption of the worst - order - within the SF Police Department - covering up  - shit.

The attorney - well known and part of the Blue Ribbon Panel - described the " situation " as best she could - and gave us an opportunity to fact check our facts - gathered.

After most of the information was reviewed by me - from many sources.

 I now know for sure - many who are in authority - need a complete - brain transplant - for any normal investigation to go - forward - in San Francisco.  Pathetic.

To make things - even more complicated - yesterday morning - the only witness - who had footage of the " assassination " of the Bother Ansar El Muhammad - had his home ransacked - in front of an elder relative - over 90 years old.

Come on San Francisco we can do better - this is not Beijing! 

What is happening to San Francisco - now in the middle to choosing a new SF Police Chief?

This one incident on the eve of this process of sorts - speaks to the core corruption - a malignant  cancer - that must be dealt with - on an emergency - basis. 

The SF SWAT team was in charge of this illegal operation - they were there to adversely impact the witness - who is missing - another  " sordid episode " - that has tarnished the name - what little that is left - shame on those - responsible for this act.

The details of this illegal invasion will come out - that is not a problem. The problems is that now thousands are UNITED - and this City and County of San Francisco - our lap dog Mayor - Edwin M. Lee. His stupid, inept, spineless advisors Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - have been exposed.

I personally spoke to Interim Chief about this incident - involving Ansar L. Muhammad also known as Notorious Dickerson - the Interim Chief Toney Chaplin - who  personally knows me.

The Interim Chief was not aware that I knew more - the little I heard from him - was general information -  that was far removed from the situation at hand.

This incident will over shadow - the ploys, machinations, and the circus like atmosphere - now going on - trying to address some of the important issues - " implicit bias " -  "cultural competency" -
" the use of force " - 300 other recommendations.

Topping the deliberation choosing the next SF Police Chief - San Francisco cannot do this - without first removing Mayor Edwin M. Lee from office.  This lap dog Mayor - full of fleas - has to go.

 No one single entity - is competent - less qualified to address - linked to anyone within the San Francisco Police Commission, less the SF Police Department - and for sure the Mayor's office and the most inept Paul Henderson and Diane Aroche who advice the Mayor - on matters such as the incident - above.

Both the Special Meeting held November 1, 2016 and yesterday's meeting - consisted - of the usual - beating around the bush - while the SF Police Commission - were hammered by the Public at Large - during - Public Comment.

This whole JOKE from the inception - including a serious a community meetings - conduct by youth - who know nothing about what they ought to know - and behind the community aspect of that ploy - another House Negro Cheryl Davis - working with a consultant - to make some money - for her nefarious non-profit.

Our San Francisco Police Department is corrupt - and the more I delve into the incidents - the more I find out that the systemic dysfunctional San Francisco Police Department - the Mayor's Office that has no experience - addressing critical situations - our City and County of San Francisco - is on the brink of collapse.

What major City in the Nation - permits the SWAT team to invade and kidnap a witness - and we have seen this before.

Why does San Francisco permit Daly City or any outside Law Enforcement - to come into our City and attack us - you attack one of our Sisters or one of our Brothers - who attack  - all of us.

As we speak - we are ready for action - and what you see will not be pretty.

Yesterday - all hell could have broken loose - I know more than can be told.

 Suffice to say - those attending the meeting in Room 400 at City Hall - a meeting that started at 5:30 pm - refrained from violence - controlled themselves - and gave the SF Police Commission - a little of what is to come - from verbal but sane impressions of what is to come - prior to the coming Elections - round the corner.

You all asked for the fireworks - and you all will be invited free of charge to watch is all and more. STOP this nonsense - has been our plea - and the more we plea - the more you all pee.

Stop pretending - to listening to us - when you do not understand the basics.

 Stop fucking with us - we have reached saturation point - now - you all that have let us down - foremost the lap dog Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will suffer the wrath of the people of San Francisco.

Sign the petition to recall Mayor Edwin M. Lee - now.

We want the Ass Hole to step down - and STOP playing games - with us - we have given him - too many chances.

Not a word has said about the Lakeview incident - by the Mayor - nor by his lackeys - not even  Paul Henderson,  Joe Marshal, Diane Aroche, the others who pretend to address violence - where millions are wasted - and there is NO safety on the streets of San Francisco at all.

We have too many snitches - panderers, House Negroes selling out the community.

The Black community has been completely divided.

The Brown community has some semblance - and we seasoned advocates - will take control of the " situation " this time - on our own terms.

The community at large has been kept in the dark.

 The Main Media has been reporting drab news - much of it disinformation - coming from the SF Examiner and the SF Chronicle - with absolutely NO investigative - reporting. Time will tell.

The community most of whom are NOT educated on issues - swallow the vomit - and think the news they read is true - when most of it - it utter - garbage.

So what is Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) and its Director Davis going to do - about the Ansar L. Muhammad - also know as Notorious Dickerson - incident?

United States Attorney - Loretta Lynch -
send a team to investigate the latest incident.

What is Loretta Lynch going to do about this latest incident - and home invasion by San Francisco SWAT team - ransacking the home of a the only witness - who has video of the " situation  ".

The witness is missing - no one knows - where he is - what is happening? 

What does Mayor Edwin M. Lee know? Was he part of the conspiracy? Who will be the next SF Police Chief? How can this process of choosing anyone go one - with all the chaos - all the pandemonium? 

Here is some video footage sufficient to connect the dots. There is more detail footage that will be show at the appropriated time: