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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone Land -
the greedy developers focused on skyscrapers
are put on notice - you all have BLOOD on your hands.

The arrogance of some developers - all White greedy bastards - think they can come from  anywhere - uninvited - and piss of your parade.

They sit down at this forums organized by SPUR and SF Business Time - and talk as if they are talking about some fiefdom - having no clue that San Francisco and the surrounding land - was stolen - all of it - from the Ohlone.

One of many maps that shows - 
how much of of the San Francisco Bay has been filled with poor
landfill - and on land prone to liquefaction and flooding -
thousands of poorly built units - are contemplated.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee for all his empty talk - is a crook of the worst order. Ever since he took office - he has pushed for skyscrapers - wheeling and dealing - and have no consideration - for the land, air, the water - that belongs to the indigenous people.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee a Chinese - should have know better - again and again he has stooped low and created adverse impacts to decent, tax paying citizens of San Francisco.

Backed by sordid entities mostly very corrupt developers and Real Estate moguls - he has been infatuated with money - and greed. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has disgraced himself, San Francisco - and must step down.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Most San Franciscans are so ignorant that they think San Francisco belongs to Whites. Having no idea that the Ohlone lived here for thousands of years. 12, 000 years - all Carbon dated and know by those who study the remains, dabble in anthropology  
and archeology - and are true to their profession and speak the truth.

The schools and colleges have failed to speak to the truth - and more the sordid history - the " genocide " of the indigenous people of San Francisco.

It is a JOKE when some who are not indigenous - declare they are Native. Native to what - corruption, contamination, contributing to " genocide " - and now abject - gentrification?

Most indigenous people do not display greed - as do Whites.

We all must remember most everything in California was pristine for thousands of years. Then in just 300 years - all that was pristine was contaminated - our lakes, our rivers, our streams, our forest, fauna flora - all life.

Here is San Francisco Mountain Lake, Lake Merced, El Polin Springs, Islais Creek, hundreds of small streams have been covered with asphalt. Poor landfill - and those in charge - have no idea - the harm they have done - to all San Francisco.

As I have been saying and will say again - these developers are NOT welcomed here in San Francisco. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and say that boldly and loudly - STOP the congestion, the high density buildings and living - that adversely impact human and sound living.

We have shell mounds all over San Francisco - hundreds of them.

Here lie the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone - and here in San Francisco and the adjoining areas - the Muwekma Ohlone have Patrimonial Jurisdiction - and this is a notice to those that can read and understand.

These are Sacred Acupuncture Points - that only those that are tied to Mother Earth - and respect the land, the air, and water - fully understand.

Those that are steeped in " greed "- have no clue what I am talking about.

Imagine some folks - coming to this land - Turtle Island - with any documentation - and now calling themselves - Native?

Imagine some strange - willfully contaminating and polluting - clear cutting the old growth forest, polluting the lakes, the rivers, the streams - the flora and the fauna.

Once there were thousands of Abolone - no more. Tons of herring no more. The air was pure - and the land was not contaminated. Wells were dug for fresh water - our watershed in San Francisco is polluted.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all of it contaminated. Depleted Uranium was tested first on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. An atomic bomb left San Francisco - to be dropped on Japan during World War II.

Treasure Island is man made - the dirt taken from Potrero Hill - and other places to make this man made island - that is sinking - 2 inches and more - every year

All over this Nation - the Whites have forgotten whose land this is - and the time has come - to sound the clarion call.

Once Alcatraz was occupied and the message resounded - all over the world.

Greedy developers you are put on notice. SPUR and other - corrupt to the core - you are put on notice.

The big banks - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, other sordid banks - many have been funding the Dakota Access Pipeline - and these banks and with many city authorities - including San Francisco - are with the crooks and corrupt - and not with decent San Franciscans and more the indigenous.

Change your ways - and watch out - we are coming after you.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Senator Diane Feinstien, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

You keep  - building very tall buildings - here, there every where - when the land is not yours - and will not be yours - you all are the scum of the Earth. Aho.