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Thursday, November 10, 2016


The Seal of the President of the 
United States of America

The " media pundits " - got it all wrong. 

The few sane and knowledgeable - a handful - got it right - Donald Trump - is in the White House. 

We may like - or we may Not - the next four years - for sure - those who are educated on issues - know who won and why.

There is a process - and within 8 weeks those that will hold high positions that matter - must get their clearance - and all this and more takes 8 weeks at a minimum.

The Democrats are history - and even though many want Donald Trump to include Democrats - in the Cabinet and hold other important positions - I do not think - that will come about easily.

The key Democrats - demeaned Donald Trump - in a manner -  that was disgraceful - they deserve it now - to be left out.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
corrupt to the core - a millionaire.

Closer to home - the authorities that be - should look into the nefarious activities of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - who has long and deep ties with the Mafia.

Senator Diane Feinstein who is a committed Zionist - has compromised the " security " of our Nation - forcing the Federal Bureau of Investigation - to look into her computers and other documents, email, and correspondence that matters.

The people United will never, ever be defeated.
Power to the people.

The Nation is divided - and long before the Nation was politically divided - it was economically divided. 

We have yet to evaluate the general term we use " the one percent who are the filthy rich - and the 99 percent - who live pay check to pay check ". Our Nation has been reduced to - " silence poverty and we call ourselves a Super Power".

Shame of President Barack Hussein Obama - and Michelle Obama - for not standing for principles and acting as hypocrites.
Try to use their sordid clout - to back crooked Hillary Clinton.

It is a fact that during the Obama regime - more immigrants were deported -  more infants and children suffered in holding cells by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE).

Idiots love listening - to the main media - be it CNN, FOX news, NBC, ABC, CBS - the other conduits - that spew diatribe -  few can discern - because they are NOT - educated on issues.

Senator Diane Feinstien - evil to the core -
raking in millions - at tax payers expense -
her husband Richard Blum.

Our politics in this Nation - we call the United States - is ripe with corruption of the worst order.

Our politicians now look you in the eye and lie.

They are busy filling their campaign coffers. 

Millions of dollars expanded  at tax payers expense.

Here in San Francisco those of us that follow the details - know for a fact it takes millions to run for a California Senate seat - around 5 million - and some say more.

If you run for Congress or the Senate - 100 million at a minimum. Only the crooks and the very corrupt - can afford to run of such office seats.

Why do we tolerate having two hags - one in Congress and the other in the Senate - pretending to represent California - doing nothing for us - but selling our Nation.

We are the Sixth largest economy in the world. In many quarters - plans are afoot to collect signature - and make California a separate country. 

If one studies the Treaty of Guadalupe  Hidalgo - this is possible and more.

The land each and every square inch belongs to the Native American of California. Stolen each and every inch.

I served our Nation - participated in Desert Storm / Desert Shield - know about the workings of the United States government - having served as the Congressional Liaison - Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

The Armed Forces have done various deep studies - and I have studied them all - linked to who really join the Armed Services and for what reasons.

The rich do not send their daughters and sons - readily - to fight for our Nation.

The politicians are quick to go to war - be it Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya - other minor skirmishes - that only those near to the " Situation " - are full aware off.

The situation of the Blacks in this Nation - is pathetic.

Black have learned less about slavery - and today - are divisive and more arrogant - Blacks acting as if their shit don't stink.

As was proved by the participation - the voting pattern - paying NO attention that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton - were instrumental - making laws - that have sent millions of Blacks to jail - for long terms.

Most Black pastors are not educated on issues - lack the studies to study and evaluate search work that is available - but cannot fathom nor understand - complicated concepts - convoluted statistics, and for sure have no leadership - to lead the flock.

Most American families are dysfunctional - more than 80% -.

Many fathers and mothers hold two and three jobs.

In many parts of our Nation - people have NO jobs and have been starving for years. We call ourselves a Super Power. Even our so called Food Banks - run out of food - and basic food items to stay alive.

We have people in the United States - more in large cities - eating from the dumpsters.

Yes - they have no jobs. 

There are fathers and mothers starving with their children.

There are fathers and mothers who  served our Nation - these fathers and mothers made America. More after World War II.

American helped Europe and still continues to pour billions to prop up NATO. More to help Israel and this and more - must STOP. At the least - let these countries fork up a 20% of what we give them to afford their - need security.

The outsourcing to other countries - China, India, Mexico, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines - other countries is well known to us - but today - we do not give it a second thought.

The United States is bleeding and this BLEEDING must STOP.

We go shopping and buy clothes, shoes, toys, other gadgets, fancy bags, other material things - and practically nothing - is made in the United States of America.

Many of us think - nothing of this fact. STOP buying trinkets that are not worth it - we buy these useless things - because many are simply - materialistic. 

Good, decent, hard working American - do not have jobs.

 For years have paid their taxes - only for nasty, mean, stupid politicians - to demean those that need help most. Make promises - and fail to keep them.

Try working with our Government agencies - be it the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that compromised our personal information - hacked by the Chinese from Mainland China.

Federal workers - many of us with " high clearance " - now pawns of the Chinese hackers.

Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service was hacked into?

Did you know that the Pentagon - was hacked into?

Have you heard of Wikileaks - and what that has turned a normals democracy into?

Who do you think compromised the above - if not those that were in charge - the buck stops at the desk of President Barack Hussein Obama.

What has President Barack Hussein Obama done for us - nothing much.

In the year 2008 - with the spiraling of the economy - millions of us - lost more than 60% of our savings.

President Barack Hussein Obama bailed out the large Financial Institution without our permission - took our money and gave it away.

What did he do for us citizens of these the United States of America?

He will leave office - and have Secret Service Protection and earn a fat pension and more from being a Senator - and more from making stupid speech - while in office - he sat on the fence and jumped on that side - his brain told him to jump - mostly on the wrong side. Pathetic.

Ask him if he serve our Nation - and watch him - give you a blind stare.

The United States government did nothing for us - and to this day -  mostly seniors are suffering. Most of their savings - gone - gone with the wind - the result of the 2008 spiraling of the economy - and before that the era too - 2000.

The Main Media does not like to do investigative investigation - on the issues that I have described above. Simply put the Main Media is into gossip and sensational news - with NO substance.

Our Veterans are treated with disdain - many have to wait for years - to get a much needed operation .

Let me tell you - have been an advocate and working with folks at ground zero. In this one particular case - the Veterans Administration will be changed drastically - by Donald Trump.

Decent constituents, hardworking tax payers - are fed up with liars, cheaters, immoral folks - like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and here in San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - others - to many to name.

Those protesting on the streets must gather in front of the homes of the so called representatives and give them fucking - hell. 

Stop causing destruction on our streets and in public places - in the end we the tax payers pay for this destruction. Stop wasting your time - led by anarchists - who have no place in a sound democracy.

The politicians make good money - all over $250, 000 at a minimum - our Senator and Congresswoman - are multi- millionaires - and this one simply fact - says it all.

The Clintons have tons of money - putting a figure of $300  million - is nothing - much more.

 Donations from Saudi Arabia, other countries where dictators - make their living - torturing women, children, queer folks, and those that their perceive to be deviants.

Here in America the fact of the matter is that our Seniors - in large measure at very poor - and irking out a living - worse than Third World countries. This is a fucking, crying shame - and the Clintons, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin M. Lee - do not fathom -less are concerned about.

 Many have no food - past the fifth day of the month.

More Black Seniors -  more poor Latinos, poor Asians, poor Whites - and this has been going on for years - since 2000.

We can howl, shout, pull our hair, pull our teeth - the matter of fact - is that Donald Trump - and his large family - will be in the White House. 

Of course many may not agree with Donald Trump - but the fact is that many voted for him - for change.

 Many fed up - being poor, are lacking good jobs, and paying too much for insurance.

Living from pay check to check - but more on the dole. Think about that. The fat cats care less - and so something must give - and that can only come through a revolution - by the people.

Those had NO hope - needed someone who would make some drastic change - for sure - that did not come - from the Democrats.

In this digital world we can come out with written solutions - but to do this we have to be educated  on issues.

I see many so called leaders - more Blacks bark up the wrong tree - here in San Francisco - pander to the crooks - Blacks who are sell outs. Many of them ignorant - who operated on gossip, half-truth, and more important - no sound empirical data.

Today, many Blacks - do not know what to do.

 They literally think Donald Trump - will visit them at their homes - and adversely impact them. Such foolishness comes from utter - ignorance.

They next four years - will be different - for sure the Supreme courts will have all the seats filled.

We the people of this Great Republic - will witness - some pertinent decisions.

We all can agree to disagree - and if we love this Nation - we must follow and more abide by the LAW. The time to set our differences aside is now - and get to work to make our Nation a better - place.

Fundamentally we must comprehend a single principle and more have an understanding of this fact - understanding what is freedom and what is license.

Abuse of freedom is license.

Here is San Francisco - our local government with political whores like Malia Cohen from District 10, London Breed from District 5 ( an incumbent who won by a small margin ), Katy Tang, Mark Farrell ( who stole his election and is corrupt) - Scott Wiener  ( who says he won his seat and is going to the California Senate) corrupt to the core - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

When anyone chooses to lie, demean a fellow Supervisor - as Scott Wiener did Jane Kim - must be watched and for sure not to be TRUSTED.

We all must pay attention - and stop such nonsense. Jane Kim is intelligent - and her demeanor worthy of respect - not so Scott Wiener - time will tell.

Here on the West Coast - we have listened to the Democrats and they have let us down. We have Independents - who were let down by Bernie Sanders - that one Movement - left a lasting scar on many.

Closer to San Francisco - the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) has failed San Francisco - more their sordid and tarnished - political SLATES.

No decent person - should have voted for Proposition O.

More - building homes on contaminated ground.

Proposition O did not win by a large percentage - but it won - all the same - and this one fact - says a lot - when those supposedly concerned - did not advertise one single advert on the Television - Zero, Nada, Ziltch.

This happened before Proposition F spent $5 thousands - and Proposition G - funded by Lennar Urban - spents $10 million.

Who are this rogue developers - to come into our community - and screw us all backed by political whores and pimps - the likes of Sophina Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt and Shaman Walton.

The new face for Lennar Urban is Five Point Holdings, LLC - who is fooling whom?

When we cannot discern - and when we cannot have compassion -  when we are led by LIES - and vote for something that is important and vote carelessly - we have but ourselves to blame.

Sellouts the likes of Sophina Maxwell, Shaman Walton, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Al Williams, Dwayne Jones, Amos Brown, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Paul Henderson, Cheryl Jones - others too many to name - have BLOOD on their hands.

None of the above sell outs have fought for the community on important issues linked to contamination, sound planning, sound transportation, and sound health programs

More sound education, sound workforce, sound Street Violence Invention Programs, and  childcare programs worth the salt.

Senior programs. sound programs for the mentally and physically challenged, quality rehabilitation for those - having served long years in jail, programs for those involved in prostitution, inebriation, chronic thieves, and so on - but these sell outs - continue to take bribes -   shame decency - betray the community at large.

You all are need to be charged under the Rico Act - a Federal Law - that can send you scum bags to jail - for a long, long,  time.

Billions of dollars that use to come to San Francisco - will now be reviewed - millions of dollars that went into the coffers of the Democrats the likes of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who must step down, and Senator Diane Feinstein - both aged and senile.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone.

All this land was stolen - and now is the time - to review and put in action - a stellar plan that we have vetted. 

The many sell outs that I have mentioned - you all are put on notice. Aho.