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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


We, the people are monitoring the current " situation " -
the recent shooting - and the circumstances -
involving that incident in San Francisco -
weighs heavily on our hearts and minds.
Time will tell - we do not take this act lightly.

The San Francisco Police Commission is quick to clarify - that its mandate comes from the SF Charter - that gives them unique privileges to monitor and work with the SF Police Department.  

Boasting that this singular privilege is something no other City in the Nation enjoys. 

That may be verily true - the SF Police Commission for decades has been compared to the Mafia in San Francisco  - wheeling and dealing - and hoodwinking the public.

Working at the behest of the sitting Mayor and screwing things up - inviting - "consent decrees " - only the worse of the worse Police Department - and inflicted with the infamous " Consent Decrees " - here in San Francisco - the SF Police Department thinks - otherwise.

The origins of the Police originate as Slave Catchers - and here in San Francisco more the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) - all documented for all the world to see.

It does not help that the San Francisco Police Officers' Association (SFPOA) has a heavy control over the SF Police Commissioners - kicking the behind of the SF Police Commissioners - who in reality - are the bosses of the SF POA!
Go figure!

The Blue Ribbon Panel  on Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement - a document dated July, 2016 - that can be viewed in detail:

Three judges that sat on this panel all very astute and stellar.

All fully experienced and what is more respected - were shocked - how dysfunctional the San Francisco Police Department is today - much as it has been before - even with a cloud of " Consent Decrees " hovering the SF Police Department for decades.

No other Police Department in the entire Nation - has had the imposition of " Consent Decrees " - for longer periods of time - as has San Francisco.

Again - this one singular fact - says a lot - but our SF Board of Supervisors - seem not care about representing San Franciscans - and is more interested in kicking the can - down the road.

The numbers of assaults, car break-ins, house break-ins, shootings, killings, murder - other petty crimes have increased by leaps and bound. Quality of Life issues have been reduced to a time when no one reminds - it being so very bad. More like the days of the Wild West.

President of the SF Board - London Breed -
an arrogant House Negro - a disgrace to anything - decent.

Our Black arrogant hoody President of the SF Board of Supervisors - a House Negro - has NO clue about the history of the SF Police Department - the huge budget it demands and gets - and  less about Accountability and Transparency.

She loves challenging those that make sense at Public Comment - and adores the few idiots that are present - more as if they live at City Hall - some read, some say - and most of it is - utter nonsense.

Today, at City Hall what we see is wheeling and dealing - and the time has come to rid off - idiots like London Breed, Malia  Cohen, and Scott Wiener for sure.

Today, there will be some discussion at 5:30 pm in Room 400 - on the selection of the next San Francisco Police Chief.

What is important to note - the youth in San Francisco - want their say at the SF Police Commission - on the selection of the next SF Police Commission.

The San Francisco  youth and others  should turn up in force - to put a STOP to the murders on the street - by rogue SF Police Officers - at today's SF Police Commission at SF City Hall - Room 400 at 5:30 pm.

Come without carrying any backpacks - to easily get thorough the front door - where everything is checked - bring no knives and stuff like that. Come to see your government work - that is if it can work.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the lap dog Mayor of San Francisco -
full of fleas

In the interim the JOKER is screwing our once great City - and setting it on fire.