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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Lying Hillary Clinton is history -
the Clinton dynasty has been dashed -
the Clintons are a disgrace - and the people have spoken.

The Nation is fed up with lies and more lies -
the Democrats have taken this  great Nation -
down the drain - into the " cesspool " -
of their own creation - now is a time for change.

The seal of the President of the United States of America -
we are a Republic - and must remember that -
the Democrats with intent - have weakened our Republic.

The last time we had such a surprise -
was in March 4, 1829 - when 
President Andrew  Jackson a populist became
President of the United States of America.

President Andrew Jackson who created the Democratic
Party - was instrumentation in creating laws -
forcing the Native Americans to migrate to
better serve the needs of the United States government -
more adversely impacting the Native Americans.

When Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton -  "crooked Hillary " he meant it.

When Donald Trump - called former President George W Bush - low energy he meant it .

When Trump said - again and again - he wanted drastic " change " - Trump meant it - for the good of the Nation.

What is paradoxical is that the Nation wants - drastic change.

Donald Trump now has a chance to deal with the Dakota Access Pipeline and do the right thing.

Donald Trump has a soft corner or the Native Americans - and can make good things happen - for the First People of this Nation.

Donald Trump has to address the needs of the Veterans - less talk and more walk. The Democrats for all their talk have NOT served the Veterans - and all that and more - must change.

Obama Care is a JOKE - and the time has come to deal with the insurance companies - who are milking the system - and to make the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) truly - work - drastic changes must be made - more reducing the premiums. 

The White House will be rid of the Democrats and the Republicans - will be in.

 Donald Trump may decide to spend more time - in a Trump Hotel close by - and do what he pleases.

Anyway you look at this victory - Donald Trump has done it his way.

The Main Media does not get it - they tried to paint a picture - but all they did - was mess the painting.

Now they have been exposed - for disinformation - more misinformation.

Hillary Clinton - Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi - all political whores for the first time - got fucked - and I hope they remember today - November 8, 2016 - for the rest of their lives.

The Zionists who have ruined the United States - must now be reined in.

Those that are selling out our Nation - must be put on notice.

Much like the " cartel " and the other crooks that come across the border - and  commit their crimes.

The other political whores - in San Francisco - who love Hillary Clinton and now will be weeping as to why the lying whore - did not win?

The many House Negroes - will now begin to understand that the Clintons - with intent - sent millions of Blacks to jail. Yet we had Blacks - listening to their Black pastors - forcing the congregation to vote for " crooked, lying Hillary Clinton ".

Well - more the poor judgement - at last those that fuck with the people - saying one thing and doing another.

These vermin - will be taken to task. The likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, the many other sell outs - who have been raping - this great Nation.

We have the poor - living in tents - we have the poor - who pass the fifth day of the week - have NO food. We have the seniors who are suffering most - all this and more must - change.

Today the United States of America - is less in trauma then they would have been had Hillary Clinton - had won.

Crooked Hillary was all that - crooked and more - and thank God - Hillary Clinton is now history. We must now prepare a several jail cells - for Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi - the other sell out - many of them Black sell outs - right here in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Democratic County Central  Committee - in San Francisco - must be over hauled - and this " evil organization " that back Proposition and most corrupt developers - must be investigated. The Slates that they produce - say it all.

Now, would be an opportune time - to charge Hillary Clinton - for all her misdeeds - attacking Libya - failing to adhere to security protocols - the many ploys and machinations - with her emails and the lists goes on and on.

President Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama - chose the wrong - " political whore " - to back.

The Senate is now Republican.

The House will be in the hands of the inept Democrats.

We will have a Nationalist - is Donald Trump - and history will be made - the Main Media - can lick their chops - and remember to do better the next time around - which I doubt it.

This race is over - and the new President is Donald Trump.

The Hillary Clinton is quiet - they are all wondering what happened?

Well - you lied and lied and lied - and now you can lie - in your lying bed - and remember -  the TRUTH prevails.

 The Clintons - thought they could fool  - all the people all the time - but as one knows well - the TRUTH - prevails.

This land called Turtle Islands - needs an apology from the President of the United States.

The Tribes must be respected - and more Mother Earth - Aho.