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Thursday, April 21, 2016


The Muwekma Ohlone -
The First People of San Francisco and 
adjacent areas - the Tribe exercised their 
Right of First Refusal - in 1991 on land
that was access - during Base Closure.

When the strangers first landed on the shores - be it the Russain Fur traders, the Spanish, and then the Americans - they were all greeted and treated with - respect - by the Ohlone.

Hundreds of documents speak to this fact. Then the strangers - turned their back on those that greeted and fed them - used their superior arms to harm the Ohlone. Raped the women, took away the children, killed the men.

Such atrocities cry to heaven for justice.

The Presidio of San Francisco - has many artifacts and Sacred Remains of the Muwekma Ohlone - carbon dated and registered to 10, 000 years and in some cases artifacts and human bones - going back 13, 000 years.

Many of these artifacts can be found at San Francisco State University. 

The Muwekma Ohlone were once on the Federal Register - and then illegally removed by an evil Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Agent.

L.A. Torrington - the white - Indian Agent deemed it necessary - for him to declare - that the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - was wiped out - when that was not a fact.

The Verona Band was in existence - today they go by the name - Muwekma Ohlone.  The facts and more are there - but in reality - those that can do something - will put hurdles, lie, cheat, and demean the cause of the First People of San Francisco.

The Hearst Family used their vast wealth - to take over land at Sunol  -  land that belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone - now, in the path of the Hetch Tetchy project.

The Hearst Family -  had the audacity to not only purchase the land - but the members of the Verona band - now Muwekma Ohlone - then better known as the Verona Band - and the Tribal members - who lived on the land.

In those days - the Native Americans lived in fear - they were not considered human and they had no rights what so ever.

They could not attain anything - even though they lived here for thousands of years - all they had - including the land - was stolen.

Few know this - and our present politicians - think nothing of respecting the Muwekma Ohlone.

For that matter the many Native Americans -  all over California - they think this land - all of it - belongs to those that today claim it - is theirs. Folks who really - stole the land.

There is NOT one single document that this City and County of San Francisco can produce - where in the Muwekma Ohlone signed a document -  giving up San Francisco - and more the adjacent lands - that rightfully belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Franciscan Friars converted the Muweka Ohlone
against their wishes - hundreds were marched
to the Missions to be converted - the Ohlone
in unison preferred to die - rather than be converted.

We have documentation where the Spanish Army - massacred hundreds of Native Tribes in California - and for sure the Ohlone.

The whites who came here - called them selves - stake holders - they placed a stake here - a stake there.

Then they paid some corrupt surveyor to create a fake survey - went to places to register - like Sacramento to register - what was not theirs. 

Those that were might y-  meaning well armed and had money - could acquire all the land they - wanted.

Such are the deeds of the " greedy " - to this very - day.

The same ones that clear cut the redwood forests - killed the Buffalo not for their flesh - but for their - skin.

For sure the Hearst Family did the same - raking in millions - even purchasing the Ohlone and other Tribes .

The Hearst family -  fed the Ohlone and clothe them - as has been recorded - such deeds very easily done - out of the immense wealth they acquired - stealing, cheating - wheeling and dealing.

The fact they purchased the First People - the Ohlone -  that one singular fact - is a shame - and the Hearst Family and others who committed such crimes - must pay - restitution.

The California Governors took upon them to send edicts - to remove the Native American children - including Ohlone children and send them - to boarding schools to be brain washed.

The children were converted to Christianity - the children were fed food that was foreign to them - beaten and abused - if they spoke their language - such crimes again the children - cry to heave for justice.

The men were killed - the aggressors had guns - the Ohlone has bows and arrows - it was the same - with the other Tribes all over California.

The Franciscan Friars on occasion apologize - about the ill treatment and abuse of the Native people - including the Ohlone - but that is not enough - what about restitution.

Then to make things - even more  difficult - we have sell outs - who act as monitors - when it comes to monitoring Sacred Remains.

Others pretend they know it all - and go with the flow - a crime is a crime - never mind when it was committed.

Those who committed the killings, the murders, depriving the Ohlone and others - of simple amenities - preventing the Tribes from speaking their own language - have BLOOD on their - hands.

In some records kept by the Army - the details are painted and the many atrocities make one puke - the language is blatant - and  the treatment the local tribes - horrendous - worse than animals.

Up until 1924 - any white could kill a Native American in California - including a Ohlone - and fetch $5 for their scalp.

The Muwekma as depicted in this 
painting and in numerous other
documents and paintings - found on our local museums.

Our San Francisco Mayors be it George Moscone, Diane Feinstein, Art Agnos, Willie L. Brown Jr, Gavin Newsom - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - all have never once - made it clear that the Muwekma Oholone are the First People of this area - San Francisco.

 In  fact many of the previous Mayors - openly declared - chose to  forget speaking about the topic - especially - Diane Feinstein.

Some - San Francisco Supervisors would not know what an Ethnohistorian - specializes in.

 They know and mundane things - more they know  a lot about wheeling and and dealing.

 Jumping on some band wagon - to bring fame to their lack luster life - most of them spiritually - bankrupt.

I have watched many of them for years - pathetic.

A Muwekma Ohlone warrior.

The politics of the day - is all about " greed " - and power.

Again and again - when I have spoken to the audience all over this Nation - and abroad - people are shocked, stunned, confounded, and find it difficult that the United States of America - mandate the Tribes that need help - should be on the Federal Register.

If you are NOT on the Federal Register - you are a third class citizen of this Nation - the United States of America.

President Barrack Hussein Obama - could have done something - but has chosen to pander - and pussyfoot around - he will leave NO legacy - he will be remembered - as a panderer.

Here  you have a Tribe - the Muwekma Ohlone - that the Department of Interior admits and the Courts declared - were on the Federal Register - and then illegally removed.

Yet - the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - today must collect thousands of documents - pay for DNA tests - pay attorneys millions - just so that the produce the evidence - evidence that must be proved - to be factual.

The Muwekma have proved it all - and more their continuous existence - they are over 500 strong - and there are many more Ohlone just finding out that they can join the Tribe - after meetings some tribal - standards.

San Francisco admits in its main documents - the San Francisco Planning Department - has language - the aboriginal people of San Francisco - are the Muwekma Ohlone.

Amit Ghosh who once was the San Francisco Planning Department Director - admitted this fact to me and to Dr. Espanola Jackson. He understood the repercussion of this fact - those that have land here - would not like to bow down to a sovereign Nation - that is the Muwekma Ohlone - if put on the Federal Register.

You will not find the present SF Planning Department - too eager to talk and admit that the Muwekma Ohlone - who are the original people of San Francisco and have been here - for over 13, 000 years.

When it comes to artifacts, sacred remains of the Ohlone - unscrupulous and nefarious methods - are used to circumvent what needs to be the done.

Some monitors - who purport to be monitors - belong to some Tribe - who take the money and sell out the local Tribes - who have patrimonial jurisdiction - to protect the remains, the artifacts, all that needs to be protected.

These nefarious entities - bent on making money - greedy as as those that hire them - have adversely impacted many Tribes - including the  Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - that I represent and have for the last 27 years.

These folks who continue to commit these acts - that are sacrilegious - doing the bidding of  mostly white folks - who are really - spiritually - bankrupt. Lacking cultural competency.

Sacrilegious acts - will bring the wrath of the Great Spirit - those that committed unlawful acts - more those with intent - will fall on their face - but more they have BLOOD  on their - hands.

At the Presidio of San Francisco - many Muwekma Ohlone
who served our Nation during World War II -
are buried - few know about this  - and there is more.

Often times - I am asked - are the Muwekma Ohlone - alive and in numbers? - I say - yes.

Here is their website:

Many Muwekma  Ohlone fought during World War II for our Nation - as did the Blacks, the Japanese, others - the sordid tales - speak to the ungrateful Nation - that used so many soldiers - and did not treat them well.

Including some Native American Tribe - who could communicate in " codes " - and played a key role on many - mission during World War II.

At the University of California - Berkeley - lie 10, 000 yes - ten thousands Ohlone remains - in a gym.

 Why so many scared remains - the whites - should be ashamed of themselves - and more the regents of the UC Berkeley - who have jurisdiction - over such despicable deeds and acts.

San Francisco too - talks the talk - but fails to walk the walk. Aho.