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Friday, April 15, 2016


The poor in San Francisco - we see them -
everywhere under bushes, under bridges -
on the many streets of San Francisco.

A Federal Judge has informed the authorities in Los Angeles - to refrain from taking personal belongings from the ' poor" without giving the poor - sufficient notice - also - storing the belongings of the poor - where they can go  and retrieve them - at a later date and time.

Here in San Francisco - again and again - the " homeless " complain about losing their belongings - their medications - and our Mayor is no where to be found. He just returned from Brazil - only to take a junket to to visit the Zionists - in Israel!

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is pussyfooting -
with the Zionists in Israel - 
he should stay there - and not return -
this dickhead - must be ashamed of himself.

As City Administrator - Edwin M. Lee had all the opportunities to address affordable housing for those making - under $80, 000 and under $40, 000.

On the contrary he helped the Academy of Art University - other dubious entities - by looking the other way.

Thousands of " rent control units " were converted to dormitories - others to hotel rooms - with the City Administrator - knowing well - what was going on - condoning the " evil " actions.

As City Administrator - he could have kept the Armory in the Mission - so that the City could use it - to provide shelter to the poor.

Edwin M. Lee -  chose to sell it to an entity that produces - pornographic films - and favors such entities over representing those that need help most - the poor and those with compromised - health.

I have seen patients with AIDS - left to die on Mid-Market - not one, not two but several of them.  i have stepped up to these victims of the system - but what a way to treat those that need help most. Left to die - on the streets of Market Street the main thoroughfare?

This Mayor is a " clown " - he loves to open his dirty mouth and talk - and all that comes out from that dirty mouth - " hot air " - he is all talk and less action.

Today, we have pressing issues to take care off - people are dying on the streets of San Francisco - thousands are living San Francisco - the man is pussyfooting around - with the Zionists in Israel - what a freaking - dickhead!

City Hall has encourages the rich - 
the developers - to target the poor -
and encourage - " gentrification ".

The filthy rich and the " greedy developers " many with the  assistance of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Supervisors like Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, London Breed, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - are contributing to -  " gentrification " - in our City and County of San Francisco .

The two House Negros London Breed and Malia Cohen came out with a Resolution - call for " an independent investigation " to make headlines - only to hoodwink the public at large.

The Department of Justice - took the easy way out - asked COPS to take charge - and COPS keeps telling the people - to wait until - they collect the data - interview the people - hold meetings - and wait, wait - Waiting For Godot!

In the meantime in recent months in all we have had 12 shootings and killings - and more are in the pipeline - the rogue SF Police Officers - have taken matters into their own hands.

The many sell outs - attended a Town Hall - and the City employees who should have been doing their work - were at the Town Hall meeting in the Mission - the Town Hall meeting held at Local Union 261 Hall.

Union 261 that has contributed thousands to the campaign coffers - of Edwin M. Lee.

Supervisor London Breed -
at the eviction rally - she was talking the talk -
but could not do nothing to help the 99 year evictee.

It is the same when innocent folks are evicted - London Breed comes out - and talks from both sides of her mouth.

She could have kept Archbishop Franzo King in place in the Fillmore - but has chosen to side with Amos Brown - a sellout and a Poverty Pimp Pastor - who is out to divide the Black community. No one respects Amos Brown and more the lackeys that support him. 

Malia Cohen has been raking in money - working with developers like Forest City and Lennar and others.

Trying to ask questions - at the Rules Committee - when the woman herself - is a pathetic liar and lacks morals, ethics and less standard.

Again and again we see our San Francisco Police Officers - shoot first and then ask questions. Where is the compassion?

Who is responsible for hiring - these SF Police Officers who lack sensitivity training, cultural competency and what is important to note - do not have the required IQ - to fulfill their obligations - on our streets.

The people - the constituents of San Francisco - do not trust the San Francisco Police Officers. The turmoil on our streets - the lack of trust - is creating a visible " hostility " - and when such a climate exists - all hell - can break loose.