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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Willie L. Brown Jr
he wheels and deals -
while raking in millions - to the chagrin 
of those that think - all is well - is San Francisco.

San Francisco has always showed the way - and today when - the corrupt have chosen to harm and traumatize - the poor, the homeless, those that cannot defend themselves - after repeated warnings, protests - even boldly interrupting the " inauguration of the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee " the shameless, inept, and spineless - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - simply does not get it.

Our young leaders - after deliberate thought and adjudication - have chose to put their lives on the line.

Of course the so called Main Media - does not care - the so called advocates care some - but what is need right now - is the unity, and gathering of the people. 

The people united - cannot, ever be defeated. 

We gathered on April 15, 2016 - the 415 Day - to ponder, adjudicate - and decide that some drastic but meaningful action - needed to be taken - to bring down the - " forces of evil " - high on that list - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
a despicable character -
that has created a " cesspool " of his own making.

Mahatma Gandhi - who lead several protests - always used non-violence - and incorporated - highly successful methods of fasting.

His methods brought the British Empire - to its knees - such is the power of non-violence and fasting. 

Fasting sends a message - to the core of the crooks, the corrupt, those that feed on avarice, greed, and fake power.

These good for nothing - spiritually bankrupt - spineless so called human beings -  can collapse -  much like hitting a nerve that causes paralysis - the jocular.

Our City and County of San Francisco - is where the United Nations met first - to create what is now the present United Nations - that the Rockefeller Family - used their clout - to move to New York. 

Again and again - throughout recent history - dictators, evil folks such as Edwin M. Lee - need to be taught a lesson.

Evil folks have been toppled down - and sent packing away. The time has arrived - and that time in now - we must stand united - and bring down those that have - betrayed us all.

There is love - and there is sacrifice - to see deep within yourselves - and ask yourselves - can we do this - can if do this - now.

This bomb left Hunter Point Naval Shipyard
to be dropped on Hiroshima -
that one evil deed caused untold misery -
to this day - those that have their heart in the right place -
ponder - the pros and cons - and can not come to a sane conclusion.

The United Nations was bold enough to push for human rights - other rights - to keep at bay war - more  a war - where Hitler made his point very clear - he wanted to rule the world.

Anything that he deemed - unwanted - like the Jews - that he perceived made large sums of money - loaning money - making deals - wheeling and dealing - he imagination ran wild - and he had the power - of the Third Reich.

Hitler chose revolting methods such as - those - depicted - in all the stories we here - about the Holocaust. What have we learned from that episode?

Paradoxically - today in San Francisco - we just have to review the Real Estate properties - and find out - who is pushing for very large profits.

Controlling - the large portfolios of commercial Real Estate in San Francisco.

Who is really behind the large development - pushing of condominiums - in the price range from $3 million to $8 million and as much as $10 million?

We know - who is wheeling and dealing.

Never mind - not long ago when the economy of our Nation spiraled - in 2008 - we have  forgotten - the evil deeds of Goldman Sachs, AIG,  and others.

To this day - the largest financial institution that were baled out - have not done right - by the tax payers who baled them out.

President Barack Hussein Obama - our  Nation's representatives - Congress and the Senate  - could have penalized the culprits - but - chose to bail them out at - " tax payers " expense.

We know the power of the lobbyists - we know the power - of the trolls - that roams the halls - up on the hill - and buy this and that - with - green.

We the people lost our savings, we the people were left high and dry.

We the people today - are trying to manage and keep our sanity - and President Barack Hussein Obama - and others - care less - about the great divide - the poor and the one percent that have it all.

President Barack Hussein Obama - could have created changes - but he has chosen to maintain the - " Status Quo ".

He could have help those that most need help - but he has failed as President .

He is a lame duck President - saying something but meaning nothing -  he terms out soon - he will be singing the blues.

I say this because we think that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is smart to do this and that - we forget to see the writing on the wall .

All of us - leave out the hand behind the scenes - the former Black Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr - who was born poor - in Minneola, Texas.

He came to San Francisco - rose to be the Speaker of the House in Sacramento - could have been the speaker for a longer time - before legislation was created - to term him out - to curb the ploys, machinations and shenanigans - he was famous for.

He then ran for Mayor of San Francisco - won in 1995 - was termed out in 2004 - and the rest is history.

For all practical purposes - Willie L. Brown has been running San Francisco. 

He changed  our City Charter - that most do not know - only, recently noticing that major change -  he brought the City Administrator's office under the Executive Office - which is the Mayor Office - way back in 1996.

Prior to that you had the Legislative Branch - the Executive Branch - and the City Administrator who had clout and was independent. Now no more.

Willie L. Brown Jr - took upon himself to  appointed over 2000 Full Time Employees - changing the rules - creating broad duties - for folks that he liked and placed - as Administrative Assistants.

Today, many of these folks - hold very high positions - and are beholden to Willie L. Brown Jr - the former " thug " Mayor of San Francisco.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is where - many crooks dwell - one of them Juliet Ellis who chose to funnel over $200, 000 to Green For All.

 Juliet Ellis had to return the money - she had to pay fine - as instructed by the San Francisco Ethics Commission and the Fair Action Political Committee.

Juliet Ellis still conduct nefarious activities - be it behind the scenes - and make over $250, 000 with benefits.

This slap on the face - of decent, hard working San Franciscans - cries to heaven for justice. Jamaican jerky.

Our young adults - will not be fooled - they are smart but what is more they have principles - they have standards - and enough is enough.

It takes moral courage - guts  - the ability to focus - laser beam focus to - know your enemy.

To take actions - that defy norms - that hit the " enemy " - where it hurts most - but where it stuns their very way of operation - in this case Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

This City and County of San Francisco - has no compassion - and one has just to review the actions of City Hall - in recent years.

All the vague statements made on homelessness - none of which are true.

The statement that in recent years - 20, 000 homeless - now have a roof over their head. Prove it - where and who are these homeless folks that now enjoy the benefits?

In four years - the homeless issues we face today - will be solved. This one statement - is the biggest LIE - ever.

The Mayor recently visited Brazil - the economy of Brazil is tanking - going south. 

However - be it Brazil or China - we have the rich - the filthy rich  - billionaires- much like we have the filthy rich San Francisco - not only the Getty's who have " old money " - but folks like Richard Blum and others - who have raked in millions - and  nearing billions - having disdain for San Franciscans - on Ohlone Land that I represent.

Plans are afoot to build a light rail to the proposed Warriors' Stadium at a cost of $ one Billion.

Plans are afoot to bring in the Brazilian Billionaire.

Arise all you Brazilians - here is the clarion call to the Brazilians in San Francisco - to stand up  and fight for what is right - with us all - Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, others.

Expose the crooks who are behind these sordid deals - to destroy our Neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Plans are afoot to build 30, 000 housing units - on contaminated land - more prone - to liquefaction and flooding.

Money from Billionaires - from China, Brazil, and other off shore accounts - minus for the time being - and make note of that fact - from the exposed accounts - linked to Panama - in the Main Media - recently. Time will tell.

Nancy Pelosi -
rakes in millions - living in NAPA County -
while pretending to represent - San Francisco.

Diane Feinstein - and her husband -
Richard Blum - raking in millions -
AECOM - other ventures - diabolical - but 
all the same - profitable.

Both Nancy Pelosi and her family - Diane Feinstein and her family - are living like - " hogs ".

With all that is going on - with the murders, the killings, the shootings - not a statement - worth the salt.

Further - on our homeless situation - and the many adverse impacts - facing San Franciscans - no Representation - what so ever.

The tourists that come to San Francisco - wonder - what is happening to San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks - he can fool - all the people - all the time. Attending conference and talking from both sides of his mouth.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee will leave NO legacy - he will be remembered - at a Corrupt Crook of the First Order.

Willie L. Brown is raking in millions - working with Lennar Urban - a " rogue developer " - who has chosen to build homes on a " Superfund Site ".

Only the worst of the worst sites - are put on the Superfund List.

Willie L. Brown is busy collect money on Visas that permit the Chinese and other - to invest over $500, 000 on units that are being built on Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard- more on very contaminated land - and a surround environment - that is more contaminated.

Hunter Point Naval Shipyard - has high level readings - all documented -  linked to radioactive elements - cesium, radium, plutonium - other elements harmful to all life.

The former Naval Radiological Laboratory - four stories under ground - ten stories over ground - still stands and declares itself - contaminated - at Hunters Point - and  so does the Big Crane that helped build submarines and ships - for all the world to see.

This corrupt City and County of San Francisco - deems fit to put thousands of innocent people in harms way.

Depleted Uranium was first test at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard in the early 1950s. Parcel E2 is a site that is so diabolical - the contents - if truly revealed - would shock anyone.

The City and County of San Francisco - in broad daylight is hoodwinking - the innocent - decent - hard working - tax payers.

With the millions spent - as much as $800 millions - at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Parcel B, C,  D, E, F (which is the Bay ) - E2 a toxic soup, G where the 49ers Stadium was proposed - UC1 and more - called utility corridor - other parcels carved out - just to fool - the people.

First it all IT that wasted $300 million and then Tetra Tech another $500 million plus - millions going to the coffers of corrupt politicians to fill their - campaign - coffers.

In recent weeks - MNBC Investigative Reporting - revealing - how Tetra Tech - changed manifest on soil reading - substituting "contaminated soil " with clean soil.

Burying contaminated soil - all over the place - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Corrupt corporation that do business - in abatement and mitigation - contributing  millions to fill the campaign coffers of corrupt politicians - and one of them is Nancy Pelosi.

Tetra Tech faked the manifest - faked the readings linked to highly contaminated Class I soil - more laden with high level of radioactive elements - and sent the soil to local and regional - hubs that should receive only Class II and Class III soils.

For those that do not know - all contaminated Class I soil - is shipped out of the State - to places like Nevada - where special arrangements are made - to abate and store such contaminated soil.

Our City has the Precautionary Principle - it is never - ever implemented - as it should. Why?

Read the Precautionary Principle for all it is worth - it is law in San Francisco - but rarely - implemented:

I commend our young adults - those that have their heart in the right place - this is San Francisco - and we are ready - and have been ready.

We do not have to step into City Hall - we can do it remote control - topple the corrupt - and those that are defying the people.

Our neighborhood are being destroyed. The " techies" were invited with ulterior motives. Now, they have been exposed.

This economy will tank - for sure before 2018.

This boom will come to an end - and those wheeling and dealing now - will flee. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and all his sordid deals - will be exposed - the Central Subway started at $600 million - now it is close to $1. 7 Billion - how does that happen?

Forest City and the Pier 70 development is doomed - contamination and other pressing issues. Right now contaminated " liquid tar " - is leeching into the Bay at Pier 70.

At Pier 70 are two hot spots - two large areas - where Ammonia Spills have contaminated the land - who will do the clean up.

Plans are afoot to " cap the contamination " and in the future when the contamination seeps - or leaks - to hell with the people and their - health.

The Hunters Point and Candlestick Point development - is up in the air.

The recent Brazilian connection - is like ramba shamba - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - likes the " dragon dances " - the dragon sees him and flees away. 

Nothing he touches is good - he is being used by the  evil -MACHINE - like a puppet on a string. Aho.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Ohlone land - all of it - and those who stole the land - and abuse the land - are put on notice.