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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hundreds gather to support the brave -
fasting to change hearts and more ill vetted norms -
the SF Police Department  practice - they shoot to kill 
and ask questions - afterwards.

April 26, 2016 - even before it was 6 pm - hundreds gathered - a helicopter taking count of those that had gathered.

 I counted 8 news vans - that were parked within sight of the gathering - before the Mission Police Station - 630 Valencia.

So many cameras - the news is a growing - and San Franciscans - are now fully aware - of this  - on going madness of sorts.

On a Tuesday - that is when the Captain of the Mission Station - has a " Town Hall Meeting ".

April 26, 2016 - was a Tuesday.  This Town Hall Meeting - could not be - the normal one held - which accommodated - less than 50 - 47 to be precise.

As soon as the Captain took his seat - he left and then came again - and started his introduction

At this time  - the Captain was told by one of leaders - participating in the fast - that this Town Hall Meeting - needed to address - more the adverse actions - meted out to those fasting.

The Captain had to do it outside - to accommodate us all - and that left the Captain - gasping for breath - astounded and confounded - " outside no way - we do it here " he said.

" This room is small " said the organizer - " we have hundreds outside - who want to participate in the Town Hall Meeting ".

The Captain did not agree - so there were all sorts of chants - and the Captain and his Sergeant left.

We the people - remained for some time in the Conference Room.

Then move to a larger area  -  then in the foyer - waiting for some demands - that the Captain has to adjudicate behind close doors.

Nothing much was forthcoming. Earlier the demands of those fasting - to use the " restroom " was granted. 

We wanted to make sure - the " restroom " permission was on going - and we got it.

The Elder in the photograph is fasting -
she spoke up and told the Captain:  -
" you cannot meet us outside - a larger area to speak to us -
but you can come out and harass us - and mistreat us?"

The media was there to hear it all - and more the loud chants - demanding and making known to all  who was right - and who needed to fight for their rights - without being afraid of anyone.

We the people have our legal rights - our freedom of speech - in this land -  of the Ohlone and more Turtle Island.

Those that stole the land - the strangers - must respect the indigenous people. Make no bones this statement.

 Those that stole the land - are put on notice - do not ever underestimate the people - the people united - will - never, ever be defeated.

The indigenous people are here today - united - and we are not going to be dictated - on this land - Mother Earth - and the thieves - think is theirs - and dictate terms - that make no sense - to put politely. 

The Captain to the left -
Sergeant to the right - did not agree to go out - use a large space -
to conduct business - talk to the people - they chose to walk away- 
we chose to stay and make our demands - for over an hour.

Then when we saw - that the Captain - was not going to budge - we made sure - one demand - was going to be granted - access to the " rest rooms ". 

After an hour that demand was agreed to - be it  - that instead of all the rest room being used at one time - those who needed to use the rest room - could use it one at a time. Far enough for now - there was more to come.

This police officer - seemed to be trained -
how to de-escalate a situation -
group after group - found him interesting -
he listened a lot - and then gave his  frank opinion.

It is not as if - we do not know some San Francisco Police Officers that care and have proven to be of service - it is always - the " rogue police officers " that bring disgrace to San Francisco.

What the " rogue police officers " do not comprehend - is that we the tax payers pay their salary - and that they should work with us - and " respect " the constituents.

Never mind the color of the skin - the Police Officers are dealing with - respect come first - and with it excellent - service. 

There is a major break down now in the SF Police Department  - and something - must give.

DeJenney Davis - doing what he does best -
speaking his mind and winning a fan -
to join the movement - always dressed up - smart.

Many of us - have been making the trip to Mission Street - 17th and Valencia -  630 Valencia to be precise.

It has been windy in the evenings - the chill is something to experience - the rain has come down and wetted us down - too - some.

We look to the sunshine - as we did today April 27, 2016.

I was there yesterday - more towards the evening - and today spent a couple of hours - after my annual physical with the doctor.

Making my rounds - finding out - if all was well - and today some needed gloves and that was taken care of.

 Tomorrow there may be another need - and that will be taken care of - the point is - " we are all in this together. With God on our side - we have no one to fear - and we know who are friends are - and they will NOT say NO - to our requests.

We will not give up - and that is plain to see.

They come from all over San Francisco -
and beyond - the injustice is too much to endure -
murdering a homeless man - Luis Demetrio Gongora - recently -
not far from this Mission Police Station.

The tension in the air in justified -
we want answers and want solutions -
this is not a game - and we are not - pawns.

Seasoned Advocates - have seen it all -
from high rents, to killing and shootings -
to disrespecting the tax payers that matter.

Hundreds will gather - " first they ignore you -
then they fight you - and finally we WIN " -
Mahatma Gandhi - the master of non-violence -
with " fasting " as his core method of success.