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Saturday, April 9, 2016


The Muwekma Ohlone -
The First People of San Francisco.

Our Founding Fathers - chose for example - to embrace study the Six Nations  - comprehend and more accept - the " democracy " practiced by the Iroquois -  the workings of the " Long Cabin " - and more the role of women - in the many policy makings.

Democracy was practiced by the Six Nations for thousands of years.

The Six Nations deeply impacted the thinking of the Founding Fathers - and it was not uncommon - for those that deliberated - on the workings of our Constitution - to invite the Native American Tribes - to the White House.

Flash forward today - those that do the "politicking " - think they can FOOL all the people - all the time. The have forgotten the people - and think their ways will be tolerated - daily disrespecting the people.

Talking in circles - and using legalese - to cheat, steal, bluff, and destroy every aspect of decency and standards. We the people pay their salaries.

Here is San Francisco - which is OHLONE land - we know who stole the land - and who is truly represents - the best this area the Bay Area can represent - the MUWEKMA Ohlone:

We know the despicable Clintons - nothing good comes from Bill Clinton - whose policies harmed this Nation and more his ' sordid cigar episode " - he inserted the worst elements - that any decent human being could - making many wonder - what the hell was this man - doing in the White House - representing the Democrats.

During Bill Clinton's term - the incarceration for Blacks - increased - today - he is denying the many grave aspects of his doomed policies - and trying to make excuses.

Few fail to mention - how, we as a Nation and he as the President - could have done something to stop or at least curtail - the many atrocities  - the " genocide" in Rwanda. Millions died - and millions suffer the trauma of those sordid deeds - today.

Hillary Clinton -
looks you in the eye and lies.

Hillary Clinton wants the fame and she has learnt too little - about transparency and accountability.Her " email saga " - her lying about other incidents in Libya and other places - have come to haunt her. The many off shore accounts - that have been reported - and of course the Clinton Foundation - ripe with ploys, machinations and shenanigans of the highest - order.

She is used to lying - as are most of those in circle her - so,  at this late date - the world is a stage for her - she will look you straight in the " eye" and " lie ".

Those that can discern, those that are educated on issues - those that can smell a "skunk " - know better - and so let us not go and more drown in the " cesspool ".

Hillary Clinton - is more of the same - and we see it here - in California - the wheeling and the dealing.

The many trips Hillary has made to fill her  " campaign coffers " - she has done nothing for us - and those that are supporting her - more at this late date - should be held accountable - for their - actions.

We are a free Nation - there is "freedom" and there is " license " - abuse of " freedom " - is license.

The same crooks that have failed to represent our constituents - those part of the very corrupt " Machine " - have been pouring money into Hillary Clinton's campaign coffers.

Nancy Pelosi

So far - we have seen nothing stellar - no meaningful representation - from Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Even less from our lap dog - Edwin M. Lee - who has made several junkets - just to contribute to the tainted campaign coffers - of Hillary Clinton.

Internationally  - people are watching and those that matter - cannot trust Hillary Clinton - even with her burst of " hot air " - on women's issues.  pretending to say something - but meaning - nothing.

Bernie Sanders -
he has committed himself to work for the COMMONS.

Bernie Sanders will do better - and he is a man - with values and what is more - is less inclined to LIE.

Bernie Sanders has chosen to receive small amounts - and the people have responded - Bernie Sanders has shunned Political Action Committees (PACs). He has not taken money from Wall Street that created the down spiral of our economy in 2008. 

We the people bailed the huge financial institutions and banks -  we remember the hedge fund shenanigans, the derivatives, the sub-prime loans and more.

Practically all those that invested some - lost money - and to this day the United States Government has not compensated those that lost their precious investments - IRA and other account investments - for the  - " rainy day ".

The indigenous people in the United States have suffered slavery, discrimination, and all sorts of insults.

Those of us - who have been around - more those inclined - in the music, dance, and arts - writers and poets - creative folks - know best what I am talking about.

The Arts contribute a lot to culture and more and more impact the daily lives of the people - in today's digital world. Those that foster ART - are also prone to be COMPASSIONATE.

The Arts make any culture - you cannot explain that to the Greedy and Corrupt - but their time will come - soon.

Here in San Francisco the paradox is the the Arts Community has been targeted - and many artists have left - San Francisco never, ever to return.

During the - I had the opportunity to work with many artists - and did by best to accommodate them - at the Presidio of San Francisco.

After - a couple of years - the Presidio Trust - want higher rents - and less to do with people - who were down to Earth - and loved the ARTS.

Today the politics of San Francisco is not welcoming to the Artists - and the vague outreach done - to some Art Organizations - is to late.

The better more embracing " art communities " - tried to survive and rather than die on the grape vine - left our great City and County of San Francisco.

Muwekm Ohlone Warrior.

This land is Muwekma Ohlone land - and as their representative for the San Francisco area - let me assure you all artists - you have our support.

Our spiritual support - that all you artists - truly know about - and practice in your daily lives.

Friday - April 15, 2016 at 4:15 pm at Dolores Park - ( 19th and Dolores) in San Francisco - there will be a - one of a kind gathering - the theme of the event :

" SOLIDARITY FOREVER CELEBRATION" - please come and please spread the word around.

This is a direct response to the displacement of our Native San Francisco Families.

There will be a school walkout.

San Francisco Natives and long time residents ( and that includes our artists - musicians, poets, writers, all those who contribute in the creative world - now the digital world and even more ) .

We all should respond - to stand together in solidarity and LOVE - to celebrate our unique culture - diversity - and LIFE here in San Francisco and not fall prey - to the developers and to the rubber stamping by the San Francisco Planning Department - and other lackeys that do not want to represent - the COMMONS.

Edwin M. Lee is a disgrace and all of us that know about him - know that his man has embraced " corruption of the highest order " - he has disrespected those that truly love our City and County of San Francisco.

For sure at this unique event and gathering - there will be speeches - and more.

We hope - that the people united - will determine our future - and more who we choose - to represent the COMMONS.

Here is the clarion call to all - decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans - stand UNITED - and let us  go to a better place - act now or forever repent - that you were called but did not represent by your presence. Aho.