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Friday, April 8, 2016


Mid-day yesterday - we were informed a " homeless man " was murdered by San Francisco Police officers - his name " Louis ".

One more martyr - a human being - that should have lived - but had to die - to bullets - from the gun of San Francisco Police Officer - who could have avoided the - " murder " - but committed it anyway.

The clown above want the Office of Citizens Complaints - that is know for dragging out any case and complaint - with interviews - and coming to conclusions that baffle - any ordinary constituent - of San Francisco.

The Mayor funds these departments - and the departments just rubber stamp - and the main reason - is that the person in charge of our City - has no morals, less ethics, and even less standards - worth the salt.

We know hundreds of homeless are dying on our streets - the SF Health Department - does not keep " real figures " - even when they could us some identification - a " John Doe " or " Jane Doe " - description - props up  - again and again - and some one has BLOOD on their hands.

Barbara Gracia better step up - not only with the death count on the homeless - but these so called " hot teams " - that have less resources.

Are now calling upon the SF Police Officers -  to come to "de-escalate " situation - when it would be better to call upon the KKK.

This is a scene at San Francisco City Hall in 1938 -
and believe you me - in this " Racist City " 
nothing much has changed - accept the wheeling
and dealing is behind close doors.

The San Francisco Health Department  - have what are called " hot teams " that visit the homeless - and are supposedly trained to de-ecalate situations .

Situations - that could not be further - from the " truth" - if we zero in on the word " de-escalation " - and what these poorly trained so called " hot teams" purportedly assert.

The training given to those - who are supposedly -   trained - to " de-escalate " - we find that the " hot teams " - are not equipped -
less have the mental ability to endure and less perform at a standard - under conditions - they themselves reveal - are unbearable and very stressful. Over burdened and used like " a dirty rag " - many  of them - go on disability.

When we go into details of " certifications " - whether these " hot teams" can really do their job - under strenuous conditions - they fail.

The length of training - is the bare minimum -  their IQ  meets the basic requirements - and that is the " core of the problem ' - and totally fails the requirement needed - for those who work in similar - conditions.

If they themselves are mentally capable of doing this work - is a matter of opinion -  if they have " insurance " - against the many episodes putting their lives on the line - a whole can of worms will open - and Barbara Gracia - will run for cover.

Now is the time - to call a " spade and spade " - the SF City's Human Resources - has failed this City and County of San Francisco - lacking evaluations that should be given to City workers  - from time to them - to see if they are fit to their job.

Vicky from the head City's Human Resources - is running her Department - like a madam - the departments are not  - " whore houses " - and we are not into panders to - "political whores and pimps ".

San Francisco's City Hall

I met  Edwin M. Lee sometime ago - in Room 200 - just because - I wanted to discuss with him.

This good for nothing man - who have no clue what is happening in San Francisco.

This homeless man some call him  " Louis " - he lived in a apartment - not far away from where he got - murdered.

Then his rent went up -  he landed on the streets - living in a tent. 

He did not speak English - so we really do not know - what triggered the " hot team " - working for the SF Health Department - with a $2 Billion budget to call the SF Police Department - to supposedly " de-escalate " a situation - when time and again - I see SF Police Officers - pull out their gun - and in many cases shoot first and then ask questions.

At one San Francisco Health Department Commission recently -  this issue about the " hot teams " was discussed at length.

For sure again and again the issue of funding came up.

Also, these drab " hot teams " lacked the ability to cater to the needs of the " homeless " - more with wrap around services.

What makes the difference - what means the necessary and required change  - that the mentally, physically, and those challenged  with other chronic and disabling illnesses - are wrap around services - given by those who are experts.

The City can afford the services -  this City has  a $9 Billion budget - plus.

Gets millions from the State and Federal agencies - and wastes millions - " out sourcing services " - and hoodwinking the public at large - who pay their taxes.

This recent murder of  "Louis"  - follows the murder of Mario Woods in the Bayview - and the Mario Wood  case is well documented.

Simply put why would anyone use their gun to kill and murder - rather than disarm a person.

More without - using tactics that are practiced - around the world - without using guns - our SF Police Officers - the rogue ones - are simply - trigger - happy.

We should send this trigger happy rogue officer into battle -  to Iraq or Afghanistan - where their " asses " - will be whooped and they will learn a lesson - faster than all the " drab training ".

The current training these SF Police Officers get at the Academy  - fundamentally lacks high standards - there is something - fundamentally wrong with the training - these SF Police Officers  get - may be with a low IQ of acceptance - they all are prone to failure. 

Time to revamp the entire curricula.

Frankly speaking what can cure this " rouge officers "  is a complete " brain transplant ' - for starters.

A cleansed  "blood transfusion"  - hoping against hope - that the inherent discrimination and bias - these " rogue officers " - carry in their veins - can be wiped out.  I doubt!

I have visited several homeless camps - and the conditions these indigent and many of mentally challenged - live under - is horrific and more traumatic.

All this happening - in one of the richest cities in the world - San Francisco.

This slithering venomous snake we have in Room 200 at City Hall - has destroyed whatever good our City and County of San Francisco - was known for.

For goodness sake - where is the compassion of Saint Francis of Assisi? 

Brother Damian knew Louis - he works with the homeless - may be the " hot team " that invited the SF Police Officers should talk to Brother Damian.

Resign - you City workers who called the SF Police Officers - I know for sure - that the person who called the SF Police Officers - had no clue what she or he was doing.

We will get to the bottom of this situation - you initiated this tragedy - simply because that particular - " hot team " - failed

Senator Diane Feinstein

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

It does not help that the Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have chosen to keep quiet - these good for nothing so called " representative " - more " hags " - both these vermin have no clue - what is happening on our streets of San Francisco.

They are good at attending " campaign funder raising events " -  filling their sordid - campaign coffers.

They are good are wheeling and dealing - they are good at cheating and lying -  when it comes to - addressing Quality of Life issues - they fail - miserably.

The homeless and related factors - are far away from their minds - never mind that entire families - for being poor - falling on bad times - now sleep in tents - on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement weather.

Our San Francisco Supervisors more London Breed,  Kathy Tang,  Scott Wiener,  Malia Cohen and Mark Farrell are busy pandering to developers - political whores and pimps of the first order.

Political whores - they are and will be.

Political whores - they are and will be.

There is a God - and the many Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Black the likes of Amos Brown -  are not on the front line - the lay persons - are busy trying to survive.

The advocates are putting their lives on the line - and have all these many years.

The Gentrification has been in full force for the last 15 years - at last the Brown and Black Unity can make the difference.

I say - with God on our side - we can tackle what needs to be tackled - the KKK and the other elements that worship mammon - this is Sodom and Gomorrah - and we are seeing it all unfold - at all levels. Aho.