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Thursday, April 28, 2016


On one side her son - Equipto - on the other Lindo -
two of them fasting - the Elder her first
name Maria - we call her " Mama " -
she is fasting,  too - she is a tiger - she speaks her mind -
what a glorious example - she  is a leader but more full of compassion. Again and again she finds the answer.

When the Captain of the San Francisco Mission Police Station - thought he could boss the leaders of those fasting - who want to    curtail - the murders on our street - by SF Police Officer - that is the " rogue ones " that bring a foul name to all SF Police Officers - and more to this City and County of San Francisco.

When the Captain of the SF Mission Police Station thought he was standing tall - " Mama " - pointed out to him and told him to his face - " you think you could come out and order us around and think nothing of it ". 

" Now, we demand that you meet us outside - we want the meeting outside this small room - so that we all can participate." 

With these words - she made the Captain feel small - and brought him to his knees. Such are the deed of our Elders - a woman in her own right - and educationist -  a " Mother " - to all - and representing San Francisco - the best we have to offer. Aho.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - missing in action -
the man has disgraced himself - the lackeys -
that support him - be aware - you all have dug
your own- grave. Time will tell.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - for all his lies - that he has spewed in recent years - the sordid diatribe - shameless to the core.

He lied he put a roof over 2000 folks giving them sound  housing - this LIE - says a lot of this pathetic man - who has lost his mind.

Hundreds are placed in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) - many filthy - noisy, having bed-bugs - and this Mayor thinks he can fool us all.

Just visit the SRO in the Tenderloin - and find out who is making more money - at the cost of giving some mediocre shelter to the very - poor. Many desperate and with poor health.

Even our SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia - the Director and her " Hot Teams " - and caught in this debacle. More money spent in administrating programs, more on salaries and operations - in the millions - and less of Rap Around Services that matter.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee says that he will eradicate - all that we see today - " homelessness " in four years. He will be termed in three years - another lie - that begs the question.

In the Mission in recent years over 20, 000 families have left the Mission.

The bus traffic now - moves traffic - with blood red lanes - that have caused confusion - and our SF Board of Supervisors, the Municipal Transportation Agency - the so called " experts " - have made a " fool " of themselves.

Just imagine the colors of a leading merciless gang - has it colors - painted all over the place - moving traffic.

The  " gang members " are laughing at the City and the City officials - and those making these decision - are unaware how stupid - how " dumb " they are -  more lacking - " Cultural Competency ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is now consider a " clown ".

The picture aptly describes him - with his mustache - and an expression - that says more - he is fool - but more - " Caligula "

Hundreds have protested in front of 630 Valencia -
the SF Mission Police Station - and the numbers -
are growing - even as the " Movement " is 
stabilizing and becoming a force to reckon with.

Prior to this -
 we had many other protests -
we marched - we spoke - we did all we could -
to bring attention - to the murders on our streets  -
by " rogue SF Police Officers ".  What is it - that
our City Officials and our Mayor cannot - comprehend?

The world is watching us - and this blog itself has brought attention to so many -  I have been receiving calls - asking me what has happened to San Francisco?

Well, San Francisco is well - at least the San Franciscans - who love their City. 

What is not well - are our leaders - involved with ploys and machinations - " Pay to Play ".

Devious SF Supervisors - the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - who now are displaying their arrogance and ignorance - as they did at the last SF Board of Supervisor meeting that I attended - April 26, 2016.

We have Mark Farrell embroiled in scandal after scandal - figuring out ways to gather money illegal - to fund his future and his sordid campaign coffers.

We have Scott Wiener the worse of them all - pretending he knows about " family values " - when the man itself - is corrupt to the core - and does not have a family - himself.

His involvement with "pay to play ' - knows no bounds - and he wants to run for the Senate seat in Sacramento?

Katy Tang - was caught red handed - shredding her documents - then pretending - she knew nothing about - archiving.

 Less about basic rules - that records of scheduled meetings - must be kept in place - for future - review and auditing.

I stayed for hours - at the last SF Board of Supervisor meeting - just to have two minutes of Public Comment.

 When my time came - London Breed the President from District 5 and Malia Cohen - from District 10 - were having - a side-bar - these " political whores " - are arrogant - and think that their sordid behavior - will not be noticed and reported.

I could have easily called them " political whores " at the SF Board of Supervisors - on April 26, 2016 - but held my cool - and have now - for all the world and more to know what is happening in San Francisco.

Today is the 8th day - and those fasting 
are doing well - thanks be to God - this
time around the " evil ones " - thought this fast -
this powerful message - would be stemmed out -
the people " united " will never, ever - be defeated.

This is San Francisco - named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - the Saint that stands for " compassion ". On our streets - more and more the " homeless " - are treated with disdain.

Thousands of San Francisco families - have left San Francisco - never, ever to return again.

San Francisco is about our neighborhoods.

It is about Ohlone land - land that was taken away from the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I have done due diligence - for over 27 years.

This City has sunk - more those that represent the City - for sure - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - to a all time low - a disgrace to the human race and decency.

The congestion on our roads.

The pollution in the air - the increase in the Carbon Footprint - tons of talk but no - walks.

Openly, now everyone is talking about " pay to play ".

Openly - we see those SF Supervisors - that are oblivious to reality - what is truly happening - the " fast " at the SF Mission Police Station and have NOT - said a word. WOW!

Yet they want to talk about some dubious Black representative - some Committee members - on a Community Development Committee.

Talk about standards when London Breed and Malia Cohen - are the worse - we call them " sell outs " - better known - as House Negros.

Mark Farrell pretending to support the homeless - while daily - raking in million - with untoward deals - devious in nature.

Katy Tang - saying something but meaning nothing.

Better the Chinese whores - in District 4 - who cater to the world's oldest profession - are forced to earn some money to survive. Most of them do it willingly in their homes - they are not controlled by - pimps. Daily in the Chinese newspapers - they sell their wares.

The Supervisor who pretend to be righteous - take the oath to do right - than when the times comes - with " intent " do wrong.

They break the law - and their behavior is mind boggling. 
Scott Wiener the worse of them all - he could have come to the SF  Mission Police Station - to see what is happening - but he a coward and more a hypocrite .

The man has no family values - the man is a Joke - and yet he wants to speak for family values - when daily his deeds speak for themselves. 

Daily he works hard for and with with " corrupt and evil developers " - who do injustice to - San Francisco values.

Power to the People -
the people united - will never, ever - be defeated. Aho.