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Thursday, April 14, 2016


A town hall meeting was held at the Local 261
Union Hall in the Mission - at 12 noon -
April 13, 2016 - to address the recent murder 400 Shotwell Street.

The people  of San Francisco are very angry - and while there was a " press release " and meeting on the steps of SF City Hall - on the recent murders - involving San Francisco Police Officers and related issues.

By design or may be not - another meeting - at the same time - was held at Laborers' Local Union 261 - which has close ties with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and involved in sordid projects and dealings.

Discussion and revelations on  " text messaging" by some SF Police Officers - using hate language - the second time around - were discussed at the " Press Release " - on the steps of City Hall - April 13, 2016.

The San Francisco Police Department - was holding a Town Meeting - at 12 noon at the Local Union Laborers Union 261 - with chosen folks in attendance - and the citizens of San Francisco - not in attendance - because they was NO meaningful  outreach - done.

Folks from the meeting attending the " press conference " - at City Hall - quickly transported themselves to the Town Meeting -  held in the Mission - close to 18th and Shotwell Street - to the surprise of those at the on going - Town Hall meeting.

This Mission Town Hall meeting was important - but not important enough to invited those - that truly needed to be in attendance -  discussing the important issues - plaguing the decent, hard working, tax paying - constituents of San Francisco.

With the arrival of the new attendees - the protestors - made sure all those attending - the " Town Hall " - were put on notice. You could notice the shock on their faces - Matier Rosss and others in attendance. Other crooked SF City Agency officials - wasting their time - working against the tax payers - of San Francisco.

 The loud protests - the riled protestors - expressed themselves - and those present - SF Police Officers and Chief Suhr - we visibly affected - you could see the " fright " on faces - and the comments expressed - were more than frank - to put it lightly. 

There are plans by Jeff Adachi the elected - Public Defender - the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition -  to mandate the State Attorney involved - who has done nothing so far - Kamala Harris.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is now pussyfooting
in Israel - while serious issues have to be decided -
here in San Francisco - shame on him and those that
pander to this inept, spineless, and sordid person.

There are plans by elected Public Defender - to initiate an investigation by State Attorney - on the two rounds of " text messaging " by some SF Police Officers - making disparaging comments - comments that fall into the category - deemed racial and full of hate. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - he thinks - it is business as usual - while there are shootings and killings on our streets - rampant homelessness - congestion and back to back traffic - thousands have left San Francisco - 50, 000 in the last 5 years.

The Mayor is in Israel - pussyfooting with the Zionists.

Every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

The  Zionists think no end to themselves - most of them - were involved in the " economic spiraling " of our economy in the  2008.

Goldman Sachs that just paid a fine $5.8 Billion for their involvement in sub-prime loans, derivatives, hedge funds - and a variety of sordid - financial deals - where millions lost - their savings and investments in the United States.

We in San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - do not need to be building any skyscrapers - to create another Manhattan in San Francisco.

The congestion on our roads in San Francisco has reached saturation point. The high rents have forced thousands of leave San Francisco - never to return - again.

Here is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - trying to entice investors from Brazil, China, Israel - crooks with off shore accounts - the recent revelations emitting from Panama - say a lot - and there is more to come - list of folks and many of them - live - right here in San Francisco.

Supporters of Alex Nieto - will fight to the end -
enough of the blatant discrimination - 
rogue SF Police Officers - shooting first and 
asking questions - later.

Brother Damien - addressing the Town Hall 
Meeting at Mission - Local Union 261 -
little outreach was done - with many sell outs -
present at this meeting - they fled when they saw 
us come out in numbers.

Protestors fed up with all the murders taking
at the hand of some rogue SF Police Officers -
enough is enough

The Media present at the steps of SF City Hall -
not always reporting well on pertinent issues - but, at least they
were there to send out reports -  they deem - best.

Protestors at the Mission Town Hall Meeting -
disgusted the no meaningful outreach -
was done - not even Supervisor David Campos -
knew about the Town Hall meeting - in his own District 9.