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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The homeless - we see them - everywhere -
the rich enjoy their life -
the homeless - slowly give up their life -
 we wonder - why there in no justice - is there a God or what ?

It comes as no surprise - that so many homeless - have disappeared - on the streets of San Francisco - now you see them and now you -do not.

Most of the homeless - facing the inclement weather - many try to  survive - and when they cannot do so anymore - they close their eyes and go. Some keep statistics - we have found out - most of these statistics are fake. Even in death - the "homeless " - get no respect. Who will right this injustice? 

There is a God and then there are the  "greedy  " - who created this mess - as they have BLOOD on their - hands.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land -
this City must gather those that are sane -
and address the issue of - homelessness - on a war foot.

There is a God - the First People call upon the " Great Spirit " - it is a shame to see more - the First People - dying slowly in our streets of San Francisco - this is more their land.

Yet - what is see - is the reality of the "greed" - spread by some who have "no heart " and what is more - despicable.

These  few - who abuse their authority - with intent - adversely impact - thousands - being placed in positions - such as Commissions, heads of some entities like the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - to more harm the people and carry out - sordid and corrupt - actions.

Gentrification - has reigned supreme in San Francisco - from the days when thousands were removed in the Fillmore.

The now Financial District - the International Hotel that was torn won - and the removal of  Filipino Americans.

Then again the same Filipino community removed  from where Yerba Buena and the Moscone Conference spaces now stand -  actions of the San Francisco  Redevelopment Agency.

The hard working  decent, innocent - Filipino community -  sent packing away - those evil to the core - that we know and monitor - conducting themselves in a nonchalant - manner. 

Forgetting at one time Filipino could not cross Market  Street - without being insulted and assaulted.  Today failing the acknowledge the contribution of the Filipino community - on many levels locally and nationally.

Brown and Black unity is growing -
united we must take on those that are corrupt -
do right - and shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Today Blacks and Latinos - Brown and Black are united to fight injustice on many levels.

We have shut down San Francisco City Hall - and we plan to do so again - without stepping into San Francisco City Hall. With God on one's side - everything is possible.

San Francisco City Planning and San Francisco City Planning Commission - keep - rubber stamping - developers initiating projects - that further - gentrification. Furthering congestion and contributing adversely - increasing the Carbon Footprint. More high sea rise level - flooding and liquefaction of thousands of acres - poor land fill.

We do not want anymore skyscrapers - this is NOT Manhattan.

The more we reject the will of the people - the closer - we will attract the " wrath of God " - Sodom and Gomorrah.

Slowly but surely - we have seen -  " Greed " replaced by lack of   " Compassion ".

Skyscrapers -ugly to the sight -
that create an allusion of power -
time will tell -  the towers will fall down -
those who create them - falling flat on their faces.

The San Francisco Planning Department have failed to produce - a sound " Housing Element " - a document that is prepared - every 5 years - to help better planning.

The paradox is that the last 3 Housing Element documents - going back 15 years - all are in our Courts.

Charged with - faulty projections - false statistics - and what is more - no sound empirical data. Shame on the San Francisco Planning Department.

In the interim over 50, 000 families - have left San Francisco - never to return again. This is a crying shame. 

Here is San Francisco - decent San Franciscans made San Francisco - more our unique neighborhoods.

Now - invaded by sordid "techies " - other scrupulous folks - their gaze far away - and their hearts in the wrong place.

The Muwekma Ohlone have had a lot of patience -
this land that we call San Francisco - the
neighboring lands all belong to the Muwekma Ohlone -
the land was stolen - and must be returned.

Thieves do not want to be reminded of  " restitution " - more when they steal the land - contaminate the " watershed " - pollute the air - the waters - the rivers and the lakes - all that once was pristine.

The Muwekma Ohlone have " patrimonial jurisdiction " over all of San Francisco and the neighboring areas. In 1991 the Muwekma Ohlone exercised  " their Right of First Refusal ".

The fools who pollute do not know  - this one singular fact - that harms the Earth.

However the Earth - can always heal itself - if those  evil to the core - charged do  right - but continue to do wrong - more,  with intent do wrong - they will - perish. Think about it.

The Muwekma Ohlone have had patience. To learn more - visit: