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Monday, April 18, 2016


Again and again - there has been a lot of talk - no action - and of course - little if no resources - when it come to taking action - linked to sea-level rise,  flooding, liquefaction - all a result of climate change - our united contribution to the increase - of the Carbon Footprint. More here in San Francisco - the misdeeds of evil White folks.

The Muwekma Ohone -
the First People of San Francisco -
many White Folks are ignorant of this fact.

This is Ohlone land more Muwekma Ohlone land and the Whites who stole the land.

Further the White folks contaminated and polluted the land that was there.

Went ahead and created poor land - using anything they could get - to in fill - and adversely impacted the Bay.

For over 13, 000 years the Ohlone - preserved and protected the land - only for the Whites in less than 250 years to contaminate, pollute, and tarnish all that was once - pristine.

Pollute the watershed - pollute the air - pollute the water of the Bay - adversely impact the lives of all beings.

Time to enforce the - " Precautionary Principle " now.

Think about that - more fathom - within yourselves the " greed " what you all have accomplished?

Few know that the entire area from the now Ferry Building all the way to Montgomery Street in San Francisco  - is all prone - severe flooding and liquefaction. 

It is just a matter of time - that the Bart Underground platforms will be flooded - much like what happened in New York - not long ago. 

Again and again - when we experience what are called King Waves - those huge 30' plus waves - we see the results - by the Ferry Building. The streets by the Embarcadero are flooded - and for the first time - those that can see - that once were blinded by  sordid " greed " - realize - they may drown - factors originating from their many misdeeds. 

By Candlestick Park - the State Park - most of shoreline has eroded.

All the while our City and County is pandering to Lennar Urban - this " rogue developer " that has been breaking all the laws - using " contaminated dirt ".

Contaminated dirt - it has imported from near by sites - that stacked dirt - the sites owners - purport is clean. 

Only - to find out  high PH levels - went tested and other empirical data - showing even higher levels of contamination -  mercury, lead, in some case radioactive elements ( the results kept hush - hush ) and  other contaminants - that adversely impacts the health of those that come in contact with that - contaminated - soil.

By the Embarcadero  - the Ferry Building was renovated and upgraded and I witnessed the before and after. 

The basement of the Ferry Building - has all sorts of pumps - pumping access water - and in recent years - those pumps that once worked well - and now aged and failing.

The 7. 5 mile that the State once controlled and then handed over to the City and County of San Francisco - from Lower Fort Mason all the way to Pier 98.

The City and County of San Francisco - first received the State land - then  conveyed the land to the SF Port Authority - by creating an Enterprise Department - that is the SF Port Authority.

The SF Port Authority that has failed - in its obligations - and now wants to address the many depilated piers - an eye-sore that only recently - are being repaired.

The land that the SF Port Authority has jurisdiction of - is Public Trust Land - that belongs to all Californians. The land must be used for Maritime Uses - now Recreation uses has been added - and on this land Public Trust Land - the AT&T Park has been built. The crooked go to Sacramento - created legislation - to facilitate such projects - to fill the coffers of the filthy - rich - in this case the GIANTS.

The sea walls - bordering the 7.5 mile SF Port Boundary are failing.

The SF Port Authority - has chosen to bring in the experts - mostly Whites - lacking " cultural competency " -  who have no clue about Mother Earth - have not read the history of the Muwekma Ohlone -  less  respect  for Mother Earth.

Larry a Black man who is my good friend -
worked for over 35 years - trying his best -
to keep the grounds of the SF Port Authority - clean.

The so called experts -  gather and talk.

 Again and again when some one ask - what about the resources - in other words - where is the money going to come from - vague, convoluted answers are given.

Such - are the works - of the " greedy " - that segment of the population who came here - mostly without any papers - White illegals - who today deem that the land - is theirs.

When the 1989 Earthquake struck - some of us who were around - and knew something about liquefaction and flooding - saw the damage - on SF Port Authority land  - the piers falling down - by 96 and the surrounding area.

The cracks - fissures - in and around Mission Bay - very poor landfill - mostly,  contaminated by in fill - containing construction material -  laden with Asbestos.

 Paint thinner - chrome waste - lead, mercury, and all sorts of acids and other very contaminated elements - that the SF Health Department - has knowledge of - and will not discuss - in public. - nor dare to inform the public at large.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Ohlone land - so - go ahead and build your skyscrapers - and you will see - but more remember - that you folks that contaminated, polluted, abused Mother Earth - will not go Scott Free.

More - you will witness first hand - the reality of your evil deeds - more you that have BLOOD on your - hands.

When the SF Port Authority celebrated their 150 anniversary - in the beginning - of the preparation made  - the Muwekma Ohlone were left out. 

I had to bring to the attention of Monique Moyer the Director who has left the SF Port to work for CBRE - that the Ohlone were here for over 13, 000 years - carbon dated.

The changes - linked to the misinformation were made - and then I brought before the attention of those - that were preparing - to celebrate the  150 Anniversary of SF Port Authority - the role of the Buffalo Soldiers.

The  all Black Buffalo Soldiers - belonging to the 9th and 10th Infantry - the 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions - who accompanied the first settlers to California. 

These Buffalo Soldiers all Black - the commanders were White - General Pershing was one -  name affectionately and well know at that time as " Black Jack ".  The Presidio of San Francisco have the tell tales of that time - and the Veterans Cemetery in the Middle of the Presidio of San Francisco - has over 500 Buffalo Soldiers buried - few know about this fact - but does any one care.

The organizers conveniently had forgotten the role of the Buffalo Soldiers. The many landings at the then Ferry Building - their exploits to Alcatraz and Angel Island - and more.

Then I had to bring to the attention - of the ignorant Port Commissioners - and some are still there - trying to put their best foot forward - but more when they talk - put their foot in their mouth. 

The history and facts about the well known Portman Porters - the very first station marker Number One - is in front of the Ferry Building - and there was more. - that the SF Port Commissioners and others - that had no clue about.

Few know of very corrupt developers - more from New York - who had evil designs - to demolish the San Bruno Mountains - and fill the Bay - some astute and compassionate San Franciscans - united and fought - the sordid - designs.

We all know about the White women - the wives of a Judge, a Chancellor, men who held important positions - their wives who stood tall and STOPPED - the Bay from being filled - earlier,  50% has already been filled - with poor in-fill.

Recent excavations - have found Ohlone remains - entire wooden ships buried - other huge mementos of a time - linked to the Gold Rush.

Those in charge  keep the people in the dark - but all that and more - will be reveal for all to see. The time has come to bring about solutions - united and without finger pointing.

More - when the Earth opens - the huge waves rush in - and wipe off what is in the way of the waves - much like the huge Tsunami  cases - that have left tell tales - for all  - the world to see.

Those who are " greedy " cannot see this - until Mother Nature is in their face - they have to fall flat on their asses - to find out the " truth " - often too late - and then the finger point starts - always blaming everyone else - but never, ever - where the buck - stops.

The engineers had problems tackling Pier 27 and 28 - Piers 30 and 32 and more.

The engineers, the hydrologists, those specializing in seismic factors - are talking about pumping " grout " - other kinds of concrete - deep into the soil to hold and preserve the rock features - on which the frail sea walls sits - and now move with the force of the waves.

Port Property and features of buildings -
huge tanks that held " grain " now -
waiting for development to take place -
the land surround this area - contaminated.

Hunters Point once had two large hills - the United States Navy demolished the hills and filled the Bay - the entire over 800 acres  what is called - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It was once the Bay - and I see a day - when the Bay will take - what is rightfully - what the Bay deems - its jurisdiction. 

Never, ever play with Mother Nature. A lesson the Whites and those that are not spiritually grounded - fail to comprehend and less understand.

Large ware houses like this laden with Asbestos, 
lead, other contaminants fill the air - now one by
one abated - for reuse - after over 40 years of neglect.

In and around the former Candlestick Park -
now torn down - the land is prone to severe 
flooding and liquefaction.

The State Park by Candlestick Point was a " garbage site " - poor in fill - that still emits Methane Gas.

Few know that from 4th and King to Geneva Avenue - over 500, 000 tons of Methane Gas spews in the air - one ton of Methane Gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The proposed Salesforce Building -
some 600 feet - signs of the times -
San Francisco is not Manhattan - but -
these "greedy" bastards - cannot be controlled.

The millions of tons of concrete - that will be poured to build the TransBay, the Sales Force skyscrapers, all the thousands of units - some 50, 000 in the pipe line in San Francisco.

The thousands of units - all generate - Carbon Dioxide - contributing to the increase in the Carbon Foot Print - not once - mention is made of this pertinent - the increase of the Carbon Footprint - factor. Why?

The Whites are " greedy" they want it all - even though most of what they have acquired is not theirs - you have only to study the adverse impacts of colonization world wide - and the history of what took place on Turtle Island - that in now called the United States of America.

The KKK once ruled openly at SF City Hall -
today  - the wheeling and dealing -
takes place behind close doors -
nothing much has changed - the discrimination continues.

Here in the United States - this land before Christopher Columbus an evil person landed - was known as Turtle Island.

The Founding Fathers incorporated a lot of what is the  United States Constitution - from the Six Nations.

Evil to the core - 
always seeking opportunities -
to rake in the millions.

More the Iroquois - ignorant folks - have no clue - and fail to understand - that the Six Nations practiced " democracy " for thousands of years - before the Pale Faces - landed on Turtle Island.

The "greed " of the evil and corrupt  Whites knows no bounds.

This is Ohlone land - and here in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe has patrimonial jurisdiction.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on all matters linked to SF Planning, Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Education, Health, Safety - is short Quality of Life issues. 

I have been monitoring all the ploys, shenanigans, and machinations - for all these many - years.

The White folks - are first to pollute and contaminate - clear cut the Redwood Forest.

Kill the Buffalo not for the meat but for the skin - and leave heaps of skinned Buffalo - to rot - such are the deeds - all recorded - for future generations - to read and learn about the misdeeds - who until now - at this late date - have learned - nothing much. Aho.