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Monday, April 11, 2016


This is Muwekma Ohlone Land.
This City and County of San Francisco -
must remember that at all times.

San Francisco is unlike any other City - we embrace all - and we are known for our compassion.

First and foremost those that today rule our City named San Francisco  - must understand this is Muwekma Ohlone land - and we have every desire - to announce and more to rightfully - exercise our sole right  - " patrimonial jurisdiction ".

Room 200 at City Hall has cowed down to pressure - and the man who sits in that "  sordid chair " - is afraid to face the people - never - ever in the history of San Francisco - have we had a mayor - who is a COWARD - shuns from his responsibility and more from the people - he purports to represent.

On our streets we have the homeless dying - some a slow death. - Others dying - facing the " inclement weather ".

Others - just because they are poor - denied health and " wrap around services ".

 WE have entities - so called " hot teams " who work for the San Francisco Health Department - and one Barbara Gracia - who call upon the San Francisco Police Department - as they do not - have qualified training - how to de-ecalate situations.

Then,  we have some SF Police Officers - use para-military tactics - shoot first and ask questions later. Enough is Enough.

This man has set our City on Fire -
he has treated the " seniors " with disdain -
he has targeted the " Homeless " -
the " wrath " of God - will bring him to his knees.

We have over 11, 000 homeless - sleeping in cars, others in buildings that have been vacant for years.

Still - others under bushes - many under the bridges.

Even more - still other in tents - the tents go up and tents go down - in many cases the Mayor ordering that tents and the homeless peoples - private possession the little they have -  clothing, and keep sake stuff - even medicines - be cleared and confiscated - taken away and destroyed.

The press has reported the happenings - and the "filth rich" and " greed developers " keep siding with the Mayor - who is not - respected.

The people united have protested:

The people united - will never, ever defeated.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - the thieves stole the land - they do not have one single - legal document - to prove that the - land is theirs. The world must know this - Native Americans were here for thousands of years - Carbon Dated to 13, 000 years.

Here is San Francisco -  we have Shell Mounds -  hundred of them - where the " sacred remains " of the Ohlone - were buried. Again and again - when ' Sacred Remains " are found - they are NOT respected. Again and again - we must listen - to those that desecrate. the " sacred remains " - making excuses.

We have Native American - so called "monitors " to make some money - working with the corrupt - side stepping the Muwekma Ohlone - all this " nonsense " - will come to a STOP.

We have other tribes from all over the Nation - who should stand united - and respect the - Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

Time for all - to learn that the Native Americans who respect their culture and Elders - respect the host country that that they  live in - time for them to respect the Elders of the host country - in this case Chairwoman Rosemary Cambra - of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - and the Muwekma Ohlone Council.

Here we have a Chinese - who speaks from both sides of his mouth - dishing out his kind of justice - much like the Chinese were treated - in the early 1800s until 1950.

We would imagine - this Chinese who have lived here in San Francisco - who family hails from Oregon - fails to abide by protocol - does not comprehend the ways that are - right.

He is worst of all the Mayors - we have had represent - the City and County of San Francisco  - and he must - step down.

We will hold an event - and invite all decent and hard working San Franciscans to gather - on Friday - April 15, 2016  at Dolores Park - at 4:15 pm.


San Francisco Natives and long time residents - we must stand together in solidarity.

Our culture, our diversity,  the life we lead and life that our ancestors have led - must be celebrated with LOVE and we must speak our mind.

 We must not be afraid of those -  that are " the living dead " - spiritually bankrupt - who are destroying - what we have built -  good - all these many years.

San Francisco is about our neighborhoods - San Francisco is about " compassion".

We are honored to have  so many varied cultures, cuisines, music, dance - astute people from all over the world - people who visit us - use to love the things we offered. No more.

In recent years - we have seen untold congestion - on our streets and freeways - it takes 45 minutes to cross 4 blocks - back to back traffic jams on our freeways are common. 

Skyscrapers all over San Francisco - much like Manhattan.

The San Francisco Planning Department - keeps - rubber stamping - does not follow the Housing Element and more the General Plan - time will tell.

We have SF Supervisors the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - corrupt to the core. They are Black - but lack cultural competency - the shared destiny with the Native Americans - today the act like House Negroes.

Mark Farrell, Kathy Tang and Scott Wiener - favoring the developers and do not know - who really - has " patrimonial jurisdiction " of this land and beyond - call San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The Muwekma Ohlone do not appreciate their land being abused - and more contaminated and polluted.

The Muwekma Ohone will not tolerate the seniors being abused - dying on the streets of San Francisco - the indigent and the poor - treated like scum bags - the political whores and pimps that I have named - must change their ways.

Two hundred fifty years ago - most everything was - PRISTINE.

We do not have to invite - the "techies " - those that are sordid and  " greedy " - to come here - to San Francisco -  for the sake of - coming here.

Go somewhere else - in fact we do NOT want the Mayor here - let there be a referendum - this very corrupt man - must step - down - now.

This is a direct response to displacement of our San Francisco Native Families. Come to the meeting this Friday, April 15, 2016 at 4:15 pm - at San Francisco - Dolores Park in the Mission.