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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Maria Ayerdi Kaplan
Executive Director of the TJPA

 I have known Maria Ayerdi Kaplan for over 20 years. 

She started working at SF City Hall in the Mayor Office and has since held several jobs - and excelled at all of them.

Once a single mother - now married - she has proved with diligence, hand work - fortitude - that she is capable of handling - almost any project - however - big and complex.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) is a very large project with an over $4. 5 billion budget - that has been talked for decades.

Few wanted to take charge of the situation at hand - and address the transit opportunities - and find lasting solutions - not only locally but regionally. 

This one of a kind - state of art - transit hub - that has been compared with the Grand Central Station -  the design and the many transit aspect linked to buses, high speed rail, a 40 acre plus project - once owned by the State of California - with 11 acres of new parks - right in the down-town area - is mind boggling.

Add to that 4, 500 brand new housing units - touted as mixed-housing - which means catering to those that are middle class -  those making $120, 000 and below - is one aspect of this project - that is looked upon - eagerly - to fill the need for so called affordable - housing.

Since the year 2003 and before the Executive Director of the TJPA has worked with Real Estate buffs, engineers,  other experts - fashioning every aspect of funding, design, construction and out reach - that has been second to none.

The Transbay Center - the old one - served San Francisco and the entire Region the East Bay, the South Bay and beyond. Most San Franciscans - at one time or the other have visited the old Transbay Center - now torn down.

The new Transbay Center - is very large - the large amount of steel, concrete, other materials linked to electrical and plumping - and so on - is mind boggling - to purchase and store. 

All the while - there are standards have to be applied - " Made in America " purchases - and if we cannot find the material here locally and nationally - go abroad.

Finding sites to store and manage transportation and movement of tons of materials - steel, solar panels, light fixtures, and so on and so forth.

Interacting with the workforce - not only the architects, the engineers, the Project Manager, the intricate fiduciary agreements, the transfer of large pieces of land from the State of California .

Negotiating and buying other pieces of land - private land - for the use of this contemporary multi-modal station - right in the middle of our famous down town - has been Executive Director Maria Ayerdi Kaplan's life work - for the last 18 years.

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan -
with First Lady - Michelle Obama

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not an engineer and more he is not a good leader.

He lacks a sound vision - and if he does not get it his way -  he will - act like Caligula - he will set our City and County of San Francisco on fire.

The Sales Force Building - part of the
Transbay complex of skyscrapers.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
out to set our City and County of San Francisco
on fire.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - chose to interfere with Executive Director Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - trying to order her around.

Forcing her to comprise on the " standards " she has set for herself. Creating undue interference and more chiding her - by others ganging on her - to undermine her excellent work - ethics.

Forcing her to re-align tested blue prints - linked to rail lines - and infrastructure - with many detail reports .

Environmental Impact Reports - linked to liquefaction and flooding - and other engineering tests - all vetted to maintain tested - standards - part on the plan - now undermine by Mayor Edwin M. Lee's - private and sordid plans of creed - more linked to the Warriors' Stadium at Mission Bay.

Forcing the Executive Director Maria Ayerdi Kaplan  - to create drastic changes - and completely - change and thwart  the plan - to substitute Mayor Edwin M. Lee - own convoluted plan - more to cater to the building of the brand new Warriors' Stadium at Mission Bay - on very poor soil -prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind  -
lately visiting Brazil that is going under -
Israel - seeking guidance in all the wrong - places.

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan is a very intelligent woman - who does due diligence - she will stand her ground.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee being a " panderer " - did not like it - when someone calls a spade a spade. 

Mayor Edin M. Lee does not have the balls to be a man - and except the fact - that a woman and a lady -  someone like Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - is far more intelligent, a better negotiator, and a has a far more superior IQ - than - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who always loves women and others to suck up to him.

I for one - took him on - and will take him on - at a moment's - notice.

He loves pandering to the women that praise him and suck up to him - but " real women " will hold their ground - and tell him to go to hell - if and when the need arises - and rightly so.

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan has received many awards - is respected by many - including myself - and does not need to play second fiddle to a good for nothing Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who lacks basic leadership.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

The ouster of Executive Director of Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - who ran the Transbay Joint Powers Authority  (TJPA) for over 18 years. - is something to be admired - she left a legacy.

I just happened to pass by the room - and took a chance to see what was being deliberated.

In a couple of minutes - I adjudicated the situation at hand - and found myself - filling our a public comment card - and addressing the situation with favor Maria Ayerdi Kaplan and revealed the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.
I hope Mayor Edwin M. Lee - learns from this lesson - and stops his sordid ways.

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan has done us all proud - and her loss - will be someone else's gain - she is in demand  - for her know how and expertise - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - should  be ashamed of himself.

The extension to the Warriors' Stadium - an over $1 billion cost - is not something that is truly viable or doable - without many cost overruns - and untold problems - linked to liquefaction and flooding - more falling prey to Earthquakes - and the Big One - that is due - soon.

I wish Maria Ayerdi Kaplan all the best - and we  San Franciscans that know how - will stand by you  - others that know you and who have worked for the best interest of this great City and County of San Francisco.

We all wish you the very best. Aho.