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Friday, April 29, 2016


Today is the 9th Day of the " Hunger Protest ".
Where is the moral compass ?- Why the deft silence? -
by the City Leaders - who are spiritually - bankrupt?

San Francisco has always been a " compassionate city " - named after Saint Francis Assisi - a Saint that loved all beings - known well for his compassion.

 This gives San Franciscans - an added impetus to embrace all - queer, straight, others - folks from all walks of life - seniors - our infants, children, youth, young adults - the mentally challenged , the physically challenged - everyone.

Every day at the 630 Valencia site - 17th and Valencia - the banners  reflect - the plight of the day.

More,  when folks have some time and come and gather.

Mostly - in the evening - they trickle to the site - with flowers, drinking water, warm clothes, bring their musical instruments  - for sure their compassion and love - and the area around 630 Valencia - is charged with goodness and sound vibes.

The Captain of the Mission Station - has been struck with the tenacity and fortitude - and is a changed person.

His pretending to be stern - is slowly melting - much like some ice block - left to deal with the scorching - sun.

There is a memorial set up to 
Luis Demetrio Gongora -
messages to the many murders committed by
the SF Police Officers - not all - but the few  - " rogue ones".

The recent events - in San Francisco - have travelled world wide - it is not so much the Main Media - that spreads the good word - but the many sound blogs - that have carried the message - far and wide - world wide.

Other media have fallen back to the reports from the many blogs - taken the pertinent and salient point - and high lighted the issue at hand - " the murders on the streets of  San Francisco ".

Today, Friday - April 29, 2016 at 11 am - the SF Police Chief - will be holding a Press Conference - he is calling for focused orientation and training - to address the discrimination, the biases, the many untoward actions.

The text message scandal - the second one - exposed - has sent chills to the years of cover up - and those who have known about this - and we who have known and heard about it - could not do much - the " Police Bill of Rights " gave impunity to the " rogue Police Officers " in the minority - and bad apples - adversely impact -  the entire apple cart.

Racial hate remarks - stemming  - from the inherent  - age old - discriminatory mentality - that some of the San Francisco Police Officers have - and failing - to refuse to address and change their attitude and mentality.

 The" bad apples " - consider it - business as usual - and this stupid mentality - must STOP - now

The KKK holding their ceremony at SF City Hall - circa 1938 -
at the SF City Hall " Rotunda " for all the world to see -
these seeds - that were planted - is now spread - 
and for all the talk there has been " no walk " -
demanding  drastic and urgent - change for good.

The youth and the indigenous people have spoken -
they have protested - the have marched .
Our  City Leaders - do not get it - they want our " votes " -
why should they get it?

Today is the 9th day of the ' hunger protest ". The world is watching - but most of our SF Board of Supervisors have been quiet - and the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has been pussyfooting around - but all that and more will change.

We have all the conditions for a perfect storm - no need to step one foot at City Hall - the world will see and witness - with clarity and purpose of mind - the " evil doings and policies " of this - City and County of San Francisco.

 Yesterday - Senator Mark Leno - made an appearance at the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition meeting - held every Thursday - at 350 Rhode Island - in the Potrero District in San Francisco.

Senator Mark Leno is introducing - Senate Bill 1286 (Leno) - it calls for fully accountability and transparency - and forbids California Law to keep information about police deadly force or proven misconduct - secret.

As usual the many forces that want business as usual to reign - are opposing this SB 1286. We need to stand united - learn more about the SB 1286.

When the clarion call is sounded - we must be present in large numbers - at  Sacramento - so that those Representatives - that are now silent and in hiding in the shadows -  wake up on these very serious issues

 Stand up - vote - and do what is right. Many of you so called Representatives - including shallow one like David Chiu is taking the easy route - we want to know - where you stand on this one?

What you should know -  Senate Bill 1286 will:

  1. Allow public access to investigations, findings and discipline
      information on serious uses of force by police.

  2. Allow public access to information on police misconduct.

  3. Affirm that you have a right to be able to track your
      misconduct complaints and see what the police department is
      doing about it.

  4.  Give power back to civilian oversight bodies to effectively
       monitor police.

For more information about Senate Bill 1286 - please call:

Charlie Fredrick, Senior Organizer -

Chance Smith, Legislative Advocate -

For the longest time we have put our faith is such agencies as the Department of Justice ( DOJ) - I call them the Department of Jokers.

We the people demand - " pattern and practice investigation" with time lines and goals. Now.

Again and again - we the people are told to hold our " ire " - wait - " waiting for Godot " -  for drab reports that are given to us after 6 months.

Other reports after - one year .

Still others after eighteen months - and you get a drab, shallow and   - " long winded " document - with a lot of generalities.

Permitting and  giving entities like Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - no enforcement - revealing to us - after long periods of waiting - what we already know - who is fooling whom?

Very little about ' Cultural Competency " - very little about rapidly " changing demographics" - very little about practices that matter - " pattern and practice investigation" that have brought about results. One in Oakland - California - in our back yard - linked to gangs - and restrictions that were thrown out -  drab " Gang Injunctions " restrictions that defy - common sense - and have ruined many - families. 

We have sell outs like Supervisors Malia Cohen and London Breed - who have no clue about ' Congressional Hearings " - investigations that matter - as is "Pattern and Practice Investigation" - that bring about dire - results.

Their IQ is so low - their arrogance so full of it - that they make a fool of themselves - sell outs - and House Negros - that make mockery of anything - decent. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
good for nothing - talks from sides of his dirty mouth.

We have a Mayor - Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is a lap dog - has ruined whatever good this City and County of San Francisco has - speaks from both sides of his mouth - and must be brought before the Courts - and charged under the RICO ACT.

Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell receiving large amount of donations - under Political Action Committees - trying to use " developers" and entities like AirB&B - to keep the Middle Class down - and drive thousands of families - from San Francisco.

All items linke to their nefarious actives - on the SFEthics website - of your perusal and personal  inquiry - and investigation. Go to - and scroll to Ethics Commission - learn to do so -and you will be a better person for it.

Edwin M. Lee has set our City on Fire.

This is Ohlone land -
they were here for over 13, 000 years -
 until - the strangers came and contaminated it all.

The great divide - the disparity in San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda in Africa. That should send a signal to those - that are in charge on our policies. 

Who is advising our Mayor - Tony Winnker, Steve Kawa - wake up and smell the air.

Caligula and Nero - set the City of Rome on fire - and San Francisco - is heading in that - direction. Aho.