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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee has returned from two junkets - one to Brazil whose economy is spiraling down - even as it proposes to host the Olympics.What the hell are you doing - in Brazil - pussyfooting?

The second junket to Israel - a Nation that we waste billions of  our tax payers dollars on - and who have planted agents - here in our Nation.

 Some of them Representatives - who continue to adversely impact our Nation - on many fronts.

Our Nation need to address our issues at home - our failing infrastructure, the seniors, those that need help the mental and physically challenged, improve our education - free education in all the States - up to High School - and college too.

Improve our health system - and stop the increase in health insurance premiums. The state of affairs - linked to Safety - has reached - saturation point - too many innocent people are murdered on our streets - many of them by Police Officers.

San Francisco City Hall -
the wheeling and dealing goes on -
more in Room 200.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed San Francisco. He comes to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors  - to address the SF Board of Supervisors once a meeting as planned and arranged.

Those attending the meeting - in the August Chamber in Room 200 - were prepared to hear the Mayor - not any more - as arranged previously -  at this meeting - the Supervisors have their questions answered.

 In order for this to happen - the question has to be sent in earlier.

We have 11 Districts - those Supervisors that Represent the even numbers in the Districts 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 - get turns to send their question to the Mayor.

The Mayor  has his lackeys - write the answer - for our inept, spineless, and less Mayor our drab Mayor - who  has NO standards - who attempt  to answer some - and fails - each and every time.

The Supervisor who follows the rules - cannot debate the Mayor - so the Mayor  spews hot air - and reads whatever he wants to read - and leaves - mostly irate when challenged.

The same happens - alternatively - District 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 - the last two times the Mayor appeared - the Supervisors given the opportunity to send their questions - have refrained - from exercising their option. 

 This appearance of the Mayor - who his security surrounding him - as if - he is some important person.

 This charade - is so disgusting - that it is better for him - to cow down - and lay low under his desk in Room 200. Stay away from City Hall - he is an embarrassment to this great City and County of San Francisco

In the Interim we see Malia Cohen and London Breed - who are stupid to comprehend the basics - fail on two counts - they jumped to initiate -  " an independent investigation " linked to the Department of Justice ( DOJ ).

I call them the Department of Jokers.

The DOJ - sent a task force - called COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services ) - pretending to help the community - but nothing has come of COPS. 

This is San Francisco - and we demand justice and some adjudication quickly - a month at the most - we cannot wait for  an adjudication - that takes months and years -  to hell with your 18 months - long drawn out - investigation of sorts - that we have NO time and less patience - for.

COPS openly stated it will take them 18 months to have the many interviews - they have chosen the entities to interview - in their sordid - pipeline. Again and again - COPS has failed all over the Nation.

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)  assured us they would prepare some documents every six months -  for us to read - and wait - " Waiting For Godot ".

COPS have no power - no clout what so ever  - to enforce anything on the " rogue police officers - who shoot first and murder - and asks question that they deem - later ".

Malia Cohen is trying to involved our current State Attorney Kamala Harris - who is trying to vie for a Senate seat - the seat of Babara Boxer.  Kamala Harris use to be our SF District Attorney and failed miserably - she will not dare conduct an independent investigation - she is Black - so she says - her father from the islands and her mother East Indian.

She failed San Francisco and the Black community on many front - she is good at promised one something - and then conveniently - not keeping her promise.  She was the former girl friend of past Mayor of SF  - Willie L. Brown Jr - who himself does not like what is happening in San Francisco today. More the killing and murder of so many Black youth.

In recent months - we the community - have had enough.

We have reached a saturation point.

The last Town Hall meeting held at the Local 261 Union Hall - in the Mission - not far from the tent Luis was shot and murdered - was called without any outreach - for the community to be in attendance in large - numbers.

When some of us - went to the Town Hall meeting - and saw what was happening - all hell broke loose and rightly so.

The District 9 Supervisor had no idea - such  a meeting was being held in his district.

The advocates that matter in the Mission - were not informed - this is totally uncalled for.

Many City officials who should be working and at their office helping tax payer and those in need - were at this meeting - wasting precious time.

 Officials who should have been at their offices - working for the people - were at the meeting - pussyfooting around.

 I saw them - and they saw me - and they knew exactly what I was - thinking.

When you visit these officials - they are mostly not available at their offices .

They are busy - whiling their time at - useless meetings - beating around the bush - spewing hot air - and doing nothing at all.
Many of them get paid over $200, 000 with benefits - some as high as $275, 000 with benefits.

The people United - will never, ever be defeated.

There is more to come - and City Hall will come to a halt - without anyone - stepping into City Hall.

For all practical purposed the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog - has chosen - not to meet the people - he cannot face the people that matter - the advocates who know what they are talking about.

The Mayor said that he has found homes - for over 20, 000 homeless - in the last year - this a blatant - LIE.

He says in four years - he will have housed the other homeless -  now sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - he will NOT be there in 4 years. He will be termed out. Another - blatant LIE.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks from both sides of his mouth - has failed San Franciscans - and must step down. Now.