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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Stop building skyscrapers - and push
for high density housing.

There must be some understanding - where our "youth" have a say - in their own affairs - and are brought to the the table to discuss - their real concerns in San Francisco.

Adults cannot be saying and doing things - that could be tolerated in times - long gone - more in this digital age - of fast change and progress.

As much as statements are made about - the San Francisco Unified School District - making great progress - when it comes to minority students - more and more students - are dropping out of school - in San Francisco.

There are been an increase in truancy - and more girls now are truants - and this picture will only get ugly - if drastic and holistic measures are not put in place.

There is a deep connection between housing and students being less stressed.

In general students are stressed - when - you add the lack of housing - three families and more sharing a unit - like a two bed room unit - there is no way any one - any young person - any children - can be stress free - and do well at school.

The Superintendent of the SF Unified School District means well when he says stuff - the SF Unified School District Board means well - when they talk the talk - but fail - most of the time to walk the walk.

We have serious issues in the South of Market - in the Bayview - in the Mission - in Western Addition - in most places where minority students - are not treated well - mostly not understood - and for sure NOT - respected.

There are Wellness Centers - but they do not have the staff to understand the deep seated psychological issues that our students - have to deal with.

The San Francisco Health Department has $2 Billion budget - does not have a Blue Print to deal with our infants, children, youth, and young adults - more with blatant, stress issues.

The Health Commission talks is circles and thinks they can hoodwink all the people all the time.

Thousands of parents have just given up - those that can afford to move - have left San Francisco - never to come back again.

Those who have no choice but live in the war zone - in one of the richest cities in the world - have to adhere to the " vague promises made to the parents " - these parents too give up and leave.

The stress that our youth are experiencing - reflects in how they act.

The increase in violence - there is no plan to address - violence that has its roots in chronic stress - people experience an acute - nervous break down.

More from the lack of housing, dysfunctional families - who cannot take it anymore.

Less money, no food, poor health care, lack of Quality of Life issues - in many cases worse than so called Third World countries.

Of course our Mayor Edwin M. Lee says all the time - he has the answers - as to the Supervisors who think like him - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Mark Farrell - what can we say about the buffoons - who have failed to represent - inept, spineless, unethical and having no standards what so ever.

What is lacking foremost in all of the above buffoons - is the understanding of " cultural competency".

 You just cannot read about it - you have to sit down with the youth and their parents - and understand the real issues, the hurdles, the daily trauma these families - endure - and have been enduring for years.

Our City and County of San Francisco once had standards.

The streets were clean - there was no congestion.

 The air was not as contaminated as it is now - and rents were not as high as they are now.

The fact that so many high rise buildings are being built - serves no purpose that is holistic.

New York has high-rise buildings that suit New York - and say Manhattan in particular - the rents, though are not as expensive as San Francisco.

The developers want it their way. The developers love their high density units and more the money - such sordid actions - generate.

These units mostly cater to White folks - who are greed and focused on money and nothing more.

White folks who are strangers to this land - Turtle Island - that belongs to the Native Americans.

The way the White developers talk - more the White developers - they have the money - tainted blood money from China, and other places.

The White developers  -  want to build  - the high density "  market rate units " to make money - may hay while the sun shines.

We the people - the commons- the Ohlone and other Native Americans - we want respect, decency and compassion and fortitude.

The developers and the political pimps and whores - exercise blatant disdain for the poor, are unethical, and have no compassion - the are the scum of the Earth.

As for the infants, the children, the youth, the young adults, our seniors, and those with comprised health - our City and County led by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he and the Supervisors - who are his lackeys - talk they talk but cannot walk the walk.

When any City decides to let down our youth - without providing them  " career jobs" - not the summer jobs - that are but for a short period - promise our youth the sky - and shaft them.

Offer temporary jobs without benefit - make our students work two and three jobs - when they attend College and any good University - all this and more says - a lot about our City's leadership.

The youth talk to me but what is more they trust me  - and the issues that adversely impact the youth - have reached saturation point.

It does not make it easy - with some youth organizations - working hand in glove with greedy, corrupt, - developers.

These organizations are satisfied with some stale bread crumbs. They sell out the community - and they will soon - understand their folly - but it will be too late.

Our adults and leaders - must lead the way and teach our infants, our children, our youth, young adults - work with our elders - to go to a better place.

This has been handed down from generation to generation.

The developers are here to make money - and how they make money - and the methods they use - are cut throat - means.

  There always comes a time - a saturation time - the French Revolution - other riots and changes - and the time has come - for San Francisco to - bring about change.

We shut down City Hall - not once but three times.

There is a Moratorium in the Mission - STOP building - " market rate units" - this Moratorium will pass at this November 3, 2015 elections - and send a very strong signal to all concerned - corrupt and crooked - developers and others.

Developers who do not respect San Franciscans -  should leave San Francisco - especially Lennar Urban, Forest City, others that are creating - divisiveness.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a $9 Billion budget - yet some of us advocates - have to go into our pockets - to serve our infants and single mothers.

Our children with their needs at school, sports, and other extra curricula activities.

Our youth and young adults  with violence prevention and intervention.

We created programs - where interns can get training and laid out the curricula - now adopted by City agencies - who were asleep at the cockpit - years ago.

Our adults with all sort of health needs, many facing homelessness - entire families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement weather.

 Our seniors with support in their golden years.

Our mentally and physically challenged - not given any hope at all.

We have 39,212 City employees - the normal figure thrown out is 29,000.

We have a budget of $ 9 Billion - yes 9 BILLION - greater than many small countries - and exceeds that of ten major cities in the United States.

Our population about 852,469 - in this 46.9 square miles - all Ohlone land - stolen from the Ohlone.

Some 18,187 folks living per square mile.

Let us talk about Recreation Facilities and not more about " open space".

 Let us talk about real homes and not high density units - where people live like chickens in the coop. 

Human beings are now being treated like animals in San Francisco - and people are fed up - but, now for long. You all that are fully responsible - are put on notice. Aho.