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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Camps such as this will become the norm - where the City will be forced to provide amenities - or else there will be riots

San Francisco has a $9 Billion dollar budget - yes $9 Billion - and the man with the moustache - is bragging - spewing hot air - and talking from both sides of his mouth.

In the past 16 years Mayor Edwin M. Lee has watched his City and County go down the drain - and the Mayor's fake policies have  done extraordinary damage - when it comes to housing for low and no income - congestion on our streets. Contamination and pollution of our environment.

The health services - especially for the mentally challenged - has been left for our jails to take care of those that need help most.

The mentally ill - defecate,urinate, mess things - and all we talk about is collecting tons of garbage - but truly speaking - how did all this come about?

All over our City - families share a one or two bed room units - often three and four families - live like animals - even worse.

No where in the Mayor's budget - does he address such issues - with strict time-lines and goals. Vague statements that fool the public at large - but those that - truly "know how"  - wonder at the stupidity of this - clown.

We have a growing senior population - and there is not one single plan - a solid Blue Print to address the woes of the Seniors. Talk is cheap.

The Seniors are forced to walk longer distances to a - "bus stop". If they are evicted - and on "fixed income" - the land on the street - and with a short period of time - dead! Yes - dead.

The "congestion" of our roads is so bad - that San Francisco is ranked - one of the worst - in the Nation.

The Mayor reads about this fact - but, can do little - he and his minions - they all understand nothing much - about proven practices - linked with - "traffic management" - better logistics and traffic management.

His City Administrator - Naomi Kelly - will smile and do nothing.

Her education that she should put to good use - Jesuit education - seem to be left on the back burner.

Wasting her time at press conferences - and ribbon cuttings - that are meaningless.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults - are suffering - lack of understanding from this City and more the San Francisco Health Department - and Barbara Gracia - that boast a budget of over $2 Billion - and as might be accepted - it is business as usual.

On Violence Prevention and Intervention - the Mayor's Office gets an -F.

With Diane Aroche - missing in action - on the heels of an audit - that opened up a can of worms. Her exit on "maternity leave" - a perfect timing - to put the blame on others. Her side kick Anderson - making hay while the sun shines.

Congress woman Nancy Pelosi - now spend more time in Napa - 180 miles away from San Francisco. She represents the rich and those that fill her campaign coffers. Philip Burton and Sala Burton - turn in their graves. This one of a kind - very evil and corrupt - individual - having her origins with the Mafia - on the East Coast.

The most corrupt person in Congress

The Mayor keeps spewing about building 30,000 units in the Southeast Sector - all talk and no action.

His plan to rehab old Public Housing which in reality - must be torn down.

The infrastructure completed torn out and replaced.

The Mayor is still dealing with the corrupt - the likes of the John Stewart Company - with tentacles that go to Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - from which John Stewart learned the ropes - and was fired.

It is the same with Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, Lennar Urban - one worse than the other. These very corrupt entities are having a field day.

Most of the housing for the poor and the indigent - are in places - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

We will see that first hand in a couple of months - when we get our first in many years - as much as 20 inches of rain - from the change winds - that will deliver - El Nino.

Edwin M. Lee as a young man

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has a very cozy relationship with Twitter, Google, Salesforce, AirBnB, other very corrupt entities - and thinks that his wheeling and dealing - with earn him - some points - his only pointer - leading him South - into the - "cesspool" of his own - creation

Edwin M. Lee today - plumb as a hog

City Hall today is a JOKE.

Those that "know some" cannot even express themselves - shocked and baffled.

The SF Board of Supervisors - the scum bags that I will name them: Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell, London Breed, and Scott Wiener - are having a - "field day" but not for very, long.

Truly speaking these scum bags have eroded - all the Quality of Life issues we advocates addressed, fought and built up - for the City we loved - over forty years - plus.

Only for the above "political whores and pimps" to ruin it for all decent - San Franciscans.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee a transplant from Oregon - is not accepted by the "Tongs" and the Chinese community here in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee wants to believe that he is accepted - he is looked down upon - as one who seeks more and more for himself - and less for those he - represents.

Mayor Ed is a Joke - and if you pay attention to his one liners - where he thinks - he is cracking a joke - he reveals - each and every time - how petty he is - in his thinking.

" Oh yeah the new E line - stands of Ed " - it falls on deaf ears - he forces others to laugh at his jokes - it is the same with his fake logic. The only time he reads something - prepared for him - he makes some little, sense. I say that because we know it is not his words and less his ideas - he ideas are moronic.

There is nothing in this City worth mentioning that stands for the Mayor - all he has done is compromised - Quality of Life issues - in San Francisco.

This man once said - he would cut spending - but now the City's workforce has increased by two thousand - we have a 30,000 plus workforce - many inept, lazy, not educated on issues - you talk to the new City workers about pertinent issues - and they wonder - what you are talking about.

For every 8 constituents now - we have one City Employee - go figure. Many of them lazy - walking the corridors of City Hall - and will pay them - for what?

Add to the mix the other "transplants" - the worse the "techies" who think they can throw their money.

Gobble up the housing - force the poor out - and think nothing about the harm they have done to thousands in San Francisco.

It is already back firing - and there is more to come.

We collected 33,000 signatures and made a point - that to this day - stands true to this day.

The great divide - the filth rich and the very poor - who is responsible?

We gathered in numbers and we will gather again and again and again

April 14, 2015 - we totally shut down - "City Hall" - London Breed and Malia Cohen - shivering in their panties - that is if they wear one - two whores - who continue to erode the decency - of what "representation" stands for.

The newer political whores of a kind - the likes of Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, - closely follow by the "political pimps" - Scott Wiener the Zionist and Mark Farrell who stole the election from Janet Reilly.

Well, no one knows too much about Mark Farrell - who pretends to be decent - but is as corrupt as they - come.

The signs of the time point to those that will destroy - anything that is decent.

One can witness the standards eroding - with the above that I have mentioned - doing nothing much for their constituents. Time will tell.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has a $9 Billion budget - and he is having a field day - every dog has his day - every puppy has to pay.

That includes the - " the bitches" - corrupt to the core - Malia Cohen and London Breed leading the pack.

The poor we will always have - and the poor work and try to make sense of life. Often times the poor are too trusting - for they believe in God.

The crooks I have mentioned above - believe in the "devil".

They are Lucifer's minions - that is why when those that are hurt and hurting come to City Hall - they are treated with disdain.

As I have been saying - each of those so called Supervisors who are behaving in such manner - will have their " justice" meted out - soon.

They will wonder - why?

Well, this is the clarion call - we have done all in our power to warn you scum bags - you asked for it - and it you will get it.

This November Elections - we the people united - will send a strong warning to those " Political whores and pimps " - to get out of the way - and they will - as they will have no alternative.

Money is not everything - you may have a lot of it - but none of it is yours - it is tax payers.

We allow you to spew hot air - we can stop that too - as we have the power to own you or disown you all - scumbags of a kind. Shame on you - treating those that need help most with disdain - while you all know well - that such behavior will lead you all to - HELL.

San Franciscans know better - never, did so many - know so much about - certain "political whores and pimps" - stooping so very low - and wallowing in the "cesspool" - of their own creation. Time will tell.